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USS Veritas
Wil Ukinix
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Human (three-quarters)/Betazoid (one-quarter)
Gender Male
DOB 237010.15
Age 25
Birthplace Fremantle, Australia, Earth

Lieutenant JG Wil Ukinix is currently serving as an Engineering Officer aboard the (USS Veritas).


  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Deep Blue
  • Build: Athletic



Wil's grandfather, Astrad Ukinix, had a falling out with his parents and became disillusioned with Betazoid culture and religion. He also hated his telepathic and empathic abilities.

Astrad left Betazed to start a new life. He ended up on Earth working in wineries in France, where he met Wil's grandmother, Hayley, an Australian studying viticulture in France. Hayley and Astrad eventually married, and moved to Australia to run a winery in relatively insular community that at the time was resentful of the Federation, which suited Astrad. Astrad and Hayley had two children - Sally (female) and Anacem (male - Wil's father).

Anacem studied Oenology, becoming a wine maker. Whilst in Fremantle on the night before a wine maker’s conference, Anacem met his future wife, Stacey Ukinix. Stacey was born in Melbourne, Australia but moved to Fremantle after she joined Starfleet as a tactical officer. Stacey and Anacem married quickly after their first meeting, and soon after had their first and only child, Wil.

Wil’s home has always been Fremantle, but he went to school in Sydney, Auckland, and Beijing. He is very close to his mother Stacey, and from a young age wanted to join Starfleet to be like his Mother. Throughout his life, he spent much of his time pulling apart and putting back together all manner of technology and reverse engineering software systems, which is how he came to have a technical mind. He also spent a lot of time at his grandparent’s winery - he has a great relationship with them, especially with Astrad.

Before joining Starfleet Academy, Wil took a "gap year" (that ended up being almost two years), which is why he was slightly older than other cadets.

Betazoid Ancestory

Wil has never been to Betazed. However, unlike his half Betazoid father, Wil had an interest in Betazed and Betazoid Culture throughout his childhood years. Wil saw Astrad as his kindred connection to Betazed, and Astrad suggested that maybe Wil could connect with Betazoids better than he himself ever did. However, after his onset of his strong empathic abilities, Wil became less curious about his Betazoid heritage, and much more focused on being human.

Being only one-quarter Betazoid, Wil looks human, and does not have black irises like his father or grandfather. While he knows that his being one-quarter Betazoid is on his personnel file, he is happy for people to think he is human. He does not bring up his Betazoid heritage, unless prompted.

Whilst on shoreleave and visiting his family on Earth, Sky Blake, whilst visiting Betazed, informed Wil of some gossip she had heard about the Ukinix name from Rivi Vataix[1][2]. Wil confronted Astrad about the gossip, causing him to discover that Astrad was originally named "Astradem", and was a noble of the Ninth House of Betazed - which Astrad had kept secret since his move to Earth[3].

Inherited Empathic Abilities

There was nothing special or extraordinary about Wil's upbringing - until his teenage years. At age 16, Wil (like his grandfather) developed strong empathic abilities, which Wil struggled with, affecting his education. He received counselling from several Earth stationed Betazoids to help him cope, with limited success.

Just after he turned 17, his worried mother Stacey asked T'Rav, a fellow Starfleet officer from Vulcan who was temporarily stationed on Earth, to counsel him. Wil received several counselling sessions from T'Rav, which helped him immensely.

Wil considers the empathic part of his heritage as a burden, but has grown accustomed to it as "just being there". Given his human appearance, having empathic abilities is something he keeps to himself and only discusses with close friends and family.

His empathic abilities can cause some nervousness in Wil, and he is not sure the human part of him is equipped to deal with it - even after his extensive counselling in his late teens, and no medical evidence to support his theory.

Wil has no telepathic abilities.



While marooned on Limbo, Wil got to know G'var and became good friends with her on Purplewhitehaven beach. Their professional and personal relationship blossomed in the next few months - G'var, being a Klingon, intrigued Wil - and scared him just as much. After G'var lost her arm fighting a native predator of Limbo, Wil wondered if she was a "reckless Klingon", which made him question whether he should get involved with her. When he visited afterwards to check on her well-being, their friendship became romantic after Wil realised she wasn't reckless after all - she was a junior and inexperienced officer as much as he was.

