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Neelix Award
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Type: general award
Award Level: ship

Awarded to officers who go above and beyond the call of duty by displaying additional, Out of Character commitment. This includes assisting fellow officers in need of simming assistance, facilitating Out of Character discussions with the crew, maintaining wiki articles, and more.


Jack Kessler Picard Uniform.png
Jack Kessler

Denali Station

Shedet neo.jpg


Gabriel Osuna

Wil Ukinix
Amity Outpost

Quentin Collins
Lt. Commander

Aine Sherlock LCDR.png
Aine Sherlock
StarBase 118 Ops

LT tahna meru.png
Tahna Meru

Year Rank Name Writer ID Ship
2023 Lieutenant Jack Kessler T239901JK1 Oumuamua
2023 Commander Neshala A239412S10 Denali Station
2023 Captain Shedet V238008N10 Constitution-B
2023 Commander Serala A239412S10 Astraeus
2023 Lieutenant Gabriel Osuna V239806K11 Artemis-A
2023 Commander Wil Ukinix V239511WU0 Amity Outpost
2023 Lt. Commander Quentin Collins E239512QC0 Arrow
2023 Lieutenant Aine Sherlock R239712AS0 StarBase 118 Ops
2023 Lieutenant Tahna Meru G239801TM4 Gorkon
2022 Commander Addison MacKenzie V239601AM0 Excalibur
2022 Lt. Commander Alora DeVeau M239008AD0 Oumuamua
2022 Lt. Commander Artinus Serinus C239607AS0 Arrow
2022 Lieutenant Dekas J239802D12 Denali Station
2022 Lt. Commander Edward Spears C239502ES0 Constitution
2022 Lt. Commander Samira Neathler G239508SN0 Gorkon
2022 Lieutenant JG Scotty Reade V239804SR4 Amity Outpost
2021 Commodore Sal Taybrim E239010ST0 StarBase 118 Ops
2021 Ensign Maria Alvarez A239710MA0 Arrow
2021 Ensign Aine Sherlock R239712AS0 Resolution
2021 Lieutenant Jacob Horne C239408JH0 Constitution
2021 Lieutenant Alieth E239702A10 Thor
2021 Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker C238703HP0 Veritas
2021 Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds T238401QR0 Gorkon
2020 Ensign Romyana Casparian O239703RC0 Starbase 118 Ops
2020 Lieutenant Esa Kiax A239511ED0 Atlantis
2020 Lt. Commander Edward Spears C239502ES0 Constitution
2020 Lt. Commander Samira Neathler G239508SN0 Gorkon
2020 Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson E239701NL0 Juneau
2020 First Lieutenant Wes Greaves E239702WG0 Thor
2020 Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust C239112CA0 Veritas
2019 Lt. Commander Krindo Pandorn Z239308KP0 Embassy of Duronis II
2019 Lieutenant Maddi Hyden A239511MH0 Atlantis
2019 Lieutenant German Galven V239507GG0 Astraeus
2019 Lt. Commander Rune Jolara A238909RJ0 Columbia
2019 Lieutenant Yito Seja E239306LB0 Constitution
2019 Lieutenant Kayla Drex E239510KD0 Eagle
2019 Lt. Commander Jocelyn Marshall G239304JM0 Gorkon
2019 Lieutenant Jansen Orrey O238506JO0 Veritas
2018 Lieutenant Anath G'Renn A239402AG0 Andaris Task Force
2018 Commander Saveron R238802S10 Constitution
2018 Commander Oddas Aria E239305OA0 Duronis II Embassy
2018 Lieutenant JG Tasha MacFarlane G239311TM0 Gorkon
2018 Lt. Commander Lael Rosek I238110RH0 Veritas
2017 Ensign Jarred Thoran A239405JT0 Andaris Task Force
2017 Lieutenant JG Michelle Tonston D239301MT0 Athena
2017 Lieutenant Solaris McLaren C239210SM0 Constitution-B
2017 Lt. Commander T'Mihn Ah'mygahn T238902TA0 Embassy of Duronis II
2017 Lieutenant Aitas O239307A10 Starbase 118 Ops
2017 Lt. Commander Alexander Williams A239006AW0 Za
2016 Lt. Commander T'Mar A238908T10 Constitution
2016 Lt. Commander Varaan V237810V10 Darwin-A
2016 Lt. Commander Sabrina Holly E239101AJ0 Doyle
2016 Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong G239107RM0 Invicta
2016 Lieutenant Mirra Ezo C239205ME0 StarBase 118 Ops
2015 Lieutenant Rustyy Hael A239202RH0 Constitution
2015 Lt. Commander Maxwell Traenor A239111MT0 Darwin
2015 Lt. Commander Anora Manar I238012TR0 Duronis II Embassy
2015 Ensign Nikki Ryan A238909RJ0 Invicta
2014 Lt. Commander Akeelah D'Sena A238906JL0 Apollo
2014 Lt. Commander Brek O238809B10 Columbia
2014 Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire O239002CS0 Garuda
