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USS Gorkon
Jo Marshall PIC Uniform.png
Jocelyn Marshall
Position Chief of Operations
Rank Commander
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236902.05
Age 32
Birthplace Volan III
Writer ID G239304JM0

Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Orion Syndicate Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg

Good Conduct Ribbon
Distinguished Service Ribbon
Legion of Merit
Extended Service Ribbon
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
War of Shadows Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Innovation Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Captain's Commendation
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Lifesaving Ribbon
Purple Heart
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Silver Star

Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Awards General 1Year.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Q Award.png
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg

Silver Palm
1-year Member
Neelix Award
Q Award
Scotty Cross


SFA-Command.pngStarfleet Operations.pngMedical RecordAcademy Transcript

About the Writer

Commander Jo Marshall is a party-hard, mellow and strange Human currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Gorkon, the flagship of the Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce. The USS Gorkon is her first posting outside of Starfleet Academy and her Cadet Cruise. Life on the fringes of space between three factions of the Galaxy has not been an easy undertaking, to say the least. Jo has put as much of herself into the ship as possible, which includes, but is not limited to, blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional shared beer smooshed into the Cargo Bay deck plating.


  • Height: 1.72m (5'8")
  • Build: Athletic, Lean
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
  • Hair Style: Long, Shoulder Length, Tied
  • Voice: Quite gravelly, husky
Speaks fluent Bajoran. Slips into the language.
  • Off-Duty Clothing: Jeans, shirts, jumpers.
Vintage black jacket from Earth.
  • Distinguishing Features: Scar on forehead.
Brushstroke tattoo over shoulder.


Temperament: She doesn't take herself very seriously, prefers to break tensions, but will argue her point as well as any. When faced with a challenge, she'll play hard and play to win. Has a dark sense of humour and speaks sarcasm fluently. Resourceful and always trying to think a step ahead. Optimistic, not naïve. Tells outrageous jokes. Feels connected to music. She may seem disorganized sometimes, but there's a lot going on in her brain. A strong-hearted loyal friend. An undeniable smartass with a kind soul.
Dislikes: Time wasters, small talk, grudges, inactivity, failing.
Carriage: When busy, she walks with purpose, a woman on a mission. When relaxed, casual and slowed down a notch. Matches the speed of anyone she's walking with as she does tend to walk quickly without realizing it.
Mannerisms: Crosses her arms and chews on her lips when thinking. Runs her hands through her hair. Has her hands in her pockets when feeling relaxed. Tends to high-five and fist-bump people she likes.
Quarters: Shared with her partner, Erin Reynolds. Kept tidy, as much as possible, with a variety of personal effects of theirs. A springball is usually around somewhere she throws about when thinking. Holoimages of family and friends. Lots of plants to rival a greenhouse. Violet flower in the middle of the coffee table. A baby grand piano takes up one corner.
Hobbies: Plays springball, restores vintage motorcycles, listens to all kinds of music from everywhere. More on her Hobbies and Pastimes below, if you're interested.
Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None of note, though she tends to lean toward Bajoran spiritualism when times are tough. Usually, one or two words are thrown up toward any deity listening.

Ambitions and Goals

Aspirations: Not an overly ambitious person, Jo is happy doing her thing and contributing to her ship as much as possible. She serves under a great Rear Admiral she thoroughly respects and can't see herself anywhere else in the near future. As for goals, making it to 2340 would be nice.
'Achievements: Achievements are not something Jo tends to collect many of - usually forgoing accolades for anything in return for a beer in a quiet bar where shenanigans can commence. Living in the "other universe", and surviving it, with the help of friends and the Yarahla Nine is definitely up there with those achievements and life wins she has stashed away in her mind. While the year forged friendships and bonds like no other, it was still tough going and brought Jo to the brink of some questionable thoughts.


To see all the exciting relationships Jo has made in her short time on the USS Gorkon, or to know exactly who has the patience to put up with her singular brand of lunacy, go to the Full Article: Relationships

Like one would collect Springball player stickers, Jo collects people. That's not to say she reduces them to a two-dimensional state and glues them into books. She is a happy, party-hard Officer, and loves spending time with the people she truly cares about. She will encourage anyone to do some kind of karaoke on shore leave, or dance naked in the Trill forests while eating a taco. Approach with caution.

