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USS Constitution-B
Nugra gornspacenavy.png
Gorn-Senior Commander.jpg
Position Intelligence Officer
Rank Senior Commander
Species Gorn
Gender Male
DOB 234601.03
Age 54
Birthplace Kargal Manor, Tau Lacerte III
Writer ID V238008N10

Main Page · Medical Record
Disciplinary Record

Service Ribbons
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Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png

Federation Cross
Distinguished Service Ribbon
Purple Heart
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Captain's Commendation
Department Chief Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Starship Commander Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Klingon Invasion Ribbon
Gateway Ribbon
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Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal

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Senior Commander Nugra is a Gorn Intelligence Officer and is presently assigned to the USS Constitution-B.

Personal Statistics


  • Full Name: Nugra
  • Race: Gorn
  • Date of Birth: January 3, 2346
  • Place of Birth: Kargal Manor, Tau Lacerte III
  • Age: 258 (54 linear)
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Languages:
    • Gorn (Imperial):Fluent.
    • Gorn (Trade Language): Fluent.
    • Federation Standard: None (Gorn voices cannot pronounce Terran sounds).
    • Klingon: Intermediate.
    • Orion: Basic.


  • Height: 6'9" (2.06m)
  • Weight: 354
  • Hair Color: None
  • Eye Color: Turquoise
  • Skin Tone: Green
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Scar running from under left eye across cheek. Wears an eyepatch over left eye.
  • Carriage: Walks with a confident and imposing presence.
  • Build: Built, but athletic
  • Face: Long, with spines along the top of his head.
  • Eyes: Reptilian with slit pupils.
  • Poses: Stands with his hands behind his back or with arms crossed.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Prefers a simple Tunic or Baklir Robe.
  • Shoes: None, unless wearing Combat Gear.
  • Voice: Gravely through translator. Does not slur the letter 'S' thanks to Version 2 of his translator.
  • Handedness: Left handed


  • Quarters: Rustic and comfortable. Has a pair of Vss'Nok swords hanging on the wall. Real fur throws and covers for the bed. The room is kept at a darker and warmer temperature than most. Likes to decorate in browns and golds.
  • Mannerisms: Efficient, but has a tendency to follow his own code and not that of the regulations.
  • Physical Limitations: Speed and cold. He can move fast in short bursts. Unable to fit into standard Jefferies tubes.
  • Temperament: Years of fleet service and combat has made him blunt and to the point.
  • Habits: Has a tendency to ignore personal time and just work.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Theist


Nugra is known to be strict and to the point when it comes to on-duty work. In his younger years, he was a by the book leader, but over the years he has developed his own code of conduct that he follows. His subordinates know that he is strict, but fair not having to worry if the Gorn has their back.

Though after his death, subsequent resurrection, and 10 months undercover, Nugra has learned to soften his tone and is much more amiable than he once was.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Games
    • Chess, Poker,Stratego.
  • Sports
    • Sword Play, Martial Arts, Marksmanship.
  • Other
    • Cooking, Reading, Writing.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes
    • Loyalty
    • Food
    • The Godzilla Film series
  • Dislikes
    • Arrogance and ineptitude
    • Disloyalty
    • Cowardice
    • Cold
    • Spontaneity
    • Spelunking

Life & Relationships

Jalana Rajel

Though space and time have kept them apart, they have been close friends since meeting aboard the USS Apollo-A for Sundassa Faranfey's promotion party. The young Trill had impressed Nugra with not only her bravery to talk to him but the number of questions she had. Since then, they have talked to each other over subspace with Nugra giving her a Vss'Kot dagger in honor of her command of the USS Constitution-B and her gift of jestral tea.

Neo nugra 2.jpg

Talia Kaji

Having first met the Rodulan on the USS Doyle-A, Nugra became smitten with her and her quirky attitude. He has a crush on her which he would never admit...but he's pretty sure she knows.


  • Nugra received the Princess' Ruby in 2367 for winning the Imperial Vss'Nok competition. Rose to stardom among the Imperial Gorn.
  • Finding that his long lost friend Megan Parker was still alive after being thought dead.
  • Saving his crew from certain death at the hands of a powerful alien entity.


  • Failure to protect Captain Jordan Hurne when he mysteriously vanished from the USS Victory. He feels the failure to this day. The loss haunts him and the Gorn holds himself personally responsible for the failure.
  • Nugra was a horrible father to his daughter Iria, turning her into a killing machine in the battle of the singularity.
Family History Personal History
Mission History Award History

Starfleet Records & Assessments

Full Article: Nugra StarFleet Records
Official Documentation: Medical Record

The official Star Fleet Record of Nugra. Broken up between his first and second commissions in Star Fleet.

