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“There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.” — Octavia E. Butler

The USS Octavia E Butler is one of the first production runs of the new Sagan-class launched at the end of the 24th century. Like others of its class, it incorporates Borg-technology from the Artifact and other state-of-the-art and experimental technological components. While many of these traits increase processing and communication speeds enhancing networked ship functions, this class also excels at stand-alone long range missions. Dual warp cores and four nacelles allow Sagan-class vessels to run at high warp speeds for extended periods of time by switching cores/nacelles, letting one set rest while the other is engaged.

Named after 20th-century science fiction author, the Octavia E. Butler has been assigned to regular service in the Gamma Quadrant as part of the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force.


The Octavia E. Butler is a newly minted ship on its first assignment, post shakedown cruise. As of 2401 it has been assigned to the Gamma Quadrant as part of Starfleet’s response to growing concerns about destabilization in the sectors surrounding the terminus of the Bajoran wormhole. Starfleet will maintain an official presence in the region, fulfilling its mandate to explore as well as being empowered to respond to humanitarian needs.

Recently, the fleet has deployed the Uhura Communications Array facilitating better communication for the deployed resources in the Gamma Quadrant. Increased Federation presence has increased social and political alliances, but no worlds have yet officially pursued Federation membership. A resurgent UDP (United Dominion of Planets) and their recently warp-enabled ally, the Zet, have complicated the stellar-political picture in the region. The ships of the Sagan-class are amongst the most advanced, modern ships in use by Starfleet.

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