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Writer for Luxa Lorana

Basic Stats

  • Name: Olivia
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • OOC Rank: Ensign
  • Joined SB118: April 2023
  • Writer ID: A240004LL2

Short Bio

Hiya! I'm Olivia! My Primary Character is Caitian, Luxa Lorana (Science Officer, USS Artemis). I also have two PNPCs, Vailani Zoyara (Operations Officer, USS Artemis) and Clara Quinn (Engineering Officer, Cait Spacedock)

A little about me, the writer! I am Scottish born and bred, I live on the West Coast and have done for much of my life. I have been a lifelong Star Trek fan, I can't remember a time when we didn't watch some version of the franchise. This stems from my Dad, who enjoyed science fiction in general. I came into my formative years in the 90s, and I remember vividly the premiere episodes of both Deep Space Nine and Voyager - it was a great time to be alive. One of the pleasurable things about watching new Trek back then was there was no endless dissection of the franchise. You watched, absorbed and took it in. Canon arguments were reserved for a small few.

My favourite shows/movies and highly recommendations:

  • Star Trek (of course)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Farscape
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Disney Princesses (I know! I can't help it, I was an 80s baby and a 90s child!)

My favourite books and highly recommendations:

  • Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers
  • Dark Tower series by Stephen King (especially Wizard and Glass, or Wolves of the Calla)
  • Culture series by Ian M Banks
  • Anything Asimov

What brought me to 118? I was participating in a long-running D'n'D game and found myself becoming disinterested and really wanted to find a Star Trek Adventures game as I have been wanting to participate in an RPG for Star Trek since I casually dabbled in it some years ago. I google searched, and seen Starbase 118, after some research decided I would join up and see what it was all about - I thought it sounded too good to be true... A Star Trek RPG with a highly engaged community of fans who actually love the franchise? Does it even exist?

I have to be honest, I half expected it to be a disappointing bunch of fans that argued about the minutiae of everything and were no longer finding joy in Star Trek - jeezo, was I wrong! I found a welcoming, warm fanbase who genuinely love Trek for all it's flaws and strengths (including the canonical inconsistencies). What a place to be! It was like finding an oasis in a desert.

Character Roster

My current roster of characters, including my Primary Character, Secondary Character, Personal Non-Player Characters (PNPCs), Mission-Specific PNPCs (MSPNPCs), and other side characters, can be found below.

Primary Character & Regular PNPCs

Mission-Specific PNPCs / Side Characters