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Staff Orientation

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What does it mean to be a staff member?

Being a staff member in UFOP: StarBase 118 means being a part of a team leading one of the premier online communities. Our organization has been together, in roughly the same form, for over 25 years now – an incredible feat, considering how transient most online communities are, and how different the internet was a quarter of a century ago.

There’s a lineage of staff members leading back all the way to the first day of our organization, and you will soon be part of that lineage. Through constant, determined effort, a love of the vision of Star Trek, and a desire to partake in international dialogue with people about how to be leaders and writers, our staff has held this community together through many wonderful times and difficult challenges. More than anything, being a part of the staff of this community means that you are a representative of its goals, its aims, and its vision. It means that people throughout our community will look to you as the embodiment of our larger community.

Staff Structure

Our organization is administered at multiple levels, from the Executive Council at the very top to the individual ship staffs that each captain relies upon to effective run his or her ship.

Broadly speaking, you will often hear the words staff and staff member to refer to one of two different staff levels:

  • ship staff: Those players who have reached at least the rank of Lt. Commander (though some ships permit exceptional lieutenants on their staffs) and are invited to be a part of a ship's staff mailing list (more simply known as just the staff list) to discuss various OOC issues and mission planning as directed by the commanding officer and participate in the ship's mentoring program as administered by the first officer.
  • fleet staff: Those players who have reached at least the rank of Commander to serve as voting members of the Captains Council along with any lieutenant commander who is serving as a first officer and is thus granted observer status on the Captains Council (free to participate in discussion but not vote).

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