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“History is replete with turning points.”

Ambassador Spock

USS Khitomer


The USS Khitomer is a New Orleans II class starship (Lafayette subclass) under the command of Captain Randal Shayne.
Originally built just after the Borg Invasion of Earth- and just missing the Battle of Wolf 359- the USS Khitomer has undergone numerous upgrades, refits and changes, making her an especially flexible platform for operations ranging from combat patrol to relief efforts, and from rapid response to scientific exploration. As a result of her long life and frequent updates, the Khitomer falls into that sweet spot so sought by engineers and captains alike; a modern interpretation of a classic design, but with the kinks and bugs worked out long ago by prolonged trials by fire.

Current Mission

Broken Bow
  • Stardate 240104.28
    • Confusion ensues when someone steals the USS Arrow from the dock of DS33! The crew relocate the USS Khitomer to pursue their vessel, and find out who has stolen the old Starfleet vessel... and why.

"Hey, Khiddoes!"

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Stardate 240102.19
Award Winner – Randal Shayne – USS Arrow – (Christopher Pike Pendant)
Stardate 240104.10
Lower Decks Interview - Connor Dewitt, USS Arrow



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