Geoffrey Teller

Geoffrey Teller has been Wil's Chief of Engineering since joining the USS Veritas. Even though both of them were Ensigns when Wil first joined, Wil greatly respected Geoffrey's position as his Chief, and relied on his leadership. Wil cemented his friendship with Geoffrey while marooned on Limbo, and was proud of him when he got promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. While Wil jokes about Geoffrey's love for sea shanties as much as the other Veritas crew members do, Wil enjoys hearing Geoffrey sing them, because he knows it means Geoffrey's in a good mood. Wil does however also find it amusing when Teller is in a grumpy mood, and enjoys being cheeky towards him to cheer him up.

Niccolò del Vedova

While Wil was aware of Niccolò del Vedova, it wasn't until after 119 days on marooned Limbo that Wil finally met Del. When Wil realised that Del was also from Australia, Wil felt as though part of his home was with him, even though he was literally light years from Earth.

Music Interests

When he was 16, one of the Betazoid counsellors had told him to try to appreciate the emotions expressed in art. Ultimately, he discovered music of his native Earth of the mid-20th to early 21st century.[4] Not only was he surprised there was so much of it and of many different genres he'd never heard of, he also found a lot of it conveyed raw emotions. At first, he thought most of the music of that time was poor quality, but he kept going back to it - and eventually acquired a taste for a lot of it.

Over the years since his late teens, Wil amassed an eclectic collection of songs that he liked. When leaving Earth to start his first Starfleet assignment on the USS Veritas, he took a copy of his collection on a PADD that he "acquired" from the Academy. Those songs were transferred to his personal storage space on the ship's computer. Whenever he is working in a Jeffries tube (especially on his own), he usually plays a song from his collection through a PADD, to break the silence.

Events that occur to Wil after he graduated from Starfleet Academy remind him of specific songs for various reasons. Since joining the Veritas, Wil has found himself singing more than he ever did before in his life.


Wil has a wicked, cheeky sense of humour. He likes to make fun in most situations, in a fun and friendly type of way. If there is an intense situation where people around him are feeling strong emotions, it can affect him by making him grumpy.


Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239511.13 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering Officer
Ensign 239511.16 - 239603.06 USS Veritas Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG 239603.06 - (currently serving) USS Veritas Engineering Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239511.13
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239603.06
USS Veritas
"For actions related to the scuttling of the USS Artemis"
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239603.06
USS Veritas
"For developing a plan to escape temporal confinement"
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239603.06
USS Veritas
"For time spent in the Shoals and on the planet Limbo"
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg
Extended Service Ribbon 239603.06
USS Veritas
"For atypical and arduous time served while on the planet Limbo"
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239603.06
USS Veritas
"For actions which prevented the escalation of armed conflict with the Tholian Assembly"
Tholian Campaign Ribbon.png
Tholian Campaign Ribbon 239603.06
USS Veritas
"For actions involving the military forces of the Tholian Assembly"

Mission History

Mission History
Mission Stardate Synopsis Songs
FlashPoint 239511-239512 After the Tholians destroy Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor, the crews of the USS Veritas and USS Montreal must prevent all-out war from breaking out between the Federation and the Tholians over a Starfleet cargo vessel left adrift in Tholian territory carrying classified equipment. [Flashpoint]
Limbo 239512-239601 When sabotage hits the USS Veritas, the crew is forced to abandon ship and seek refuge on an uninhabited moon. [Limbo]
Dawn 239601-239602 Four months since being stranded on an M-class moon, the Veritas crew embark on a bold plan to get back to their ship and rescue themselves. [Dawn]
Home 239602 While Veritas is repaired, the crew returns home, some to families and loved ones while others fight to be reunited with theirs. [Home]
Sentinel 239603-Present With tensions still high after the destruction of Astrofori One, Veritas is sent back to the Menthar Corridor to investigate the sudden disappearance of a Tholian fleet. [Sentinel]

Current Ship's Roster

NPC Listing   ·   USS Veritas Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commanding Ofc.
Roshanara Rahman
First Officer
Evan Delano
Ship's Counselor
Jansen Orrey
Chief Medical Ofc.
Niccolò del Vedova
Addison MacKenzie.jpg
Medical Officer
Addison MacKenzie
Science Officer
Raissa Moonsong
Science Officer
Nabihah El Sayid
Geoffrey Teller.png
Chief Engineer
Geoffrey Teller
Wil Ukinix
Charlena Vanlith
Marcus Dickens.jpg
Chief of Security
Security Ofc.
Security Ofc.
Andy Monroe
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