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“This I'll Defend”

-Clan MacFarlane Motto

Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Tasha MacFarlane


Full name: Tasha Gwyn MacFarlane

Race: Terran

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland, Earth

Date of Birth: 236906.01

Age: 27

Gender: Female


Height: 1.72m (5'8")

Hair colour: Brown

Hair length: Longish (hanging down to just below shoulder blades)

Eye colour: Brown

Skin tone: Pale

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Voice: Soft voice with strong Scottish accent

Tattoos/Scars: Although it is not visible, Tasha's left arm is a prosthetic from just below the elbow down.


Tasha is often described as overly energetic or hyperactive and is a big child at heart. She finds everything amazing and almost always has a smile on her face. If somebody tries to challenge Tasha's view on something she will staunchly defend her view, often to a ridiculous extent. Tasha doesn't get angry very easily but when she does she usually resorts to yelling and name calling. When she gets nervous Tasha tends to start blathering.


On Duty: Standard Starfleet uniform, with a belt holding an array of pouches and tools.

Off Duty: Tasha prefers to wear comfortable, loose shirts and trousers. She is not very fond of skirts or dresses, and only wears them on formal occasions. Although she will often be seen wearing a kilt, a kilt is not a skirt and those people who have tried to tell Tasha otherwise were very sorry later.


  • Tinkering: Tasha is always working on something mechanical in her spare time.
  • Music: Tasha plays the traditional Scottish Bagpipes. This led to more than one argument at the academy when she tried to practice and some people didn't like the noise.
  • Model Making: Tasha has a large collection of model Starships that she has modified to be flown with a remote control.
  • Painting: While she doesn't paint as much as she would like to, Tasha finds it to be a very soothing past time, and a channel for her creative side.


  • Cooking: Tasha is a pretty good cook and isn't a fan of replicating meals.
  • Old Style Weapons: Tasha's father is a very traditional man and thought his daughter should learn what he called the "essential old skills" including how to wield a sword. Tasha enjoyed this and one of her most prized possessions is an old Scottish Claymore.
  • Scotland: Tasha is VERY patriotic.
  • Unicorns: Just don't question it.


  • McFarlane:There is a clear difference between MacFarlane and McFarlane, Tasha gets irritated with people who can't get it right.
  • Hemophobia: When Tasha sees blood, hers or someone else's, she will freak out. If the blood is not hers she will feel nauseous and begin to panic for the injured person. If it is only a small amounts she generally won’t panic. However, if the blood is hers, no matter how much there is she will panic, usually coupled with vomiting, passing out, or both. The more blood there is in this situation, the more extreme her panic attack will be.
  • Hypoastrophobia: Fear of Subspace. Due to incidents on a couple of missions Tasha has begun to develop a phobia of subspace anomalies.


Spark, Tasha's Kitten

Immediate Family:

Father: Robert MacFarlane

Mother: Natalie MacFarlane

Siblings: Nicholas MacFarlane

Further Family:

Uncle: Julian MacFarlane

Aunt: Emma MacFarlane

Her Father Robert MacFarlane worked as a teacher at a primary school before the Dominion war. After the war he began teaching applied physics at a high school.
Her Mother Natalie MacFarlane is a holonovelist.
Her Uncle and Aunt, Julian and Emma MacFarlane, both live on Mars and work at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Pets: Spark, Kitten

Friends and Replationships

Name Status Description
Quinn Reynolds
Friend and Commanding Officer The first person that Tasha met when coming aboard the USS Gorkon. Coincidentally, also her commanding officer. At first Tasha was nervous about serving under such an experienced officer. Tasha has come to respect Quinn very strongly and would follow her to the end of the universe and back. She has also come to consider Quinn as a friend.
Ayiana Sevo
Friend and XO Chief Science Officer when Tasha first met her aboard the USS Gorkon. Ayiana is now the First Officer. Tasha was wary of the Trill woman at first, but very quickly came call her a friend.
Cory Stoyer
Friend and Department Head Chief Engineer and Tasha's department head aboard the USS Gorkon. Tasha respects Cory and enjoys spending time with the Chief.
Petra Bjarnadottir-Stoyer
Friend The wife of Cory Stoyer and another person that Tasha considers a friend.
Jocelyn 'Jo' Marshall
Friend Tasha gets along very well with Jo. She loves her ability to find the humor of any situation.
Groznin Smith
Friend Tasha first met Groznin through his adoptive Klingon son Jang, whom she was teaching to use the Bat'leth. She was part of an away team with him on Sikuna and considers him a friend.