Partner Erin Reynolds
Offspring None.
Parents Robin Marshall (Mother), Luther Marshall (Father)
Siblings Orson "Bear" Marshall, George Marshall

Likes and Dislikes


Springball: A hangover from her days playing professionally for Bajor, she tries to find new players to practice with or strong-arm her friends into a game.
Mechanics: Engineering projects on the sidelines include maintenance of a motorcycle she enjoys taking out when they get a chance.
Tiny Plants: A recent addition to her hobby list is cultivating seedlings. She hasn't broadened her horizons past growing one at a time yet, out of fear she'll kill them all. Her quarters are now awash with the adopted plants of her partner, Erin Reynolds, who supervises all her growing efforts.
Meditation/Yoga: When she needs less noise and more centring, she quiets her mind with meditation and yoga.
Athleticism: She has maintained the habit of keeping fit from her days of professional sports and it's still a big part of her lifestyle, including cardio training and weightlifting, both of which she tries to encourage everyone to do.

Food and Drink

Makapa Bread: A Bajoran foodstuff is usually consumed as a breakfast meal. She can eat this at any time, in any place, with the crust - a childhood belief it would make her terribly straight hair curly. Spread with jumba jam, it's like a slice of toasted heaven.
Coffee: Self-explanatory for a Starfleet Officer. When "Over There", during rationing, she weaned herself off the beverage, down to one mug a day. It destroyed part of her soul.
Hasperat Soufflé: Another Bajoran dish from her childhood home usually made with whatever fruit was in season. If you want to get on her good side, bring her a soufflé with cream.


Losing Friends and Family: In the grand sense of the word, Jo is afraid of her friends and those she considers family dying, in action or otherwise. After suffering so much loss during their "Over There" time (see: Annus Horribilis, Part 2), she keeps her friends close to her heart. You would think it would be a catalyst to do the exact opposite, but she's never been one to conform.
Small Spaces: Jo was involved in a mining collapse during her apprenticeship on Volan III. The roof of the cave came down during an earthquake, burying the young woman under the rock and shattering her shoulder - the result of which was pulling out of professional Springball. She also suffered the fatal curse of the first mission Ensign Panic Attack™, in which Ayiana Sevo managed to bring her out before she let herself out of her EVO Suit and became one with open space.

Personal History

Click sub-headings below to expand or collapse. See Jocelyn Marshall/Timeline.

Growing up on a colony was one of the benefits of being a child of two Starfleet Officers. Jo was born on a starship, then raised on Volan III after the Dominon War.

Her parents were deployed as part of Starfleet's ongoing efforts to maintain the demilitarized zone and repair some of the damage that had been caused during the occupation of Bajor. Many Bajorans that Jo encountered had first-hand experiences of the war and what it had done to their home and people. Growing up among adults that had seen the end of a war, and witnessing many of the problems the Dominion had caused, formed Jo into a well-rounded individual from a young age. Seeing the end of the occupation meant a return to Federation standards of living and the Bajorans cultivated the colony to thrive.

Jo enjoyed many pursuits in her youth, including travelling throughout the planet, mountain climbing, surfing and diving, as well as the national pastime of Springball. Once she got a taste for the game, and the intricacies of shots, she was hooked. Playing throughout her school years and through her teenage life, sports and studies kept her busy. She was often seen running from one campus to another with her Springball glove or part of a machine she had disassembled from something. When she could compete on the tournament circuit, she started running competitions professionally, playing for Volan III at the championship matches held throughout the galaxy, giving her the chance to see the universe outside of her home.

There was the initial option of prolonging her foray into professional sports, however, a mining collapse halted her progression due to a dislocated shoulder that was not easily remedied. Seeking something to keep her mind busy, she turned her attention to her other great love - Engineering.