2014 Lt. Commander Eerie A238803E10 Victory
2013 Lt. Commander Sundassa Faranster A239001SF0 Apollo
2013 Commander Raj Blueheart D238601RB0 Discovery
2013 Lt. Commander Ben Livingston O238906BL0 Excalibur
2013 Lieutenant JG Alora DeVeau M239008AD0 Mercury
2013 Lieutenant James D238906J10 StarBase 118 Ops
2013 Lt. Commander Alex Blair T238906AB0 Tiger-A
2013 Lt. Commander Leo Handley-Page I238711EW0 Vigilant
2012 Lt. Commander Viktor Lanius O238901VL0 Apollo
2012 Lt. Commander Marcus Dickens K238008KT0 Avandar
2012 Lt. Commander Nugra V238008N10 Duronis II Embassy
2012 Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman I238705TZ0 Mercury
2012 Lieutenant JG Johanna MacLaren O238905JMO StarBase 118 Ops
2012 Lt. Commander Lance Firestarter T238303LF0 Tiger-A
2011 Lieutenant JG Evanna Blackwood A238805EB0 Avandar
2011 Lieutenant Paul Sharpe I238401PS0 Discovery-C
2011 Lieutenant Sky Blake C238803SB0 Mercury
2011 Lt. Commander Allen Diaz R238606GH0 StarBase 118 Ops
2011 Lt. Commander Darius Clack Tiger-A
2010 Lt. Commander David Whale Constitution-B
2010 Lt. Commander William Rogers Independence-A
2010 Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul C238607TR0 Ronin
2010 Lt. Commander Ash MacKenna R238605KN0 Victory
2009 Lt. Commander Danzia S238312D10 Eagle
2009 Commander David Cody P237106MB0 Independence-A
2009 Lt. Commander Karynn Ehlanii R238410KE0 Independence-A
2009 Lieutenant Greekle Tiger
2008 Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx C238410AJ0 Challenger
2008 Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar T237708TT0 Eagle
2008 Lieutenant JG Della Vetri O238506DV0 Indria-A
2008 Lt. Commander Danny Wilde C237708DW0 Ronin
2008 Lt. Commander Delinda Sharee StarBase 118 Ops
2008 Lt. Commander Salak Tiger
2007 Commander Francis deMarc Challenger
2007 Ensign Grauro Zekyel/Syrak Discovery-B
2007 Lieutenant Jackford Kolk R238402JK0
2007 Lt. Commander T'Lea I238301T10 StarBase 118 Ops
2006 Civilian Heath West Challenger
2006 Lieutenant JG Julio Vannini Discovery-B
2006 Lieutenant JG Kassa Quay Triumphant
2006 Lt. Commander Julia Harden Victory
2005 Lieutenant Kwame Alexander Columbia
2005 Lieutenant Anthony Losett Creed Duronis II Embassy
2005 Commander Rhys Bejain Kodiak
2005 Commander T'Pen Steadfast
2005 Commander Robin Phoenix Victory
2004 Lt. Commander John Stone Constitution-B
2004 Lt. Commander Daydan Taboo Independence
2004 Lt. Commander April Jensen Titan
2004 Lt. Commander Robin Phoenix Victory
2003 Lt. Commander Rocar Drawoh Constitution-B
2003 Commander Mal Avatar Victory
2002 Major Brell Hixar Intel Command
2002 Lieutenant T'Pen Kodiak
2002 Lieutenant Charles M. Kernot Nemesis-B
2002 Lt. Commander Cheliz T. Dacht StarBase 118 Ops
2002 Lt. Commander Theodore M. Draigon Titan
2002 Lieutenant Mal Avatar Victory
2001 Lieutenant JG Anassasi Kodiak
2001 Lt. Commander Terra Ranger-A
2001 Captain Xan Hebron Tiger
2001 Lt. Commander Trix Wallace
2000 Lt. Commander Valeris Hammond
2000 Captain Adler Wong Ronin
1999 Commander Nathan Quinn Captain Maela Jolon
1999 Commander L-7 Captain Sierra Randor
1999 Lieutenant Byan Swatz Captain Skyfire
1999 Lt. Commander Madeleine Prior Cmdr. Leah Jacobs
1999 Captain Jasen Rendary Com. Brian Kelly
1998 Captain Maela Jolon Adml. Tristan Wolf
1998 Captain Sierra Randor Adml. Tristan Wolf
1998 Commander Corran Dyson Captain Sierra Randor


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TOSMA Genesis Award Scotty Cross Neelix Award
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Laudean Commendation Silver Palm Sheathed Sword B-Plot Award
Laudean Commendation.png
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
Pathfinder Award Khan Award Q Award Vega Award
Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png
Awards The Khan Award.png
Q Award.png
Vega Award.png
Combs Cross Nebula Bar Russ Bar O'Brien Award
Combs Cross.png
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg
O'Brien Award.png

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