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“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

USS Veritas
Rune Jolara
Position Intelligence
DOB 236311.18

Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara, an Al-Leyan, is currently assigned as an Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Veritas.

Biographical Information

  • Full Name: Rune Jolara
  • Race: Al-Leyan
  • Date of Birth: 236311.18
    • Age: 30
  • Place of Birth: Uz Sabahnuor Archipelago, Leya-I
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T4-E4 - See Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 167.64 cm (5'6")
  • Weight: 61.235 kg (135 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder length
  • Eye Color: Amber in the Light - Silvery Blue in the Dark
  • Skin Tone: lightly tanned
  • Build: Athletic
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Rune has become fond of casual human fashion.... faded jeans and tank tops.
  • Voice: Soft, lightly accented
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Tattoos:
    • A blazing sun on the back of her neck.
    • A colorful phoenix on the back of her left shoulder.
    • Birds in flight on and around her right ankle.
  • Birthmarks, Scars :
    • She has a 3" long scar on her stomach and 4 2" perpendicular scars on her left thigh, all from a childhood accident.
    • 7 tiny, perfectly round 3mm scars evenly spaced down her spine, from the base of her skull to her lower back. (Result of modified Attitude Readjustment Therapy)

Personal Information


  • Quarters: Rune's quarters are simply and minimally decorated in modest earth-tone colors, with standard-issue furniture. There's a simple Al-Leyan tapestry, a gift from her mentor, hanging on the wall and a few small sculptures and plants scattered about on the shelves. Lighting is kept at 50% and the environmental controls are adjusted to provide a more comfortable living environment.
  • Habits/Mannerisms: Slight tilting of head when trying to understand something. Clenching of jaw when trying to hide anger or annoyance.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Follows religious, spiritual, cultural beliefs and laws of The Fallen Branch but has recently began to question her beliefs.
  • Physical Limitations: As with all Al-Leyans, she has a poor sense of taste and smell. Her visual acuity is reduced in daylight/brighter conditions. Because the Al-Leyan homeworld has a denser atmosphere than that produced on StarFleet vessels, Rune requires steroid based medication to counter the symptoms of asthma she suffers from breathing the thinner atmosphere.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Hates closed in spaces when it relates to man made constructs. Ironically, she is fine when it comes to natural spaces such as caves.
Symbol of the Al-Leyan Great Tree


  • Temperament: Calm, outgoing and cheerful, yet quiet at times.

Ambitions and Goals

  • Ambitions and Goals: To better understand the psychology of other humanoid species.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements in Life:
    • Being the first Al-Leyan Counselor to serve aboard a Starfleet ship.
    • Being the first Al-Leyan to switch 'branches' in moving from Counselor to Intelligence. Although her specialty is still in psychiatry and behavioral science.
  • Disappointments in Life:
    • Never being able to return to her homeworld.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Rock climbing
  • Spelunking
  • Music

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes:
    • Very spicy foods... with limited taste, the spicier the better.
    • Masala Chai tea (one of the few beverages she can taste)
    • Being outdoors (nature).
    • Being active (bores easily).
  • Dislikes:
    • Cruelty of any kind.
    • Practical jokes - Rune fails to understand how anyone can find amusement in
      someone else's discomfort or embarrassment.
    • Dishonesty.
    • Being pushed.
    • Not fond of Klingons due to old Al-Leyan feud.
    • Replicated food... it has no taste.



  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: Krystyan Jolara - Son

Haemachuo Upbringing

  • Carers:: Gatra Aneth, Nechaid Neic, Adir Lucr, Aronn Cener
  • Mentors:: Dura Refa, Laro Susell
  • Siblings:: Thayara Bethath, Kelsia Ratholth, Jendar Tellinn

Biological Parents

  • Father: Krya'l
  • Mother: D'aomi Jolara
  • Blood Siblings: Kestrial Domier (mother)




Friend: Chief Science Officer - Duronis II Embassy

Lt. Cmdr. T'Lea and Rune have what could be considered a love/hate friendship. T'Lea is one of the few people Rune trusts completely and she's the only one who knows about the Attitude Readjustment Therapy Rune was forced to have when she was 16. Having been invited to T'Lea's wedding to Ambassador Della Vetri, Rune used the opportunity to give T'Lea a data chip in the form of a pendant. The data chip is Rune's insurance policy against her mentor. However, neither women know the full content of the data chip or the damage that could be done if the information is revealed.[1]

During a mission, The Unturned Stone, their friendship took a turn for the worse when under the control of ancient lovers they slept together. This was the catalyst for the separation of T'Lea and Della. Naturally, T'Lea blamed Rune.