Her interest in engineering she had taken started from a young age, under the influence of her mother and father, both Engineers in Starfleet within specialised fields. Her mother enrolled her in a part-time apprenticeship as she started her middle school years, working for a large mining operation within the mountains. On finishing school for the day, if there wasn't a sports practice, Jo would grab one of the worker shuttle transports to the mines and begin shadowing one of the many mining engineers, usually Bajoran. Within a few months, she had picked up the Bajoran language and could work without the Universal Translator. She was a hard worker, being both focused and driven to find new ways of accomplishing old tasks and new solutions to recurring problems.

Given her first motorcycle at fifteen, the first thing she did was take it apart to see how it all worked, before putting it back together and going for a spin up the mountain paths. This only fueled her drive to find bigger problems, and bigger engineering tasks, which only Starfleet could offer.

After her commission into Starfleet Academy, Jo was found to be a capable Engineer from the start and learned quickly. She chose to Major in Engineering, specifically Warp Theory, and minor in Operations to coincide with her abilities to multi-task, effectively making her a humanoid multi-tool. Taking on board her experience and talent for the work, she was deployed to the Fleet Operations Center to carry on her training while working on emerging technology in the field of Operations. Working tirelessly to prove herself in the Academy's arena, she became one of the leading Engineers in her graduate year; a moment she is very proud of. Upon completion of her Cadet Cruise, she requested deployment to Starbase 118 Fleet.

Arriving on the USS Gorkon mid-mission (see: Annus Horribilis (Gorkon), the crew transport Jo was on hurtled through a fissure in space and arrived with the ship on the other side of an alternate universe. They rescued who they could from the alternate USS Triumphant; battled the Jem'Hadar fleet; persevered through months of rationing and cannibalising abandoned vessels for supplies; losing crew members to raids and away team missions, and finally getting home after forging an uneasy alliance with the Romulans.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 gold.png Cadet, Fourth Class 238909.01
Starfleet Academy
Engineering Major
DS9style-cadet2 gold.png Cadet, Third Class 239009.01
Engineering Major
Operations Minor
DS9style-cadet3 gold.png Cadet, Second Class 239109.01
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png Cadet, First Class 239209.01
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png 239304.04
Starbase 118
USS Centris-A
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239304.11
USS Gorkon
Operations Officer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant JG 239310.13
DS9style-lt gold.png
Lieutenant 239508.11
Chief of Operations
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png
Lieutenant Commander 239511.25
Executive Officer
DS9style-cmdr red.png
Commander 239812.28
DS9style-cmdr gold.png
Chief of Operations
Second Officer

Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Orion Syndicate Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Intelligence Star.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, 239304.10
Starfleet Academy: Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

  • Distinguished Service Ribbon, 239310.12
Awarded to a person who distinguished himself or herself by extraordinary heroism not justifying the award of a Federation Cross while engaged in an action against an enemy of the Federation.

  • Legion of Merit, 239310.12
Awarded to a person who has distinguished himself or herself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.

  • Extended Service Ribbon, 239310.12
Awarded to a person who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.

  • Silver Star, 239607.25, 239706.24 (2nd Citation)
239607.25: "Those who carried out their mission on that asteroid did so with remarkable courage in the face of significant odds and at great personal risk." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239706.24: "whose courage was remarkable, displaying marked gallantry and heroism in the face of an unknown, implacable foe." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Quantum Reality Service Ribbon, 239310.12
Awarded to an individual who participates in a mission within an alternate universe.

  • Orion Syndicate Service Medal, 239401.21, 239409.09, 239607.25 (3rd Citation)
239401.21: The Orion Syndicate Service Medal is a campaign service ribbon awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against the Orion Syndicate.
239409.09: "...For their conspicuous gallantry in the course of their duties, and their participation in the ongoing efforts to combat the criminal activities of the Orion Syndicate..." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239607.25: "...are all awarded the Orion Syndicate Service Medal for our contributions to the ongoing efforts to combat them." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • War of Shadows Ribbon, 239401.21
The War of Shadows Ribbon is a campaign service ribbon awarded to an individual who participated in the War of Shadows in 2393.

