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USS Columbia
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Commander
Species Ferengi
Gender Male
DOB 236011.11
Age 37
Birthplace Noi Village, Ferenginar
  • PNPCs:

Ensign J.B. Dakarai - Ara - Glutik

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(December 2014)

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Cmdr. Brek is a former diplomat and previous Commanding Officer of the USS Columbia. He retired from Starfleet in 2391.


  • Full name: Brek
  • Date of birth: 236111.11
  • PoB: Noi Village (Ferenginar)
  • Species: Ferengi
  • Gender: Male
  • Spouse: None
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 5' 1 (1m55)
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Skintone: Orange
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Carriage: Often walks with a definite sense of purpose in his step.
Memory From Ferenginar


  • Father: Vekkor
  • Mother: Idred
  • Siblings: Kreb (Brother)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Grand Mother: Ara (She is 90 years old, and lives on SB118)
--- Brek before he joined the Fleet ---




  • Well aware of his shortcoming as far as looks go, Brek compensates by making sure his uniform is always spotless and his hands perfectly manicured.
  • Brek's attitude depends whether he is on duty or not. While on duty, he is tense and follows protocols to a fault. However, when he is off duty, his Ferenginess takes over, and he will often be loud and bad mannered.
  • He has a slight speech impediment that crops up when he is upset. He then says things like: 'a nelephant' or a 'nerror' instead of the proper English way to pronounce those sorts of words.
  • Brek will eat virtually anything as long as it is edible.
  • He has, however, discovered a strong dislike for mustard and horseradish.
  • For breakfast he always has dry cereals. On those rare occasions where he feels that he has eaten too much, he restricts himself to eating yogurt.


------ Brek's Former Quarters on Starbase 118 ------
  • Quarters: Due to his tendency for hoarding, his quarters are often untidy.
  • Favorite Room: A large and quiet conference room, where he has all the space for himself.
  • Mannerisms: Brek often scratches his forearms when he finds himself in an uncomfortable situation. He also grins in an uncertain way when he realizes that his interlocutors aren't being entirely honest with him.
  • Spiritual Devotion: He believes that the purpose of life is to amass as much material possessions as one can.
  • Likes: He likes food, especially when it's a delicacy he has never tried before. He favors meals with fish and apple pies.
  • Dislikes: He dislikes violence, and he believes that every problem can be solved with latinum.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To gain respect from his own people and prove to them that Starfleet is a viable option to become wealthy and respected.
  • Achievements in Life: The fact that for almost two years, as a CDO, he was in charge of the Diplomatic Tower on SB118.
  • Disappointments in Life: That his own people often think that he is either a fool or a coward for being a diplomat.
  • Temperament: He is usually easygoing and extrovert, but at the sign of danger he often becomes anxious (unless there is some latinum to be made on the side.).

Personal History

----------------------------------- Latinum -----------------------------------
  • He was born on Ferenginar to a family that has acquired its wealth selling Ferengi memorabilia to tourists and expats (reputed to be attracted to anything that glitters like gold).
  • He was educated at the Korpa boarding school for young entrepreneurs, where he stayed between age 3 to 18.
  • Following this long spell away from his native village, he felt estranged from his relatives and decided to leave Ferenginar altogether.
  • After a few years, where he erred here and there, working for various mining operators, he developed a passion for geology and, aged 24, entered Starfleet Academy.
  • Prior to joining Starfleet Academy, he also spent some time on Risa, where he lost an inordinate amount of money in their casinos.
  • Unfortunately, Brek wasn't really up to his father's standards and it is said among the family circle, that out of spite, he abandoned Ferenginar for StarFleet.
  • He now receives little news from his parents, and expects that Kreb, his younger brother, will one day inherit the family's financial empire. He used to feel bitter because of this, but now he thoroughly enjoys the freedom and sense of discovery that StarFleet has given him.
  • He is not entirely free of his family though: His 90 year old grandmother, Ara, lives on Starbase 118 and has a knack for disrupting his life. She likes to call him 'Little Beetle' when she has something to ask him, and 'Snout Beetle' when she is unhappy with him.
  • While studying at the Academy, Brek formed a long-lasting friendship with Montague Eickleberger, a diplomatic student who was specializing in Cardassian relations. To this day, they continue to have their long discussions on everything diplomatic.