In an odd turn of events, T'Lea found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time again and was forced to deliver Rune's baby, Krystyan.[2][3]


Raissa Moonsong

Friend: Chief Counselor - USS Veritas

Lt. Cmdr. Raissa Moonsong and Rune's friendship developed slowly. At first, Rune purposely kept distant. But following a series of traumatic experiences which awakened her telepathic ability, Rune subconsciously reached for Raissa's stability and control. In doing so, they formed a connection.[4][5]

Following an especially trying mission which involved being swept back in time, several of the Invicta crew were reassigned or given the option to take a six month leave. During her leave, Rune visited Raissa at her family farm on Earth. There Rune helped her friend through an emotionally low time even though, or perhaps because she, herself, was running from her own emotional demons following the loss of her fiancé. It was also on that visit that Rune asked Raissa to be the godmother of her son, Krystyan.[6][7]

Romantic Relations

Special Note: Al-Leyans don't usually pursue romantic relationships unless they are going through what is called seasons roughly every 4-5 years, generally lasting 4-8 days. may have one or several mates in one season and may have different mates from season to season and may not even keep in touch with a mate after the season ends unless conception occurs. As they mature they learn the value of companionship and many settle down with a mate and the companionship can last anywhere between a few years to the rest of their natural lives.


Nikki Ryan

Ex: Medical Officer aboard USS Veritas

Rune had been struggling with the idea of having a relationship with Dr. Nikki Ryan. Her hesitation stemmed from the fact that her attraction to women and mating outside her race (species) is strictly forbidden in Al-Leyan society. Even though she has broken ties with her people, she still struggles with allowing herself to actually be free to live the way she wants.

Things got rather complicated when Rune began experiencing an early on-set of season*, which was somehow triggered by having a foreign compound or hormone injected into her system. The compound was discovered by Nikki and Dr. Anen Sonbef. However, Nikki's involvement was against Rune's wishes. Feeling that Nikki overstepped her bounds, Rune ended their friendship/relationship. Though they have since resumed a cautious friendship.


Collim Kieran

Fiancée/Bonded: Deceased

With her friendship with Nikki ended, Rune had no one else to turn to for help. That was until Lt. Cmdr. Collim Kieran came to talk to her after noticing that something was wrong. Rune confided in her and Kieran offered to help, no strings attached... [8]

A couple months later, things got even more complicated (if that's even possible). Rune found out she was pregnant... how, who and why is still unknown, though Rune has her suspicions.

Upon finding out about the pregnancy, Kieran unexpectedly proposed to Rune... Rune accepted.[9] [10]

Shortly after Krystyan's birth and before she had the opportunity to see him, Kieran was murdered. With the help of Kieran's sister, Denari, Rune discovered Kieran's murderer was her Haemachuo sibling, Jendar Tellinn.[11][12][13][14]



  • 236311.18: Rune was born and immediately taken to the nearest Haemachuo center to be raised.
  • 237312.05: At age 10, she met her biological mother and blood sister for the first time.
  • 237907.29 - 237912.16: Underwent Attitude Readjustment at Sabahnuor Attitude Readjustment Center, Leya-I.

Being a conservative and practical race and as a result of only mating every few years, Al-Leyans do not value same sex pairings. They consider the purpose of the seasons and mating to be to produce offspring. For similar reasons contraception is prohibited. Al-Leyan females are brought up to believe that carrying children is natural and good, it is something to enjoy and look forward to. With babies being taken from parents at birth it could be said that having children has a minimal impact on the Al-Leyan mother’s life and branch progression.

If someone falls out of line and doesn't follow this or other laws or behavioral policies established in the Fallen Branch, efforts would be made by friends, family and advisors or mentors to make such a person see reason. If they refuse to mend their way of thinking then they would have to have attitude readjustment therapy (or reconditioning) to correct the problem.

And that's where Rune's problem comes in... she is attracted to women, not men. She's never acted on it but just having the attraction is a no no in Al-Leyan society. So when she first confided in her mentor, 10 years ago she underwent what was suppose to be attitude readjustment therapy. However, during an away mission, Strange Acquaintances she was exposed to a hallucinogenic compound which caused a break down of what was actually done to her. Through flashbacks and returning memories, she realized the therapy was far more than normal, though she has yet to discover everything that was done or the real reason why it was done to her.

Once her memories came back, she confronted her mentor who, in turn, demanded she return home to undergo the therapy again. Rune refused and cut off communication with her homeworld. The problem now is, she's terrified of the Al-Leyans Council will send someone for her and force her to have the therapy.


