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"“Never be cruel. Never be cowardly. Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise. Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind." - 12th Doctor.
“I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.” - Surak.

Hello there!

My name is Michelle and I write to you from the cold North of Denmark. I'm in my 30ies, happily married for close to a decade and I have a son named Alexander (4 years old). (Do not tell my husband, but I suggested the name because of Alexander, Son of Worf.)

Player Character(s)

Just OOC Things

Joined SB118 / Graduated from Academy: 240006.13 / 240006.25

Writer ID: A240006GS1

SIM Example: "Anesthezine-Neurozine-Relorazine. Now, 3 Times Fast!", USS Artemis-A, Stardate 240007.04

I grew up in a - comparatively - dysfunctional childhood home, but I lacked for nothing, and my family is extremely close. We often get together once a week for family dinner with my parents, my siblings and my nieces and nephews. I also live across the street from my parents, so I functionally have two kitchens. Nice!

I became a 'nerd' at age 12 by becoming initiated into the local 'weeb'-environment, and as such, most of my nerd-interests were centered on the Asian sphere for most of my formative years. This led my childhood dream to be becoming a professional translator of Japanese video games. I have completed 3/4 of a Bachelor's Degree of Japanese Studies, but questionable politics in my country made it borderline impossible for me to get a job with it, so I switched gears to become a teacher.

Apart from anime and videogames, my wide interest in all things Nerddom include, but are not limited to: Doctor Who, Fantasy books, TTRPGs (D&D, ATLA:Legends, STA, CoC, VtM5e, etc.), boardgames, the Sims and SO MANY MORE THINGS.

I first got interested in Star Trek in the latter part of the 2010's when I dipped my feet into playing Star Trek: Online, and while playing it, I started watching The Original Series on a whim. Now, I have watched everything in release date up until the beginning of Season 4 of DS9 and Season 2 of Voyager.

What I love most about Star Trek is the message of hope, unity and a better tomorrow, as well as the creativity and amazing characters. Star Trek and Classic Doctor Who live in the same area of my heart, and thus, I know I'm a Trekkie for life.

Favorite Trek Things

Favorite Star Trek Show: Deep Space 9

Favorite Character: Odo

Favorite Captain: Kathryn Janeway

Favorite Ship: USS Enterprise-D

Favorite Species: Cardassians

Favorite Episode: "Second Skin", Deep Space 9 Season 3 Episode 5.

SB118 Activities

I'm part of the illustrious club of Wiki Ghosts, where membership hinges on the frankly obscene amount of time one spends roaming the SB118 Wiki. This has, naturally, ended with me joining Wiki Operations as well. Beyond that, I've served as the Artemis' Mission Archivist since July 2023, I'm the overbearing person who takes the Star Trek Book Club way too seriously, and I am the originator and de-facto "manager" of Sadar's Stats Corner, a thread on the Artemis' Discord where I and fellow nerdy crew members go amok over statistics.

Chat Trivia Participant
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Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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Player Accolades

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 240006.25
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240009.03
USS Artemis-A
As Gila: Awarded for spearheading the synthesization and deployment of a new anti-knockout gas.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 240009.03
USS Artemis-A
As Gila: Awarded for being present during the Artemis' altercation with Suliban pirates.
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon 240101.19
USS Artemis-A
As Gila: Awarded for being present during the Artemis' encounter with the CIC Desdemona.