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USS Arrow
Quentin Collins
Position Chief Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Terran
Gender Male
DOB 236310.31
Age 35
Birthplace Collinsport, Maine, Earth
Writer ID E239512QC0
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Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins III is a Terran male serving as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Arrow, currently assigned to the Alpha Isles.

Though somewhat odd and uncomfortably verbose, he has a strong sense of duty and loves life aboard a ship, terrestrial or otherwise.


  • Full Name: Quentin Jamison Collins III
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Human/Terran
  • Date of Birth: 236310.31
  • Place of Birth: Collinsport, Maine, Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Omnisexual/Xenosexual
  • Telepathic Status: Low. Here recently, his mind started to produce a high level of Delta Waves even in a waking state. Time will tell how he can turn this toward something useful in his career and everyday life.
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 200lbs. (Having gained slightly more mass due to newfound conditioning)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Facial Hair: A finely shaped blonde Van Dyke goatee.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Quarters: U.S.S ARROW. Deck 2, Room 8.
  • Build: Almost hilariously lanky. He has strength in his arms and legs due to his time at sea, but they are trapped in a scarecrow like frame. His recent small gain in muscle has done nothing to change his cartoonish frame.
  • Style of Dress: On duty, Quentin likes to keep his uniform in pristine condition. Though he sometimes will fiddle with it when he becomes nervous. Off duty, sometimes he will just undo the jacket of his uniform and various other relaxed variants of his uniform. When he changes however he prefers larger knit sweaters, khakis, comfortable boots, and oxford shirts. An almost utilitarian view on comfort. Lately he has also taken to wearing a watch given to him by his father; a silver linked banded timepiece.
  • Glasses: On occasion Quentin makes use of a pair of glasses which he uses to sharpen his vision and take in fine detailing as his eyes are good at a distance, but slightly fail at closer ranges. His first pair (heavy black frames) have since been shattered. Quentin replaced them with a largish pair of horn-rims (also black), but wonders about their long term status as part of his look. Prior to the current mission, Quentin replicated another pair of chunky plastic frames, but at a much smaller, more metropolitan size and now uses those as his go-to pair for the moment. They have just been destroyed once again. Since he has taken to a spartan, almost clear set of boxy frames just because of their tendency to get smashed on mission. He is not particularly attached to them. They have since also been destroyed. He now has a thick-set set of square auburn glasses. They too have been recently destroyed.

Now he has replicated a heavy blue-black pair of frames. Hoping the heaviness will keep them around for a while.

Photo Gallery

Quentin Collins throughout the years.


Name Status Description
Quentin Collins Jr
Father. CEO of Collins Cannery and former Captain of the Collins' fishing fleet. (Deceased. 231209.19-239707.07) A born fisherman and formerly infamous playboy. Quentin Jr. came back to Collinsport, shortly after the death of his father Quentin Sr. and made a life and family in the town that bares his surname.
Name Status Description
Professor Angelique Bouchard-Collins
Mother. Tenured Professor and Chair of the Parapsychology Department at Salem University, Bangor, Maine. A self-professed "seeker of truth", Angelique once came to Collinsport in search of power. Instead she found love and a home where he had none, leading to her life as an academic and mother.
Name Status Description
Sara Collins, ESQ
Sister. Practicing Lawyer. The middle child of the current Collins dynasty. Imbued with the work ethic of her father and thirst for knowledge of her mother. She entered law school shortly after Quentin shipped out to Starfleet Academy. Afterward she set up a practice in Collinsport, despite promising Quentin she would escape the orbit of their strange hometown.
Name Status Description
David Collins, MD
Brother. Recently certified M.D. at Collinsport General Hospital. Licensed in Maine. The youngest of Quentin's siblings and something of a roustabout. Though he, like Quentin, struggles with their namesake, he is trying his best, having just recently graduated medical school, completed his intership/residency, and become certified to practice medicine in Maine. He is currently employed as a general practitioner under Dr. Hill at Collinsport General Hospital.