Pertinent Sims regarding Rune's "Attitude Readjustment Therapy"

Professional [Pre-Starfleet]

  • 238108.04 - 238308.16: Attended Medical School Majoring in Psychiatry, Leya-I
  • 238308.30 - 238408.30: Clinical Residency at the Sabahnuor Medical Facility, Leya-I
  • 238409.02 - 238507.31: Internship at the Sabahnuor Attitude Readjustment Center, Leya-I

Professional [Starfleet]

Academy.jpg 238509.01 — 238608.31
Starfleet Academy Cadet
Major: CounselingMinor: Xenobiology
Academy Transcript
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Duty Post
004-Cadet1st-Teal.jpg Cadet, 1st Class 238909.05 - 238909.10 Nova-icon1.gif
USS Centris-A
Cadet Cruise
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 238909.11 - 239002.22 USS Avandar
USS Avandar
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant(jg) 239002.22 - 239011.15
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239011.15 - 239012.29
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239012.29 - 239103.20 USS Garuda
USS Garuda
Chief Counselor
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant 239103.20 - 239106.22 USS Excalibur-A
USS Excalibur-A
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg 239106.22 - 239109.06 Counselor
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239109.06 - 239202.16 USS Apollo-A
USS Apollo-A
Chief Counselor
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant 239202.16 - 239205.03 USS Excalibur-A
USS Excalibur-A
04-LtCommander-Teal.jpg Lt. Commander 239205.03 - 239205.04
04-LtCommander-Teal.jpg Lt. Commander 239205.04 - 239207.19 USS Doyle
USS Doyle
Chief Counselor
04-LtCommander-Violet.jpg Lt. Commander 239207.19 - 239302.14 USS Apollo-A
USS Apollo-A
Federation Ambassador
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 239302.15 - 2393xx.xx USS Invicta
USS Invicta
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 239312.05 - Present USS Veritas
USS Veritas

Award Name Stardate Assignment
TOSMA The Order of Starfleet
Merit & Achievement 1st Class
239012.25 USS Avandar
USS Avandar
B-Plot The B-Plot Award 239306.29 USS Invicta
USS Invicta
Service Ribbon Name Stardate Assignment
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 238909.10 Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy
Klingon Invasion Ribbon Klingon Campaign Ribbon 238910.31 USS Avandar
USS Avandar
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer’s Ribbon 239007.13
Gateway Ribbon Gateway Ribbon 239011.15
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer’s Ribbon 239105.05 USS Excalibur-A
USS Excalibur-A
First Contact Ribbon First Contact Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
Prometheus Ribbon 239207.05 USS Doyle-A
USS Doyle-A
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239212.20 USS Apollo-A
USS Apollo-A
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
War of Shadows Ribbon 239306.07 USS Invicta
USS Invicta
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Silver Star 239311.16
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer’s Ribbon
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
War of Shadows Ribbon - 2
Awards ServiceRibbons FederationCross 2011.jpg
Federation Cross
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
Maiden Voyage Ribbon.png
Maiden Voyage Ribbon 239406.16 USS Veritas
USS Veritas


USS Avandar 238909.11 - 239012.29

  • 2389 September - October: Klingon Invasion
    (Joint FWP Mission with the USS Drake)
  • 2389 October - November: Shore leave on Poseidon
  • 2389 November - 2390 February: Strange Acquaintances
    (First Contact with Rubari)
  • 2390 February - 2390 August: The Nomad Pursuit
  • 2390 August - 2390 November: Through Open Gates
    (Summer Blockbuster Mission)
  • 2390 November - 2390 December: Dreaming-Star-Echo

USS Garuda 239012.29 - 239103.20

USS Excalibur-A 239103.20 - 239109.06

USS Apollo-A 239109.06 - 239202.16

USS Excalibur-A 239202.16 - 239205.04

USS Doyle-A 239205.04 - 239107.19

USS Apollo-A 239107.19 - 239302.14

  • 239207.19 - 239208.31: Backlash
  • 239208.31 - 239210.04: Shore-leave ... Meet and Greet
  • 239210.04 - 239212.04: A Series of Unusual Events
  • 239212.04 - 239301.08: Shore-leave
  • 239301.08 - 239302.14: Awake (Ended early due to deactivation of Apollo.)

USS Invicta 239302.15 - 2393xx.xx

  • 239302.15 - 239303.22: Mayday
  • 239303.22 - 239304.11: Shore-leave
  • 239304.11 - 239305.10: The Unturned Stone
  • 239305.10 - 239307.07: Shore-leave
  • 239307.07 - 239307.30: Atonement
  • 239307.30 - 239308: Shore-leave
  • 239308 - 239309: Museum Ship
  • 239309 - 239311.07: To Boldly Go
  • 239311.07 - 239312.06: Shore-leave

USS Veritas 239312.06 - Present

Al-Leyan Sayings

"May the sun shine upon you and warm winds carry you on your journey."


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Commanding Ofc.
Roshanara Rahman
First Officer
Helm Ofc.
Mattheus Fullus
Ship's Counselor
Raissa Moonsong
Chief Medical Ofc.
Nikki Ryan
Lt Skyfire 2394.jpg
Medical Ofc.
Chythar Skyfire
Science Ofc.
Chief Engineer
Luna Walker
Lael Rosek4.png
Engineering Ofc.
Lael Rosek
Chief of Security
Hanar Tuk
Operations Ofc.
Evan Delano
Marcus Dickens.jpg
SAR Team Leader
SCE Liaison
Alex Blair
Science Officer
Stiftany Harik
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