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“Is fearr lán doirn de cheird ná lán mála d’ór. (Faulty Universal Translator: A pram full of gills is cheddar and a ham full of rolls.)

Aine Olive Sherlock
StarBase 118 Ops
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Aine Olive Sherlock
Position Chief of Security and Tactical
Rank Lieutenant
Species Terran
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her, they/them
DOB 237406.09
Age 25
Birthplace Ballinaclashett, County Cork, Ireland, Earth
Writer ID R239712AS0

Academy TranscriptMedical Record

StarBase 118 Ops

Aine Olive Sherlock is a Lieutenant in Starfleet. She is currently serving as Chief of Security and Tactical aboard StarBase 118 Ops as of 240001.14.


  • Name Pronunciation: Aine=ON-yuh
  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Weight: 45.8 kg
  • Hair/Hair Length: Black/Upper Back to Mid Back, usually worn up on duty (sometimes she lets it down), and most often pulled back into a ponytail off duty.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: Fair, lightly freckled.
  • Build: Slight, but fit.
  • Carriage: Proper posture.
  • Handedness: Right
  • Voice: Soft but pitchy. Slight Irish accent, she attempts to hide the full deal most of the time. Accent comes out more when angry, drinking, singing...or all of the above.
  • Tattoos: Single black band on upper left forearm. Front ortho of a Nova Class starship with NCC-78145 below it on back of neck.
  • Scars: Fist sized burn on right side of abdomen from disruptor.
  • Uniform Preference: Aine wears the standard grey shouldered utility uniform. Of special note: toes of boots are always spit polished, jacket is one size too big as she doesn't like the restrictive feeling of a perfect fitting uniform.
  • Off Duty Dress: Will often be seen wearing a turtle neck sweater or flannel shirt. Black leggings and black flats are de rigueur. Likes a warm robe. Tends to avoid dresses and skirts.


  • Father: Patrick Thomas Sherlock, farmer

Patrick Sherlock.png

  • Mother: Aine Rachel Sherlock nee Kelly, author

A younger picture of Aine R. Sherlock.

  • Siblings: Shevon Sherlock, Recently discovered half-sister
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none


  • Temperment: Nervous, in particular around senior officers, though as time goes on, she feels more comfortable with her immediate superiors. Stressful situations make her more focused. Attempts to remain emotionally distant from those around her, and has now failed, thankfully. Can be a stereotypical Gemini.
  • Habits: Bites lower lip when nervous, she's not nearly as nervous as she used to be.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None. Though grew up in an area where Neo-Catholicism was practiced. Sometimes "cultural Catholicism" can sneak in, often presenting as guilt.
  • Hobbies: Archery, reading, playing violin (though doesn't have her violin on the Resolution).
  • Quarters: Apartment 302, Kowloon Block Apartments, Hong Kong Subdistrict, StarBase 118
  • Favorite Food: Pastie's (pass-tee's) are a treat, replicated is "acceptable" but prefers the real thing. Will eat anything at least once.
  • Favorite Drink: Barry's, hot, no sugar, splash of milk.
  • Prized Possession: Small faux tortoise shell handled pocket knife given to her by her father when she left for the Academy.