  • Brek's quarters seldom remain uncluttered, as he tends to buy a lot of items which he hopes to sell later on.
  • For this reason, he rarely invites anyone to his place. He favors books, any kind of paraphernalia, painting and rare curios.
  • He once referred to his quarters as a 'cabinet of curiosity'.
  • Soon after his transfer to the USS Excalibur, he bought a copy of the famous Terran painting called : 'The Slave Ship' by William Turner.
  • This Terran painting is exhibited in his bedroom. It is the one and only thing which, so far, he has bought for himself.
  • It is in his quarters that Brek also keeps Alice, his pet spider.

- Brek's Quarters -

---------------------- The Slave Ship (William Turner) ----------------------

Professional History

  • 2378 to 2384: worked in various mining operations in the Alpha Quadrant
  • 2384: Entered Starfleet Academy as a science cadet. Performed poorly and was advised to change his path. He opted for a career in diplomacy. (Specialization: Conflict Resolution and Inter-species Relations)
  • 238807.05: Upon graduation from the Academy, he was transferred to SB118 to serve as a Diplomatic Aid (Rank: Ensign)
  • 238810.04: Promoted to Lt (jg) and Vice-Counselor
  • 238901.31: Promoted to Lt and Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • 238908.18: Promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
  • 2390.08: Transferred to USS Excalibur A
  • 2391.01.11: Appointed Second Officer
  • 2391.07.14: Transferred to USS Columbia, where he served as First Officer
  • 2392.07.15: Promoted to Cmdr.

  • As a diplomat, he used to work alongside his Aide : Ensign Jean Baptiste Dakarai (pnpc), an Ivory Coast native whose first language is French, and Ensign Gemma Irvine (pnpc), his secretary.
  • He started his diplomatic career working on the formation of the Thracian Alliance, and to this day, remains dedicated to the Thracian/Romulan cause.

Starfleet ID Card-Brek.png

Hobbies & Pastimes

------ Alice (Brek's Acamarian pet spider) -----
  • He keeps a close eye on the financial market of the Trinity Sector, to follow the numerous shares he has acquired over the years.
  • Ever since his years at the Academy, he has developed a strong liking for Earth food, and can often be found in lounges and mess halls, eating copious meals.
  • He also has a keen interest in Terran literature, reading classic authors such as Shakespeare, W. S. Maugham and Stevenson.
  • During his tribulations in SB 118's Diplomatic Tower, he adopted an Acamarian spider called Alice. She is red and black and is as large as a man's hand.

General Notes

  • Although his relatives consider him to be a drop-out, Brek's utmost goal is to prove them wrong and, ultimately, create his own financial empire. In the meantime, he is 100% dedicated to his career within the Fleet.
  • Most Ferengis tends to think that he lives like a human, yet Brek still leads a rather secluded life, where objects often have more importance than people.

Awards & Service Ribbons

Year Award Image Posting
2388 Genesis Badge Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2388 Nebula Bar Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2388 Peace Keeper (Ribbon) Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2388 Bajoran Campaign (Ribbon) Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2388 Life Saving (Ribon) Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2389 TOSMA Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2389 Klingon Invasion (Ribbon) KlingonInvasion.jpg Starbase 118
2389 Joint Meritorious Unit (Ribbon) Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg Starbase 118
2389 Legion of Merit (Ribbon) Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg USS Excalibur-A
2390 Silver Palm Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg USS Excalibur-A
2390 Gateway (Ribbon) Gateway.jpg USS Excalibur-A
2390 Lwaxana Troi Medallion Awards DutyPost Lwaxana Troi MedallionAward 2013.jpg USS Excalibur-A
2391 Explorer's Ribbon (1) Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg USS Excalibur-A
2391 First Contact Ribbon Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg USS Excalibur-A
2391 Diplomacy Ribbon (1) Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg USS Columbia
2391 Neelix Award Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg USS Columbia
2392 Prometheus Ribbon Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg USS Columbia
----------------------------------------------- Brek's Favorite Quotes ----------------------------------------------

(1) Ribbon also received in 2391 on the USS Columbia

Mission History

Missions on Starbase 118
Missions on the U.S.S. Excalibur-A (Cont.)