  • Good Conduct Ribbon, 239409.09, 239412.13, 239508.11, 239709.28, 239802.10 (5th Citation)
239409.09: "...For their conspicuous gallantry in the course of their duties, and their participation in the ongoing efforts to combat the criminal activities of the Orion Syndicate..." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239412.13: "Our initial contact with the Seraphim was confusing, and unfortunately violent. In the face of that, there were several individuals who stood firm in the face of danger and proved their courage." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239508.11: " too showed honour and valour in the line of duty, supporting Lieutenant zh'Aella's team in securing the warbird's bridge." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239709.28: "When faced with the arduous and demanding conditions on Trueno, each of you stepped up to the task with bravery and courage the best of Starfleet can be proud of. Faced with clear and present danger, you all outdid yourselves, rising to the occasion, and demonstrating the pluck and fortitude usually only required to eat Ayiana’s cooking." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239802.10: "The initial draft of this next commendation hit my desk as "awarded for acts of staunch cojones". ::She flicked her gaze toward Jo with a twitch of a smile.:: As you can imagine, that's not quite the version I sent to Starfleet Command, but the sentiment holds true." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Innovation Ribbon, 239409.09, 239709.28 (2nd Citation)
239409.09: "Their ingenuity and skills were essential to the successful outcome of our mission, and if not for them, so many mysteries could have remained hidden." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239709.28: "It's said that desperate situations bring out ingenuity, and that was more than clear on Trueno and the SS Vikartindur. We had simulated dinosaur calls on a tricorder, at least two creative engineering solutions to lure species GS54 away from vital power supplies, and broken conduits used to chase off predators — quick wit and cleverness in action." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Explorer's Ribbon, 239409.09, 239412.13, 239604.27 (3rd Citation)
239409.09: "For bringing these mysteries to light for further investigation, and for ensuring a peaceful first encounter with the sentient inhabitants of the planet..." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239412.13: "We met two new species, and brought information back from the heart of the nebula that I'm sure scientists will be pouring over for years." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239604.27: "While it caused considerable strife, the nebula was nonetheless a remarkable discovery, and one that scientists will be researching for a long time to come." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • First Contact Ribbon, 239409.09
"For bringing these mysteries to light for further investigation, and for ensuring a peaceful first encounter with the sentient inhabitants of the planet..." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Captain's Commendation, 239412.13
239412.13: "Getting the engines back online in such difficult circumstances was a remarkable feat, and worthy of recognition." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Purple Heart, 239604.27, 239607.25 (2nd Citation)
239604.27: "The nature of the incident aboard the Njörðr means that we all suffered injuries that saw us under the care of the Yarahla's doctors. As such, everyone here is the recipient of a Purple Heart." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239607.25: "Starfleet awards the Purple Heart to those injured in the course of performing their duties; our recognition for the sacrifice made in service to the Federation." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Prisoner of War Ribbon, 239601.27
"...though it was through some very unusual means, we were all held captive while she tried to accomplish her goals." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Lifesaving Ribbon, 239601.27, 239706.25 (2nd Citation)
239601.27: "Finally, for their actions in locating and rescuing the symbiote Kian..." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239706.25: "... we'd like to recognise those officers whose compassion, cleverness and hard work saw many of the miners cured of a deadly spore infection, saving their lives and helping to prevent more infections in the colony. Further, the work you did has laid the foundations for future medics and researchers to cure anyone else who suffers from the same infection." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Silver Lifesaving Ribbon, 239604.27
"The accident caused the release of a pathogen in the biomedical laboratories. It took ingenuity and determination to prevent their cases of Rushton's Disease from running its course..." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Medical Science Ribbon, 239706.24
"... we'd like to recognise those officers whose compassion, cleverness and hard work saw many of the miners cured of a deadly spore infection, saving their lives and helping to prevent more infections in the colony. Further, the work you did has laid the foundations for future medics and researchers to cure anyone else who suffers from the same infection." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Intelligence Star, 239802.10
"First, the unique nature of covert assignments—the need for quick thinking, resourcefulness and determination, all the while maintaining your cover—is worthy of recognition in itself, especially when performed by those whose training might not normally extend to undercover work. With your achievements in mind, I'm pleased to present you all with the Intelligence Star." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal, 239802.10
"In addition, for our work in Ma no Umi against insurmountable odds, and a few pirates, Starfleet has seen fit to award us all with the Operation Safe Harbour ribbon. You faced off against not only the Orion Syndicate, but members of several factions." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds

  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award, 239802.10
"One thing Starfleet prides itself on is the ability of its officers to cooperate and collaborate, to work as part of a team even in the most unusual and trying of circumstances. And sometimes our allies take... unconventional forms, shall we say, as is the case with Mister Zuccaro." Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds


Vega Award.png
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Q Award.png
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Quark's Bar.png
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Awards The Khan Award.png
Awards Special RisingStar 2011.jpg
Jake Sisko Prize.png
Awards Special Boothby 2011.jpg
Awards General 1Year.jpg
Awards General 3Year 2011.jpg
Awards General 5Year 2011.jpg
Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearMedal 2011.jpg
Awards Staff ChiefCitation2015.png
Awards DutyPost StrangeMedallionAward 2011.jpg
  • 1-year Member, 239304.10
The 1-year Member award is a length of service award given to those who have been members continuously for one year.
  • TOSMA, 239306.28
Given to members who show great dedication in their behaviour and simming abilities. A candidate for TOSMA regularly contributes good, solid ideas to the plot and character development.
  • Silver Palm, 239506.24
Awarded to a simmer who has consistently boosted the morale of his/her crew. The recipient will be known to be able to add that spark to a plot whenever it may be lagging or may be able to consistently bring enjoyment or a bit of humour to the sim, whilst keeping such sims relevant and realistic.
  • B-Plot Award, 239706.24
"Nominations talked of Jo's family and their complex relationships, of the romance between a Russian and his Romulan paramour, all bouncing off the main stories of the ship while never dominating them. For her well-drawn plots and characters, we're delighted to present Jo Marshall with the B-Plot Award." - Presented by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
  • Neelix Award, 239606.24
"There are so many ways that Em gives us that little bit more on the Gorkon, from character images, quote of the month badges, competition-winning Halloween avatars and movie nights, it's hard to remember and recite them all! Her efforts extend well beyond the ship as well; she's an active member of the FNS, and it's a rare week she doesn't volunteer in the academy when there's a class to be run. All of this, from fun little images to training our new cadets, help build and make the SB118 community such a lively and wonderful thing to be a part of, and so in gratitude for everything she does, we award Jo Marshall the Neelix Award." - Presented by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
  • Q Award, 239606.24
"Telling a compelling story requires the writer to throw in a few twists to keep readers engaged and interested, from the subtle to the dramatic. Em has a definite knack for taking plot threads and turning them in an unexpected, but completely logical direction. Importantly, she does this while respecting everyone's contributions up to that point, often picking up on small details other writers have introduced, and elevating them to new heights. It's a joy to read her sims, and great fun running with the challenges and curveballs she introduces. For her delightfully devious mind, we award Jo Marshall the Q Award!" - Presented by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
  • Scotty Cross, 239606.24
"In a pleasing counterpart to the Q Award, Em not only has a talent for introducing crafty plot twists, but a flair for creative and entertaining solutions to plot dilemmas presented to her and her team. These range from the "oh man why didn't I think of that?" to the "oh man, I couldn't have ever thought of that!" and putting a grin on reader's faces and give us all something to aspire to. For her imaginative and original answers to plot questions, we present Jo Marshall with the Scotty Cross!" - Presented by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
  • The Nebula Bar, 239706.24
"The Nebula Bar is awarded to those simmers who create convincing, descriptive, realistic environments that inspire simmers and enhance the flow of the story. A simmer we can consistently rely on for brilliant, evocative environmental narration is Em. Every sim is written with beautifully crafted descriptions, grounding us in fully-realised scenes that breath life into even the most sterile of settings. And so for making the imaginary world we inhabit feel so real, we're delighted to award Jo Marshall the Nebula Bar." - Presented by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
  • The Strange Medallion, 239706.25
Presented by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.