Despite achieving high marks in school, Aine often feels self-doubt. However, her confidence is rising with every mission. At times can seem nervous, especially around new authority figures as she does not want to let them down. She will often bite her lower lip when nervous. Very rarely loses her cool, outwardly, as she tries to keep any panic internalized, though when she does get to the point of frustration it is evident. Her prior preference of being alone in her off hours has changed with the recent friendships she's made. She is an avid archer and won "The Robin Hood" award for high score at an interplanetary competition while on the Academy archery team. Enjoyed gymnastics and still practices as a form of exercise, though never took it too serious as a sport. Drinks recreatively on occasion, with the tolerance of an Irish dock worker on a Friday night. Having found a kinship with the character of Sherlock Holmes in her childhood, which also happens to be her family's surname, she chose to study investigative science in secondary school...she has grown tired of the jokes and “comparisons” to one of her favorite characters, especially with the arrival of a new Ensign on the Resolution who just happens to have the surname Watson. Loves a good mystery. She comes from a traditionally Catholic area, and it shows in some of her beliefs, though religion was not seen as important in her household. At times this can cause her guilt in the choices she has made.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Boots are always spit shined.
  • When armed, wears her phaser on her right hip though being right handed. Feels a twist draw is faster.
  • Secretly enjoys thrilling activities to make her feel more alive.
  • Wears a uniform jacket one size too big so she doesn't feel constricted.
  • Rarely wears a dress. Never wears heels.
  • Prefers to wear earth-toned colors off duty.
  • Has a fast metabolism, for a human, and likes to eat a lot.
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  • Become Chief of Security (Became Chief of Security on the USS Resolution on 239809.15)
  • Visit a Romulan Colony or Mol'Rihan (helped setup colony on Oreen V for refugess, 239807.05)
  • Pilot a ship larger than she's currently rated for (Current rating is PILOT210, ships <1,000,000 tons)


Aine was born in the year 2374 in County Cork, Ireland. She was fairly sheltered as a child and her parents rarely had them travel outside of Ireland. She grew up on their family farm where her father grew fresh foods for the local community and her mother wrote, mostly novels and short stories. She took up violin and archery at a young age. Never practicing to the point she could be a professional at either. Had a habit of taking apart her fathers equipment just to see how it worked. Upon graduating from secondary school, Aine decided she wanted to see more than just Ireland and decided bigger was better and told her parents she intended to apply for Starfleet Academy. Initially her parents were resistant to the idea as they feared for her safety, so they told her, but when they saw that she didn't want anything else, they fully supported her. She barely got into the Academy on her first try. Because of their apparent fear for her safety, Aine has a habit of keeping the dangerous parts of the missions out of updates to her parents. Unbeknownst to Aine, prior to her birth her father was a merchant marine and that's why her mother did not want her to join Starfleet.

Medical Record

Academy Experience

While at the Academy, Aine took to piloting and initially figured she would go that route. Her first year she dated a Senior classman, now Lieutenant Melvin Hollis Martinson. Upon his graduation he decided not to continue the relationship. This left Aine heartbroken and she suffered from depression. Her second year she took on less course work and her grades suffered. She sought out counseling and overcame her depression.

During her first year, she caught the eye of her unarmed combat instructor Master Chief Graves. He became a friend and mentor to her. She also decided to major in Intelligence, harkening back to her love of Investigative Science. She initially chose to double major in Security, but due to her lackluster second year, she minored in it. Her third and fourth years she doubled down and took on extra courses. Near the end of her third year, she took The Romulan Mystique and developed a fascination for the Romulan people. This showed in her choice to take all courses available on the Romulan language, which she is fluent in, and focuses in xenology and xenobiology on Romulans. In addition to taking extra courses for her major, she took all available courses and earned a full course minor in Security. At the end of her fourth year, she was transferred to Starbase 118 to take her final test administered by Lt. Cmdr.'s Antero Flynn and Genkos Adea. She graduated on stardate 239712.12. Upon graduation, she chose to focus on Security as she felt, culturally, it was a better fit for her than Intelligence. A choice she now feels confident in making.