Brek's very first assignment sees him working on Station 118, where a group of terrorists has planted multiple bombs. He nonetheless carried on with his normal tasks, and monitored a commercial transaction between various species, only to discover that one of them is a terrorist.

Later on, during the attacks, he witnessed the death of Commander Guy Hunt, who sacrificed his life to protect his colleagues.

At the beginning of his career he worked under the guidance of Federation Ambassador Frazier and met with the mysterious Mr Sen, an intel agent who gave him an insight into the dark world of secret operations.

During this mission he took part in the negotiations that established the legitimacy of the Thracian Alliance and encountered Senator Vreeya for the first time.

While on the resort planet, he spent his time exploring the main island; bought various antiques and had a go at metal detecting.

This time SB118 became the target of a secretive Romulan faction called the Reikara. With the help of the Security Department, he tried to discover if there were any Romulan conspirators among the Diplomats posted on the Starbase.

He also Worked alongside Ambassador Lily Ventu to continue to promote a strong and independent Thracian Alliance, and he encountered Commander Kital Creena for the first time.

In order to keep the various Embassies at peace, Brek had to confront a group of disruptive Nausicaans. He also rescued a pet spider which had escaped from its vivarium.

Following the invasion of several ‘Shadows’ who took hold of most of the senior crew, Brek and Counsellor Valyn monitored Freo, one of the two survivors from the USS Calgary.

During the conflict that opposed a fleet of Klingons rogues to the Thracian Alliance, Brek, along with Ambassador Gavin MacLaren, played a role in the signing of the Thracian protectorate.

While the Dragons were attacking the Columbia, Brek remained prudently away from the action. However, no sooner had he reached the safety of the Bridge that he was enrolled into a team on its way to confront one of those giant beasts. He didn't fare too well and discovered that in the face of danger, he was quite incapable of acting rationally.

He behaved better later when, along with Ensign Nevarass and Lt Commander Breeman, he tried to communicate with Puncdor. (A juvenile dragon which had the ability to speak.)

On arrival at the Odyssey Station, Brek soon realized that the fates of Anya and Cmdr Cody were in the hands of the Greeters, as they had absolute control over their Station. Thankfully for the crew, those superior beings accepted to return the two missing Starfleet members without creating further problems.

This long journey to a different galaxy has affected Brek deeply, and it took him some time to cast away the sense of dread that had prevailed while they were on Odyssey Station.

With the help of Ambassador MacLaren, Brek tried to locate the missing drug called Vitali 7. This proved to be a delicate affair when he discovered that his grandmother had a financial interest in that drug.

Later, with the arrival of Commodore t'Lweii, Brek contacted Senator Vreeya to get some information about the plague that was devastating several Romulan colonies. What she revealed about the state of the Romulan Empire led him to rethink his position as a diplomat on 118.

Missions on the U.S.S. Excalibur-A

Brek was one of the crewmembers who accompanied Captain Nicholotti to the surface of Agurtha. There, he discovered that Acting Director Pondahk had political ambitions, so he presented him to Commodore T'lweii and Senator Vreeya, as the best chance for Agurtha's future.

This was Brek's very first visit to a Romulan planet, and he will not keep fond memories of the few hours he spent there. Although he wore a protection suit, the constant fear of catching the Agurtha plague had a serious impact on his constitution. This concern reached a peak when the Tal Shiar made an attempt on Pondahk's life, while Brek was in the director's office.

On his return to the USS Excalibur, Brek continued to liaise between the Romulan dignitaries to ensure that all parties would work peacefully together. Once a solution to the plague had been found, Brek went to sickbay to prompt the doctors to put everything in place to manufacture the serum as quickly as possible.