Mission Archive

A detailed repository of all missions Jo has participated in while stationed on board the USS Gorkon.
Click the mission tiles below to expand or collapse summaries.
Industrial Hallway.jpg

Annus Horribilis - Stardate 239301.21 to 239304.03
The first mission Jo found herself on after being thrown through a fissure during a crew resupply. The ship was supplanted into an alternate universe where the Dominion had won the war, meeting up with the crews' alternate selves, and fighting for a way to get home.
Annus Horribilis, Part 2 - Stardate 239305.11 to 239309.07
A continuation of the previous mission, also known as the "Year of Hell" to those serving on board the USS Gorkon at the time. Sustaining heavy damage in various ship battles, without the option of repairs and refits, Jo was seconded into Main Engineering to help the ongoing effort of keeping their Sovereign-Class starship afloat. Raids, rationing, and regular thrashings from the other universe Dominion, it was a trying time, however it forged friendships that would last a lifetime.
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Stardate 239311.1 to 239312.25
Newly posted to the taskforce in the Tyrellian Sector, the crew were tasked with routing out the Orion Syndicate influence that had ceded the government and protecting the Chief Prosecutor from harm. Dodging and unexploded "bomb", getting shot at by an old-style turret, then threatened by an Orion "slave girl" who turned out to be a mobster, it was a rather eventful mission for Jo she won't soon forget.
Old Hatreds - Stardate 23940318 to 239404.10
Hosting a diplomatic conference on the USS Gorkon between the Romulan Star Empire, Romulan Republic, Klingon Empire and the Tyrellians, something was bound to go wrong. And, surprisingly, it did! Quinn Reynolds was attacked, a bomb exploded in the conference room, and Jo found herself trying not to rip out sections of the USS Triumphant's Operations chair while playing war games with their taskforce colleagues.
The Silver Function - Stardate 239405.25 to 239407.12
Escaping a radiation storm that would have made them all a little less than alive, the crew dove into the depths of Leutra IV to find that not only was there a living spider organism machine network running beneath the surface, but that a Ranger contingent, the 451st to be exact, had been stranded there during a mission. It was during this escapade into the weird and wonderful that Jo met her best friend Sera zh'Aella, who came riding into battle on the back of a mechanical spider wave, taking a chunk out of one of them with her bare teeth. Suffice to say, they were friends immediately.
The Devil's Expanse - Stardate 239409.17 to 239411.01
On the bestie's first day as the Helm Officer, Sera zh'Aella did something which caused the Quantum Slipstream Drive to switch itself off mid-flight, throwing the ship into the nebula known as The Roman Expanse. A network of electrical storms and bad tempers, the nebula quickly rendered their ship powerless and incapable of escape. As luck would have it, the zoo-keepers for a large energy sucking creature decided it wasn't feeding time, and were preventing the ship from gaining back power to stop them all from becoming a starfish omelette.
Telutho'kai - Stardate 239412.28 to 239502.09
Jo doesn't remember much of this mission, apart from transporting to their Operations Centre and finding it more derelict than a Vulcan comedy club. From there, she kind of "phased out" of being, reappearing hours later with the rest of the Starbase 173 crew, shivering, hypothermic, and lacking an explanation as to where she had been. Unfortunately, another Marshall happened to be trapped in the same frozen fissure and has since made her life a little less bearable.
Hvei'khenn - Stardate 239504.15 to 239506.08
The colony of Sikuna was in the throws of a storm, a virulent sickness outbreak, and a lot of protest problems, requesting Starfleet assistance. Transporting down to the surface, Jo was part of the Away Team that were tasked with trying to repair the Verteron Array and get it back up and running for Federation science collaboration. Instead of doing that, they found a D'deridex class warbird underneath the Science Facility crewed by a strange mix of Andorians and Romulans, as though they'd teamed up for the kicks, and took the warbird out for a joy ride.
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - Stardate 239508.14 to 239511.15