Academy Transcript


  • Date Graduated from Academy: 239712.12
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant, promoted 239809.15
  • Current Assignment: StarBase 118 Ops, 239903.31
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security and Tactical

Assigned to the USS Resolution in 2397, the ship is sent to find the missing freighter, Andalucia. Upon entering the Celendi Nebula, the ship is pulled into a temporal anomaly which transports it 200,000-300,000 years into the future. They find the crew of the Andalucia was taken captive and enslaved on the planet Saural V. A small away team, including Ensign Sherlock, is sent down to the surface to find the missing crew while the Resolution, with Captain Nicholotti now out of action with an unknown ailment that appears to be an aneurysm, plays a game of cat and mouse with the Sau ship. The raid on the planet taking a wrong turn as Ensign Treetus is injured, a mutiny takes place on the Sau ship with it's former first officer now on a suicide run towards the slave camp. The team makes it out with what refugees the ship can hold and makes its way back to their time, with information sent to them by the Sau first officer. After they make it back, the crew takes their Captain to Vulcan for treatment while the crew takes leave. While having dinner at their crew member T'Suran's parent's home, the Captain makes a surprise appearance and presents the crew with awards and, in Aine's case, a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Following shore leave on Vulcan, the Resolution was dispatched to assist in negotiations between the Thama and Nascaik over the ownership of the planet Vionus IV. Though, ultimately, the negotiations were successful, the mission was marked with difficulty. The Thama's delegate aide had a personal agenda in the kidnapping and attempted murder of one of the Nascaik delegates. The Nascaik delegate was successfully rescued. Post mission and en-route to DS224, Aine gave a self-defense class. Unfortunately, Crewman Hamsan Dwich was injured in the class. See: Incident Report.

239804.05 the Resolution is dispatched to the Briar Patch in search of the missing Starfleet surveyor the USS Hanno. A Romulan Senator tags along as they too are missing ships in the same area. The Resolution comes into contact, literally, with a rogue planet populated by the Skarn. Lead by a megalomaniac, Arbelo, the crew is at risk of being fed to a creature controlled by their leader. Aine, in a last ditch effort, uses her phaser as an improvised explosive device to kill Arbelo. In turn, the effect that is keeping power from moving on the Resolution is now disabled. An act which earned Aine the Captain's Commendation. An award which she personally holds above all others.

239807.21 while on routine survey of the Borderlands, the Resolution is attacked by what appears to be a one hundred year old Klingon D-7. Suffering a warp core breach, the ship is "destroyed." The crew suddenly finds itself reliving the same moment starting five minutes earlier. Despite being able to prepare for the attack, the ship suffers another core breach and is destroyed...again. Around this time, it is discovered by Counselor Sirin that a Q is responsible for their predicament. Aine and Yogan Yalu are tasked with joining the Klingons after Captain Nicholotti negotiates a temporary cease fire, and helping the initiate a reverse tachyon beam to break out of the Q's created "space." After a couple more rounds, the ships are able to break free. The Klingon ship is liaised back to their homeworld and the Empire. The crew of the Resolution deals with traumatic experiences including some who experienced an alternate time shift.

239809.20 Captain Nicholotti is attended to by Commander MacKenzie aboard the USS Excalibur-A for a medical condition brought on by the manipulation of time by a Q entity. Doctor Genkos Adea takes temporary command of the USS Resolution. While on routine patrol, a distress signal is received from Rinascita Research Station. Little is known about the facility save for the vague reference to Doctor Carol Marcus. Upon arrival it is discovered that one of their doctors has been attacked and nearly killed. After attending to the wounded, Doctor Morgan of the Resolution is taken captive and one team is trapped by the stations supposed security chief in the science lab. It is learned that multiple Suliban are attempting to steal a Genesis device that has been built by the stations scientists. Aine leads one team to rescue Doctor Morgan while the other goes after the device. During the hasty hostage rescue Aine is wounded with a near fatal injury from a disruptor and Counselor Sirin is stabbed while coming to her aid. After the hostage taker is taken alive, Doctor Morgan was able to stabilize and heal Aine as best he could. The teams reunite to escape the station. Meanwhile, back on the Resolution, one of the apparent terrorists beams the device aboard the Resolution, which is now activated, after capturing Acting Captain Adea, Commander Thornton, and Lieutenant Silveira. The Resolution comes under attack by a Suliban controlled vessel and during the skirmish, Silveira manages to get through the force field and attack Rackham. As Rackham is dying, he reveals he is actually Liam Wyke, and undercover Starfleet intelligence agent. The order is given to abandon ship. The Resolution is destroyed, losing 14 people (13 crew members including LtCmdr Farrel and LtCmdr Amari and 1 member of SFI, Liam Wyke). The USS Carpathia rescues what's left of the crew and deposits them on Risa for rest, recuperation, and a formal inquiry into the loss of a Starfleet vessel.