While interacting with Dr Skyfire, Brek decided to name this serum the Skyfire Cure.

During the shoreleave that preceded the mission, Brek, (following Silveira's instructions), went to 118 to buy masses of food for a party that would take place in a holodeck. This party was designed by Ensign Laveaux, and included mischievous fairies.

During the drills that followed, Brek worked with Intel and Dr Skyfire to try to unmask (without success) two saboteurs. Those had been chosen among the crew by Captain Nicholotti.

Brek has his work cut out for him when the Excalibur comes across a station called Erscyne, which is inhabited by three species who believe strongly in isolationism. While trying to propose a diplomatic solution to them, he is affected by several hallucinations that remind him how much he dislikes Ferenginar.

During the course of this mission, Captain Nicholotti sacrificed her life to protect both her crew and Erscyne station from being engulfed by another dimension. While he was still recovering from this loss, Brek took part in Vitor Silveira's court martial, acting as the defense.

------------------- Brek's Office - USS Excalibur-A -------------------

Missions on the U.S.S. Columbia

  • 239107.17-239109.10: "Things We May Find"

Soon after his transfer to the Columbia, Brek led his first away team on a supposedly deserted Romulan planet called Avronis. A sudden attack by the Tal Shiar resulted in a prompt evacuation of the team and the killing of an alien of unknown origin.

  • 239109.22 - 239112-24: "Settle For Less"

While the Columbia was transporting 170+ colonists to Pernipia Gamma Four, a planet which Starfleet is eager to colonize, the crew was confronted to the nefarious plans of Robert Carson and his henchman Gerard.

Thankfully Brek was sent to planet Pernipia. There he led a rather uneventful away team, spiced up by the finding of a colony of spiders and a rather bumbling Pakled, sent by Carson's allies to map the Kelbonite deposits.

During the shoreleave that followed, Brek spent his time on SB 118. While he was there, making a few business deals, he discovered that Fleet Captain Nicholotti had returned from the 'void' which had taken her the previous year. Despite the fact tat she had no memory of her previous life, he went to see her at one of the Starbase the Docking Bay.

  • 239202.10 - 239204.24: "Between the Rock and a Hard Place" (2015 Fleet Wide Mission - Phase 1)

While in the midst of a training exercise, Commodore Heather Westhaven requested the USS Columbia, to investigate incidences of computer and robot malfunctions on Outpost Alpha on Piktar II.

While the Captain was receiving a group of Ferengis in the Columbia's diplomatic lounge, Brek led an away team on Outpost Alpha. It was there that, for the first time in his life he fired on someone: Scientist T'Sai who was menacing to destroy the whole Piktar system.

  • 239205.08 - 239207-21: "Paved with Good Intentions"

Columbia returned to Avronis V where they were once again confronted to the planet's heavy pollution. After a first contact with what appeared to be an Iconian, Brek solicited the help of Flynn, Tatash, and Stennes to conjure up the best plan to destroy the Iconian gate located on Avronis.

  • 239208.05 - 239209-20: "Force of Nature" *

On the fringe of Operation 'Knife Point' being launched by the Fleet, the USS Columbia is sent to Hemix, a mostly barren planet in the Skalur expanse (near the Zelia Gatis region), for a scientific and observation mission.

There, the away teams met with a dangerous spirit that controlled insects and a giant dog-like creature from the 4th dimension. They also encountered a group of pirates led by a Bolian woman called Chennel, who captured Kelly, Ezo, Nugra (who had turned feral) and Whittaker, whom she tortured.

Later, the 4th dimension creature attacked the pirates' ship, whose crew and hostages were rescued in extremis by Columbia.

On Columbia, Brek became the target of a changelling and Sicarian agent called Que. Thankfully Tribune Shiarrael diverted the attack. While the crew was chasing the assassin, Breeman found a way to get away from the 4th dimension, which continued to grow on the Hemix.

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