Waking up as a member of the Maquis Resistance cell on the Skarbek, Jo remembered nothing of her real life and instead, memories and friendships were replaced by recollections of a life lived under Dominion occupation of the DMZ. Resisting a Cardassian attack on their home of Outpost Schulman, and managing to escape on the raider, things went from bad to worse when they discovered they were trapped inside a dreamweb concocted by someone on the outside. When finally they broke free from the dream, with memories still haunting their real lives, they discovered the Trill known as Lladre had hijacked the ship and kept them under for hours, despite their recollected lives of years spent as someone else. Lladre escaped, taking with her something stolen from the ship. It's all a mess.
The Njörðr Incident - Stardate 239602.05 to 239605.01
On board the USS Njörðr heading for the New Horizons conference, the ship hits a nebula and gets pumelled.
Operation Sea Devil - Stardate 239605.15 to 239608.01
The crew of the USS Gorkon undertake a daring mission to infiltrate Orion space in order to capture a fugitive crime boss, acquire valuable intelligence and extract and undercover operative. At the same time, the Gorkon searches for one of the Syndicate's pirate captains who may be convinced to retire to the safe shores of the Federation... bringing all of his knowledge with him.
Together in Electric Dreams - Stardate 239609.23 to 239611.23
When a recent raid on a Cardassian installation was met with unexpected resistance, the crew of the Skarbek took significant losses. It is believed that they have retreated to Peshkova Colony to lick their wounds and mourn their dead.
Serpent Heart, Flowering Face - Stardate 239702.28 to 239706.01
With tensions reaching a breaking point on the shared Romulan Republic and Federation colony, the crew of the USS Gorkon are asked to investigate missing miners and violent wildlife.
Welcome to Dinosauria - Stardate 239707.12 to 239709.20
The USS Gorkon is dispatched to put the Federation's mind at ease and ensure that the experimental park is being run to their exacting standards of safety, bioethics and worker rights... but all is not as it seems.
Operation Q-Ball - Stardate 239711.30 to 239802.02
As the USS Azetbur goes missing, and Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds mysteriously disappears, the crew of the USS Gorkon take it on themselves to investigate her disappearance by heading into the seedy, underhanded world of the Orion Syndicate once more.
What Do Boys Dream - Stardate 239803.23 to 239806.18
After being betrayed by one of their own, many of the Skarbek crew are captured and thrown into a Cardassian prison where they must fight to survive and escape.
The Pelian Brief - Stardate 239808.28 to 239811.18
The USS Gorkon is helping the colonists of Darime IV. It’s a well-established Pelian colony on a garden world, which took in a sizable number of Romulan refugees after the Hobus Disaster. In the following 11 years, the two groups have peacefully coexisted on the planet; while they generally maintain separate settlements, the Pelians helped the Romulans establish themselves in their new home, and the Romulans have offered their skilled workers and knowledge in return.
It’s been a harmonious and cooperative relationship for the most part. However, recent disputes arose when the Romulans planned to build a new settlement near the Pelian holy site of N’amiu’s Garden, a verdant and unspoiled valley amidst fertile lands. Diplomatic efforts brought the dispute to a resolution both parties are (relatively) content with, but it stoked old grudges and prejudices among some of the population, which the recent medical crisis has only exacerbated.
Shadows of the Rift - Stardate 239901.27 to 239904.22
The USS Gorkon has picked up garbled distress signals from the USS Triumphant with their last known location attached, located deep within a subspace bubble—possibly a Tyken's Rift. As sensors and communications reduce to a mess of echoes, and their power and drives are affected by the environment swirling around them, the Gorkon continues their rescue efforts and search for the Triumphant.

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Quinn Reynolds PIC Uniform.png
Quinn Reynolds
2O & Ops. Chief
Jo Marshall
HCO Officer
Cory Stoyer
Vylaa zh'Tisav.png
Chief Engineer
Vylaa zh'Tisav
Doz Finch 2401.png
Asst. Chief Engineer
Doz Finch
Tahna Meru LCDR.png
Chief of Science
Tahna Meru
Solkon Ensign.png
Medical Officer
Samira neathler xo.png
First Officer
Samira Neathler
Mission Specialist
Ayiana Sevo
James bowers.png
Sec/Tac Officer
James Bowers
Sec/Tac Officer
Linna Farvor
Melik portrait off.png
Sec/Tac Officer
Melik Finley
Taelon AO2.jpg
Science Officer
Vesela Pace Ensign.png
Science Officer
Vesela Pace
Nera Ay Ensign.png
Medical Officer
Nera Ay
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