Following shore leave on Risa after the destruction of the USS Resolution, Aine was assigned to the USS Excalibur-A as Chief of Security.

Over the new year of 2399, the Excalibur was sent to the Cytarix system to investigate increased radiation readings from one of it's planets. During the investigation, Ensign Dakora is seemingly attacked by an orb that rose from the ground. Shortly after the "attack" the crew suddenly finds their consciousness' swapped with other crewmembers bodies. After heading back down to the planet and making contact with another orb, it is found that the orbs are arks of sorts transporting a non-corporeal civilization in search of a new home. The aliens swap their minds back to their appropriate bodies and with the assistance of the USS Chesapeake, they find a new home.

Reassigned to StarBase 118 Ops on 239903.31 following mission on the USS Excalibur to Demes II.

Upon her arrival to StarBase 118, Aine is rushed to a shuttle to rendezvous with the USS Aegis, one of 118's support ships. With her, the newly graduated Ensign Voleer. When they arrive, it initially appears that very little is happening except for the survey of a temporal anomaly within the Jenatris Cloud. After some brief introductions to Commodore Taybrim, it is learned that the USS Rahuba is trapped on the other side of the anomaly, along with some new friends, the squirrel like Risu. One of which is on the Aegis. Aine recommends using an inverse tachyon beam as a carrier wave to try to communicate across time with the Rahuba. It is successful and after a few days time, for the Rahuba but what seems like minutes on the end of the Aegis, the Rahuba successfully returns to its normal time with their new friends.

After their next shore leave, the crew of Ops was tasked with disrupting a potential attack by Terra Prime with a tri-cobalt device. What turned out to be a diversionary force, they ended up intercepting the SS Belladonna, a cruise liner, which had the device attached to its warp core. Aine was a part of a team that diffused and disabled the device successfully. After thwarting Terra Primes plans to destroy Betazed, the crew took leave on Bajor where they were recruited to help with a poaching issue. Pachitrods were being hunted for their horns which contained a compound that could cure Craat's Disease. Aine, along with Ferri Emlott, went undercover to infiltrate the poachers and discovered a connection between them and a local politician, Minister Idan Vett.

Over the new year for 2400, Aine was made Chief of Security and Tactical on StarBase 118.


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A returning officer currently serving aboard the USS Juneau. They met during their final test and Aine quickly developed a respect for his confidence and initiative, while not knowing he was a returning officer. She resolved to keep in contact with him no matter where either ended up. After his transfer to the Resolution, their friendship seemed strained. When he acted in a way unbecoming a Starfleet Officer on his first mission with them, she really isn't sure where they stand.

Counselor on the Resolution, who is quickly becoming a friend. Aine is feeling, more and more, she can go to Meidra and is looking forward to spending time getting to know her more over their coming shore leave.

After a rough start getting to know each other, through no fault of either, Aine and Iljor have begun to get to know each other better and have spent some time enjoying each others company with other crew members during shore leave.

Aine and Arys met when Aine was visiting 118 to give a talk at a Sec/Tac conference on hostage rescues. They quickly became friends after a night out drinking. Both take their jobs seriously and prefer to keep things professional.

Arys and Aine were supposed to spend a day together, but Arys was called away on duty. Arys had arranged for Ferri to show Aine around, it turned out to be a bit of a blind date. Aine had a bit of a fascination with Ferri from the beginning. It didn't seem like it was going anywhere after Ferri disappeared after a visit to Cardassia. They were reintroduced when Ferri, unexpectedly, returned to StarBase 118 in service once again of Ambassador Zorkal. They were paired up for an undercover mission, and Aine has her suspicions why. Aine has feelings for the young woman and has trouble balancing them with what she suspects of Ferri and her duties.