Professional Information

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238008.04
  • Serial Number: XS-223-746
  • Current Rank: Senior Commander
  • Current Assignment: GSN Dark Blade
  • Duty Post: Commanding Officer
Professional History
Insignia Rank Ship From To Position
Ensign GSN Great Hero 236805.01 236810.10 Security Officer
Gorn-Senior Ensign.jpg
Senior Ensign GSN Great Hero 236810.10 236912.13 Security Officer
Lieutenant GSN Great Hero 236912.13 237205.08 Chief of Security
Gorn-Senior Lieutenant.jpg
Senior Lieutenant Starbase G-2 237205.08 237709.02 Chief of Security
Ensign USS Victory 238008.04 238011.18 Security Officer
Lieutenant JG USS Victory 238011.18 238106.14 Security Officer
Lieutenant USS Victory 238106.14 238111.13 Chief Security Officer
Lt. Commander USS Victory 238111.13 238112.18 Chief Engineering Officer
Lt. Commander USS Columbia 238112.18 238208.05 Mission Specialist
Lt. Commander USS Victory 238208.05 238209.05 Mission Specialist
Lt. Commander USS Victory 238209.05 238210.17 Chief of Security & Tactical
Lt. Commander USS Independence 238210.17 238301.12 Mission Specialist
Lt. Commander USS Victory 238301.12 238302.10 First Officer
Gorn-Senior Commander.jpg
Senior Commander GSN Harbinger 238302.10 238401.12 First Officer
Gorn-Senior Master.jpg
Senior Master GSN Harbinger 238401.12 238509.17 Commanding Officer
Ensign Embassy of Duronis II 238909.24 238911.04 Security Officer
Lt. Commander Embassy of Duronis II 238911.04 239004.29 Chief of Security & Tactical
Lt. Commander Embassy of Duronis II 239004.29 239012.13 Deck Officer
Lt. Commander Embassy of Duronis II 239012.13 239104.30 First Officer
Lt. Commander Embassy of Duronis II 239104.30 239106.01 Chief of Intelligence
Commander USS Victory 239106.01 239111.27 Commanding Officer
Captain USS Victory 239111.27 239203.18 Commanding Officer
Captain USS Achilles 239203.18 239205.03 Commanding Officer
Captain USS Victory 239205.03 239207.15 Commanding Officer
Captain USS Columbia 239207.15 239211.15 Chief of Intelligence
Colonel USS Doyle-A 239211.15 239306.07 Marine Commanding Officer
Civilian SFI Special Assignment 239308.22 239407.15 Civilian
Ambassador USS Athena 239407.15 239410.08 Ambassador to Dryarian Confederation
Captain USS Gorkon 239410.11 239501.11 Taskforce Security Liaison
Gorn-Senior Commander.jpg
Senior Commander GSN Claws of Blood 239501.11 239504.06 Strategic Support Officer
Captain USS Gorkon 239504.06 239506.10 Taskforce Security Liaison
Captain Starfleet Academy, Trill 239506.10 239510.24 Academy Commandant
Gorn-Senior Commander.jpg
Senior Commander GSN Dark Blade 239510.24 239705.15 Commanding Officer
Gorn-Senior Commander.jpg
Senior Commander USS Constitution-B 239705.15 Present Intelligence Officer


  • 239705.15 - After encountering The Hunger while on Patrol, Nugra has begun his return to the Federation.
  • 239705.18 - Assigned to the USS Constitution-B as an intelligence officer through the Gorn exchange program.

Frequented Areas

Director's Office

Nugra at desk.png

Nugra's office is usually least decorated, but everything lined up in neat and perfect formation. When in his office with no major work to do, he'll go around and arrange the chairs so they are perfectly aligned with others and measure at the proper angle from other furniture in the room.

His discovery of the vacuum cleaner has lead to many hours sweeping every part of his office for that perfect clean.

Gedesh Estate

Purchased in 2391 to set up a place to retire to one day, the Gedesh Estate is a producer of Kuvo grapes and Laudean blue wine. Nugra does not get much of a time to visit it, but it is something he wants to do more often if he ever gets the chance.

Notable People


Nugra in command.jpg
  • Dave: Dave is a German shepherd originally owned by William Tindall until his departure from Starfleet. Holding an official rank of Lieutenant JG, Dave has become the personal bodyguard of the massive Gorn, following him wherever he goes.

Personal Contacts

As is Gorn tradition, Security Officers usually make some contacts with the underworld to be able to utilize their job better. Nugra is no exception as certain things can be overlooked for the well being of the Embassy and ship.

  • Sub-Commander Nivlek - Romulan, IRV Rhienn (Patrols along the Romulan/Laudean Border)
  • Colonel Tharus - A Tholian Commander who owes him a favor.
  • Sub-Commander Atlai N'Lee - Commanding officer of the Romulan Republic vessel RRV Mhr'Vaat.
  • Senior Lieutenant Esshka - Spec Ops Marine of the Gorn Hegemony.


118 Offline Cards

U.S.S. Victory
Intrepid class
Long-range science vessel. QSD. Expansive science equipment. Tends to get in battle. Recently underwent extensive refit in 2392.
Holodeck, Tractor Beam, Quantum Slipstream
8 7 8
Commanding Officer, USS Victory. Large, strict, and does not have a sense of humor.
  • Strong
  • Ill-tempered
  • Protective
  • Strict
8 6 10
Senior Master of the fleet of skulls. War scarred and angry, this Gorn is dangerous.
  • Strong
  • Scarred
  • Feral
  • Killer
2 9 10
Nugra gornspacenavy.png

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