Tasha MacFarlane was born on Stardate 236906.01 to Robert and Natalie MacFarlane. There is a history of Engineers in Tasha’s family with bother her father and uncle being excellent ones. When she was 4 years old her father joined Starfleet as an enlisted engineer to help fight in the Dominion war. Roughly 14 months later they received a report stating that her fathers ship had been destroyed and all hands were assumed lost. It came as a shock when shortly after the war Robert returned home having spent time as a prisoner of war among the Dominion. Upon his return he took up a job as a Physics teacher at a local school and much of what he taught there rubbed off on Tasha at home, leading to, among other incidents, Tasha burning down half their house trying to take apart their food replicator to see how it worked. Later that year on Stardate 237609.17 her parents had a second child, a boy they named Nicholas. Tasha loved her brother and despite the difference in their ages they were very close growing up. When Tasha was 11 her school held a science and technology fair. Tasha entered the competition with a scale model of the famous USS Enterprise-A, complete with working engines, allowing her to fly it with a remote control, and working phaser banks, low powered as to not accidentally hurt someone. She won the competition. At school from this point Tasha began to take subjects that allowed her to hone her budding engineering skills. Upon leaving school at 18 she moved to Mars and joined her aunt and uncle working at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as an assistant engineer. She worked there for a year and a half before her uncle urged her to join Starfleet as he believed she was wasting her talents. She applied to the academy and was accepted very quickly. At the academy she majored in Engineering and decided to minor in Helm and Navigation. Tasha aced all her Engineering courses and did well in her other courses. On Stardate 239311.22 she completed her training cruise and was assigned to the USS Gorkon.


Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png
Cadet First Class 239311.22 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineer
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239311.23 - 239504.01 USS Gorkon Engineer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant JG 239504.01 - 239508.11
DS9style-lt gold.png
Lieutenant 239508.11 - 239511.25 Assistant Chief Engineer
DS9style-lt gold.png
Lieutenant 239511.25 - Present Chief Engineer


USS Gorkon

USS Gorkon-logo.png Sovereign-scale.png
USS GorkonSovereign class

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Stardate: 239311.23 - 239312.25

Old Hatreds - Stardate: 239402.25 - 239404.10

The Silver Function - Stardate: 239405.17 - 239407.12

The Devil's Expanse - Stardate: 239409.18 - 239411.01

- During this Mission Tasha was absorbed and trapped by one of the shape shifting creatures that came to be know as the Seraphim. She was eventually released in a prisoner exchange, but suffered from nightmares for weeks afterwards

Telutho'kai - Stardate: 239412.28 - 239502.12

- During this Mission Tasha had her left hand brutally torn off by a creature from a subspace dimension. She went into severe shock and had to be taken back to the Gorkon to be treated. She is currently working on getting a Prosthetic replacement.


Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Orion Syndicate Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DepartmentChief.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, 239304.10
Starfleet Academy: Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
  • Orion Syndicate Service Medal, 239310.12, 239504.01 (2nd Citation), 239607.25 (3rd Citation)
239310.12: Reynolds: In recognition that the Orion Syndicate is once again a serious and credible threat to the safety and security of Federation citizens, Starfleet has authorised the creation of new service ribbons to honour those who combat their criminal activities. ::She paused.:: The Gorkon crew is thereby awarded the War of Shadows Ribbon, and the Orion Syndicate Ribbon.
239504.01: Reynolds: I do have some service ribbons to award. First, due to the presence of the Syndicate aboard the station, everyone on the away teams is awarded the Orion Syndicate Service Medal. It's unfortunate that we keep running into them, but you all did yourselves proud.
239607.25: Reynolds: I hope you'll forgive me for presenting this one out in the crowds; there's a few too many of us to all get up on stage. As many of you are all too painfully aware, after years in the shadows, the Orion Syndicate has once again risen to be one of the most prominent threats against the safety and security of the Federation and its citizens. And so myself, Lieutenant Commanders Marshall, Sevo and Nkai; Lieutenants Adea, Stoyer, MacFarlane and L'rann; Lieutenants Junior Grade Neathler, Smith, Xerix, Fortune, Sevo, Marshall and Sienelis; Ensigns Cayne, Tereen, Namura, Keretene and Namura, Petty Officer First Class Johns and Crewman First Class Roshier Jackson are all awarded the Orion Syndicate Service Medal for our contributions to the ongoing efforts to combat them.
  • War of Shadows Ribbon, 239310.12
239310.12: Reynolds: In recognition that the Orion Syndicate is once again a serious and credible threat to the safety and security of Federation citizens, Starfleet has authorised the creation of new service ribbons to honour those who combat their criminal activities. ::She paused.:: The Gorkon crew is thereby awarded the War of Shadows Ribbon, and the Orion Syndicate Ribbon.
  • Captain's Commendation, 239409.10, 239604.27 (2nd Citation)
239409.10: Reynolds: The bomb itself was not a solo device, but had a partner that had not been detonated. The risk to life was extreme, and it was through the actions of two officers that the bomb was safely defused with no additional injuries. Lieutenant Commander Alerta Millis and Ensign Tasha MacFarlane displayed incredible grace under pressure, performing their duties in an exemplary fashion. For this reason, I am proud to award them the Captain's Commendation.
239604.27: Reynolds: I'm sure that you all remember hearing the warnings of a warp core breach early in the accident. It was thanks to the actions of Lieutenant Commander Vondaryan, Lieutenant MacFarlane and Lieutenants Neathler and Smith that event was avoided, and so I'm pleased to recognise their skills and teamwork with a Captain's Commendation.
  • Explorer’s Ribbon, 239409.10, 239412.14 (2nd Citation), 239604.27 (3rd Citation)
239409.10: Reynolds: Our mission to Leutra IV was one of science and investigation, but I cannot imagine that any of us could have anticipated the wonder and secrets that the planet held below its surface. For bringing these mysteries to light for further investigation, and for ensuring a peaceful first encounter with the sentient inhabitants of the planet, Starfleet awards the Explorer's Ribbon and the First Contact ribbon to the whole crew of the USS Gorkon.
239412.14:Reynolds: I'm going to keep this short, and a little informal. We had a hell of a time in the Roman Expanse, but I did come out of it reminded how fortunate I am to work with such remarkable people; clever, brave and dedicated. Starfleet's way of thanking people for going above and beyond is in the form of service ribbons, so I have a few to award tonight. ::She paused to gather her thoughts, recalling list of ribbons she had to award.:: First of all, we made some incredible discoveries during our time inside the Expanse. We met two new species, and brought information back from the heart of the nebula that I'm sure scientists will be pouring over for years. So I'm pleased to announce that everyone will be receiving the Explorer's Ribbon.
239604.27:Reynolds: While it caused considerable strife, the nebula was nonetheless a remarkable discovery, and one that scientists will be researching for a long time to come. Starfleet would like to recognise our findings with the Explorer's Ribbon, to all crew who were present.
  • First Contact Ribbon, 239409.10
239409.10: Reynolds: Our mission to Leutra IV was one of science and investigation, but I cannot imagine that any of us could have anticipated the wonder and secrets that the planet held below its surface. For bringing these mysteries to light for further investigation, and for ensuring a peaceful first encounter with the sentient inhabitants of the planet, Starfleet awards the Explorer's Ribbon and the First Contact ribbon to the whole crew of the USS Gorkon.
  • Prisoner of War Ribbon, 239412.14, 239601.28 (2nd Citation)
239412.14: Reynolds: Regrettably, in missions where there are citations for gallantry, there are often people who've suffered harm in the line of duty. Ensign Burke, Petty Officer Liss; Starfleet honours your service and sacrifice with a Purple Heart. Ensign MacFarlane, we honour you with the Prisoner of War ribbon.
23601.28: Reynolds: I'm sorry for interrupting the dancing. I have a few presentations and announcements to make, and then I'll let you all get back to your evening. ::She paused, and then ploughed ahead.:: First, I have some service ribbons to present as a result of our encounter with Lladre. All Starfleet crew are to receive the Prisoner of War ribbon; though it was through some very unusual means, we were all held captive while she tried to accomplish her goals.
  • Innovation Ribbon 239504.01
239504.01: Reynolds: A number of individuals also showed just how brilliant Starfleet officers can be, using their brains, rather their brawn, to bring about the successful rescue of the Starbase's population. Ensign Sienelis, I'm pleased to award you the Captain's Commendation. Ensign MacFarlane and… uh… ::she flushed a little pink, unable to quite hide her embarrassment,:: ...myself… are awarded the Innovation Ribbon for the clever application of technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
  • Purple Heart, 239504.01, 239604.27 (2nd Citation)
239504.01:Reynolds: Unfortunately, the danger of the mission did mean that there were injuries. Ensigns MacFarlane, Burke and Sienelis, Starfleet honours your bravery and sacrifice by awarding you the Purple Heart.
239604.27: Reynolds: The nature of the incident aboard the Njörðr means that we all suffered injuries that saw us under the care of the Yarahla's doctors. As such, everyone here is the recipient of a Purple Heart. ::She paused, glancing toward Marshall.:: Commander, if you would?
  • Good Conduct Ribbon, 239508.11
239508.11: Reynolds: Lieutenant Commander Reynolds, Lieutenant Junior Grades Marshall and MacFarlane, Ensigns Smith and Lanta, you too showed honour and valour in the line of duty, supporting Lieutenant zh'Aella's team in securing the warbird's bridge. As such, we present you with the Good Conduct Ribbon in recognition of your actions that day.
  • Department Chief Ribbon, 239607.25
239607.25: Marshall: In recognition and reward for individuals who have sustained, organised and run a department with ruthless and maniacal efficiency, ::her eyebrows flit upwards to show where the joke was,:: Starfleet marks this incredibly significant milestone achievement with the Department Chief Ribbon. Lieutenant Commander Reynolds and Lieutenant MacFarlane, please step up.
  • Legion of Merit, 239607.25
239607.25: Marshall: Deep within the Kamarov Corridor, those officers who remained on board had the daring and dangerous task of convincing an Orion Syndicate captain to defect to the Federation. Not only did they pull this off with remarkable tenacity, but also managed to do so without incurring the loss of life during the warp breach. For this, the Legion of Merit is awarded for distinguished meritorious conduct and achievement. Rear Admiral Reynolds, Lieutenants MacFarlane and Xerix, and Petty Officer Johns, please assume the position.


Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg
  • Nelix Award, 239506.25
239506.25: This person's presence on Discord isn't just an excuse to hop aboard the (two hour!) pun train. The nominations spoke of their willingness to help other simmers, offering advice and feedback on ideas and prose, and being an inspiration and all round ray of sunshine to anyone they chat with. A delight to chat with, fun to brainstorm with, and a joy to write with, Tasha MacFarlane more than deserving of an award that recognises out-of-character devotion to simming.
Congratulations, Tasha! I'm so happy to present you with the Neelix Award.
  • Scotty Cross, 239506.25
239506.25: Like the Q Award, the Scotty Cross recognises creativity in simming -- this time in resolving plot dilemmas. More than once, I've had a smile put on my face by the methods Tasha MacFarlane conjures up (or switches off, in one particular example!) in order to solve a problem, and from the nominations I know that I'm not the only one. I look forward to seeing how her out-of-the-box thinking will present itself in future.
So many congratulations! I'm very proud to award the Scotty Cross to Tasha MacFarlane.
  • Sheathed Sword, 239506.25
239506.25: There were a huge number of nominations for this award, no doubt spurred on by the quality of the sims surrounding the event and the recovery that followed. Tasha MacFarlane experienced a truly life-changing injury, but it was the sims and stories that followed that really cemented her as deserving of this award. From the physical recovery of the injury itself, phantom pains and counselling sessions, as well as learning to adapt and use a cybernetic limb, she's undergone an affecting and continuing journey toward acceptance and recovery.
Congratulations on another very well deserved award, Tasha!
  • Phoenix Award, 239607.01
239607.01: A miracle worker indeed! The winner of this year's Phoenix Award writes an engineer who is as ingenious as she is enthusiastic, using her engineering know-how to solve desperate situations, such as shutting down a breaching warp core, to spending her free time building a shuttle — from scratch! — to satisfy her own curiosity and personal goals.
Engineering can be a tricky department to play, and it's not always easy to find a way to contribute to the plot without first breaking something. Tasha adroitly manages to do just that, finding all kinds of different ways to use her character's skills to do bring something new and interesting to our stories. We've seen her tinker with the artificial gravity to protect her team from advancing assailants, and most recently, create an incredible holographic disguise for the Gorkon's bridge and crew while they were masquerading as pirates. She has a deft touch, and it's always entertaining to see what she's doing to do next.
For all of that, and more, I am delighted to be present Tasha MacFarlane with the Phoenix Award. Congratulations, Theo!


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Quinn Reynolds
2O & Ops. Chief
Jo Marshall
HCO Officer
Cory Stoyer
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Chief Engineer
Vylaa zh'Tisav
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Doz Finch
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Tahna Meru
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Samira Neathler
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Vesela Pace
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Nera Ay
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