Aine's first Captain. When Aine first came aboard the Resolution, she was intimidated by the Captain's presence. Her respect and admiration quickly built followed by worry when the Captain fell ill during their mission to the Celendi Nebula. After a night spent on the Gemini and getting a moment to see the Captain in a less professional manner, her admiration grew even more when the Captain shared memories of a former colleague, Captain Frost. Aine has absolute confidence in her Captain and never hesitates to follow her lead.

After helping return the Rahuba to its normal place in time and returning to 118, Aine approached Sal to introduce herself. He promptly invited her to lunch, which she accepted. She found the Commodore polite and accomodating. A man who clearly cares for his crew. Though she disagrees with some of his methods, she understands and he seems to respect an individual officers preferences for how they are treated by their superiors.

Alora gave Aine a tour of the station and helped her to figure out how to get settled on 118. The First Officer, like their CO, seems to be very polite and accomodating. But, like their CO, Aine disagrees with certain methods of their command style. Aine is working to adapt her previously strict methods to the much more relaxed duty style of 118.


  • Federation Standard: Native
  • Klingon: Elementary
  • Romulan: Advanced Composition and Speech

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-cadet1 red.png Cadet, First Class 2393-2397 Starfleet Academy
Intelligence Major
Security Minor
PICstyle-ens gold.png Ensign 239712.13-239802.23 USS Resolution
USS Resolution-logo.png
Security Officer
PICstyle-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant JG 239802.23-239809.15
PICstyle-lt gold.png Lieutenant 239809.15-239810.13 Chief of Security
PICstyle-lt gold.png Lieutenant 239811.17-239903.31 USS Excalibur-A
USS ExcaliburA logo.png
Chief of Security
PICstyle-lt gold.png Lieutenant 239903.31-240001.14 StarBase 118 Ops
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Tactical Officer
PICstyle-lt gold.png Lieutenant 240001.14-Present Chief of Security and Tactical

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

(Notes: Ribbons are displayed as would be seen on dress uniform. For service ribbon citations see HERE. For OOC Award Citations see HERE.)

Neelix Award
Vega AwardNatasha Yar Pin
Sheathed SwordOkuda Award1 Year Member
UFP Medal of FreedomPurple HeartCaptain's Commendation
Joint Meritorious Unit AwardGood Conduct Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Peacekeeper Ribbon
Explorer's RibbonInnovation Ribbon
Defense of Temporal Flow RibbonLegacy RibbonStarfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Mission History


Shore Leave 239908.26-Present During shore leave on the station, Aine receives a visit from "an old friend," Mel. They seem to have reconciled their past. Mel invites a few officers from Ops to tour the ship he serves on, the USS Glenn. Mid-tour, a distress call is received from a freighter, the Spacefarers Delight. It's soon learned that a member of the crew is a previously unknown half sister of Aine's.

Return of Terra Prime 239906.01-239908.25 The crew of StarBase 118 is sent to intercept a possible tri-cobalt device that Terra Prime intends to use to destroy a planet. It's not long before they're diverted when they receive a distress call from the SS Belladonna. A bomb has been found onboard and they are bound for Betazed.

Shore Leave 239904.11-239906.01 Aine takes time to take care of an ongoing medical issue concerning multiple head injuries and is ordered to undergo treatment for damage to her brain and to take a two week leave from duty. She spends that time getting to know her new Commanding Officer and First Officer, undergo a routing counseling session, and search for an apartment. All went successfully...she somehow has a new plant...

First Encounters of the Squirrel Kind 239903.31-239904.11 Upon transferring to StarBase 118, Aine meets up with Ensign Voleer. They are ordered to take a shuttle to the Jenatris Cloud and rendezvous with the USS Aegis. Upon their arrival, they learn of first contact with a squirrel like species and that the USS Rahuba is trapped on the opposite side of a temporal anomaly.

