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For an introduction and overview of the Constitution, see: Constitution Summary

PREAMBLE: In order to assure efficient, fair and expedient administration of the UFOP, this CONSTITUTION is hereby ordained and established as the enabling and governing document of said UFOP, binding on all, high and low, consistent with the terms related herein. It is the supreme law of the UFOP and the source from which other related documents flow. This CONSTITUTION is ordained this day, December 17th, AD 2000, Stardate 237712.17.

Article I: Mission Statement

Article II: Inconsistency

Article III: General Preliminary Statements

Article IV: Amendments

Article V: Membership

Article VI: The Executive Council

Article VII: Captain's Council

Article VIII: Discipline of All Officers

Article IX: Administration of the UFOP

Article X: State of the Federation Address

Article XI: Federation Command Authority

Article XII: Federation Records

Constitution Bylaws

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