Aine transfers to Starbase 118 Ops. After shuttling with recently graduated Ensign Jolan Voleer to the USS Aegis, they learn the support ship Rahuba is on the other side of a temporal anomaly in the Jenatris Cloud.

In Plain Sight 239902.01-239903.31 Most of the Senior Staff is assigned by an Admiral from Starfleet Intelligence to investigate possible cultural contamination with Demes II's pre-warp culture.

Shore Leave 239901.09-239902.01 The Excalibur returns to DS224, unscathed even!, for the crews shore leave.


Shadow Out of Mind 239811.25-239901.09 The Excalibur is sent to Cytaris V to investigate oddly elevated radiation levels coming from the uninhabited planet. An encounter with an orb of sorts has forced their minds into the bodies of other crew members.

Shore Leave 239810.16-239811.25

Risa baby! Though they're not enjoying their time given the loss of the Resolution.

Cats Among The Pigeons 239809.20-239810.16 While on routine patrol and with Captain Nicholotti being attended to for a medical condition by Commander MacKenzie, Acting Captain Genkos Adea and the crew respond to a distress call at Rinascita Research Station.

Shore Leave 239808.21-239809.20

Bajor bound on the USS Excalibur.
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Time in a Bottle 239807.21-239808.20

A Q by the name of CloQ decides to put the crew of the USS Resolution to a test.

Shore Leave 239806.14-239807.21

Part of the crew spends its time helping to resettle the Romulan refugees rescued on the last mission to Oreen V. Upon returning, Aine has a surprise visitor in the way of Lt. Melvin Hollis Martinson, her ex from her Academy doesn't go well. Luckily, another surprise visitor is someone she'd much rather see.

Stranded 239804.05-239806.13

The Resolution is dispatched to the Briar Patch to find the missing survey ship Hanno. A guest onboard, in the form of Romulan Senator Vreya, informs them of two Romulan ships that have gone missing in the same area.

Shore Leave 239804.08-239804.04

Shore Leave on Deep Space 224. During leave Aine expanded friendships with crewmates Etan Iljor, Meidra Sirin, and Hamsan Dwich over drinks post training session in which Meidra had accidentally broken Dwich's arm. Also chose to keep relationship with Commander Ilsam strictly professional.

The Ties that Bind 239802.28-239704.07

With their Captain grounded by Starfleet Medical and Addison MacKenzie as Acting Captain, the crew of the USS Resolution is sent Vionus IV to negotiate claim to the planet between the Thama and the Nascaik.

Shore Leave 239801.31-239802.27

After making their way back to the present time, the USS Resolution takes leave at Vulcan. Captain Nicholotti, in a perilous state, is treated by Vulcan doctors while the crew attempts to distract themselves with the sights and locales of Vulcan.

Following a surprise visit by Captain Nicholotti during a dinner at the estate of a Vulcan Ambassador, the crew is given their awards, including a promotion for Aine to Lieutenant Junior Grade.


The Saural Inquisition 239712.13-239801.30

Called upon to search for the lost freighter Andalucia, the USS Resolution encounters a temporal anomaly in the Celendi Nebula. They are transported 200,000-300,000 years into the future where they encounter a violent race of enslavers, the Sau. Outgunned, the Resolution hides in an asteroid field while a small away team attempts to free and rescue prisoners of the Sau.

After Action Reports

SIM Archive

Sim Archive
Description Sim Links
239911.11 Aine is invited by her "friend" to "talk about the mission." Asking For Trouble
239908.17-239909.07 Series in which Aine reconnects with an old flame and discovers her previously unknown half sister. Fly It

Let Us Begin
Curious Bunch
To The Stars
Let The Fun Begin
Red Melert
Miss Miss
This and That
Broken Glass
This Isn't Over, Part1
This Isn't Over, Part 2
This Isn't Over, Part 3

239903.28 Aine reflects on an undercover mission on Demes II, a primitive planet, that ends up being the game of a vengeful Admiral for the death of his son, Liam Wyke. Hopeful
239812.25 A BELOW DECK sim between PNPC Master Chief Graves and Marine Captain Saukkot when bodies and minds were swapped. How the Turntables Have...Turned
239811.19 Not sure if her ploy worked, Aine sets to depart Earth and return to her crew who are awaiting their next assignment on Risa. Official Business, Part 5
239811.18 Aine attempts to confrontationaly convince Master Chief Graves to return to regular service. Official Business, Part 4
239811.17 Aine receives a "warm welcome" from her old trainer, Master Chief Graves. Official Business, Part 3
239811.16 During her return to Earth, Aine spends time reminiscing and speaking to cadets before visiting "an old friend." Official Business, Part 2
239811.15 Aine makes a trip back to Earth and the San Francisco Academy Campus. Official Business, Part 1
239810.25 Aine confronts Sil regarding his general behavior. The first signs of PTSD show. Moving Forward
239810.17 Aine makes a call home after the destruction of the Resolution. The End of the Beginning
239810.13 Aine watches on as the Resolution is destroyed. In The Bleak Midwinter
239810.11 Aine has a near death experience after being shot while performing a hostage rescue. In The Woods
239810.05 While attempting a hostage rescue of Dr. Morgan, Aine is injured in the line of duty. Going Old School
239809.02 Joint Post, 2 part. Aine discusses her broken faith and comes to terms with self doubt on Bajor thanks to a stranger. Letting Go, Part 1 Letting Go, Part 2
239806.29 Joint Post and part 3 of a series in which Aine's Academy ex makes a surprise visit during her leave on DS224. Untethered, Part 1 Untethered, Part 2 Untethered, Part 3
239806.29 Part 2.2 of a series in which Aine's Academy ex makes a surprise visit during her leave on DS224. Trigger warning: topic of abortion. This Was A Mistake, Part 2
239806.25 Part 2.1 of a series in which Aine's Academy ex makes a surprise visit during her leave on DS224. This Was A Mistake, Part 1
239806.22 Part 1 of a series in which Aine's Academy ex makes a surprise visit during her leave on DS224. Quaint
239806.01 With the team stuck in a precarious situation, Aine takes a big risk to get them out. Drastic Situations
239805.01 Multi-part Counseling sim about making a mistake. Confessional Let It Go
239802.23 Captain Nicholotti makes a surprising appearance after a serious medical emergency to surprise her crew with an unexpected awards ceremony. Unexpected Surprises
239802.08 Counseling session with Meidra Sirin Guilt and Circumstance, Part II
239802.18 Three part B-Plot sim. A Ghost The Way of Vulcan Silence Is Vulcan
239801.24 Ensign Sherlock and Doctor Adea comfort a wounded team member. Laughter Is The Best Medicine
239801.08 Ensign Sherlock, on her first mission, lends a hand with the wounded. Slow Is Fast

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Sal Taybrim Captain.png
Commanding Officer
Sal Taybrim
Alora deveau2.png
Executive Officer
Alora DeVeau
Solaris McLaren 2397.png
Mission Specialist
Solaris McLaren
Security Officer
Obsius Sill-con
Ensign Haukea Willow.png
Security Officer
LT Aine Sherlock.png
Tactical Officer
Aine Sherlock
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Prudence Blackwell.png
Com/Ops Officer
Prudence Blackwell
Egil Renot 1.png
Engineering Officer
Egil Renot
Sera ltjg.png
Engineering Officer
LT Trovek Arys.png
Medical Officer
Trovek Arys
Jackie mason5.jpg
Jackie Mason
Vitor Tito Intel.png
Intelligence Officer
Vitor Tito
Marine Officer
Isaac Green
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