Name Status Description
Shar'Wyn Foster
Friend and fellow New Englander Quentin wasn't sure he would meet anyone from his neck of the woods all the way out in the Wilds, but that's what make his connection with Dr. Foster all the sweeter. During a routine check-up, the two bonded over their shared background and found a fun, playful dynamic with one another. Dr. Foster then performed emergency surgery on his friend, saving his life from an attack by the Cam'Roon boarding party.
Name Status Description
Kayla Drex
Friend and fellow "Blueshirt" One of the first connections Quentin made on ship and one that has proven to be the strongest. Both bonded quickly over a shared love of Sciences and being Starfleet officers. Their relationship then deepened before an Awards Ceremony where Kayla helped Quentin with a make over of sorts, resulting in his new look and nickname; "Quentin 2.0". During a recent spacewalk as well, Quentin sacrificed life and limb in order to keep her safe, demonstrating just how deep their connection has grown. She then responded in kind by later keeping him stable after it was discovered Quentin was stabbed on mission. These two have grown into quite the pair. Though Drex was recently struck with a debilitating injury, limiting her from service, Quentin has kept her vigil, even while assigned to a different ship.
Name Status Description
Randal Shayne
Drunken "Confidant" and New Commanding Officer Slightly nervous before an Awards Ceremony, Quentin had a few. And then he ended up having a few more with Eagle XO Randal Shayne. The two then started to bond a bit with Quentin divulging his odd upbringing and Randal his genuine love of ship mechanics. Here recently the two shared another drink while Randal repaired Quentin's prized personal tricorder "Skeets". The men then continued to deepen their bond, discussing interpersonal feelings and Quentin letting his guard down once again with the superior officer, revealing more about his Academy years and allowing himself to be vulnerable in his company. Quentin is now honored and privileged to call Shayne his friend. Here recently the pair were forced to take control of a listing Federation starship and now hope to work together to see her home. Afterwards, while sharing another drink and mourning his father, Randal Shayne asked Quentin to serve as his First Officer on the Arrow. Quentin, wanting to support his friend and peer, accepted and started toward the Alpha Quadrant as Shayne's "man" for the foreseeable future.
Name Status Description
Gavin Kinnear
Karaoke Cohort Mourning the death of their Chief of Security, Quentin was doing sad sing-a-longs by himself in the Eagle's Nest. But Gavin too was looking for connection, and so the pair started a set list for themselves and sang (and drank) the night away. Since then the pair have had a certain unspoken bond in friendship that has extended into their life on mission.
Name Status Description
Kano Risha
New Acquaintance/Arrival Shortly after the mission facing the Kai of Guls, the ship was met with an influx of new arrivals. During the same karaoke session Quentin and Gavin bonded during, one Kano Risha also joined them, allowing Quentin the opportunity to introduce himself. The pair have a fun energy, but don't know each other to a deeper level just yet.
Name Status Description
Chloe Waters
Companions in Trauma Though Quentin and Chloe's relationship got off to a somewhat rocky start, the pair quickly found a common experience when they opened up to one another over a late-night chat in Chloe's quarters during her momentary confinement. The two shared with each other there personal childhood traumas and feelings of occasional helplessness. From there the officers now enjoy a sort of sibling like care for one another with Chloe using Quentin as a conduit for the outside world and Quentin trying to help guide the Helmsman into being more comfortable in herself. Here recently he oversaw the fabrication of "The Crown of Voices", a new translation device for Waters, which would allow for a greater range of expression for his friend. In the transfer to the Arrow, the pair grew closer as Quentin confided in her his father's death and allowed her to be the shoulder to cry on that he was for her not but a few months earlier during her confinement to quarters. The pair were bonded further after the Arrow's contact with the Sheliak injured Helmsman Waters, leading Quentin to visit her in Sickbay and help in her rehabilitation efforts.


The eldest son of the Collins dynasty, Quentin was born into a strange, insular community. Raised in a town started by his family all the way back in the 1800s, on the back of a mighty fishing fleet, Quentin was the heir to their fortune but quickly grew to resent his station the more he aged. But early on, he found himself fascinated by the stories and legends surrounding his hometown, which his mother Angelique encouraged. Stories of ghosts and legends that stalked the woods, mountains, and seas around Collinsport. He immersed himself in them as a young child, which fostered a great love of reading that extended into his schooling.

Though the children of his hometown were very cruel, never letting him forget his legacy as a Collins. They took to calling him "Creepy Collins" due to his curiosity and somewhat unorthodox way of carrying himself at an early age. This nickname would follow him into Starfleet Academy, but it never once dampened his love of learning nor his drive to solve what he took to calling the "riddles of the earth".

Quentin had a rocky, but substantial schooling in his hometown, graduation Collinsport High with honors and intentions to join Starfleet soon after. But his domineering mother had other plans for him. Having gained somewhat of a reputation through the state's academic community as an authority on the occult and spiritualism, she wished for her eldest to set the example for his siblings, Sara and David and follow in her footsteps. But terrestrial knowledge wasn't enough for Quentin and more so he wished to escape the town that bore his name in order to make a life for himself beyond Maine. Eventually his mother wore him down and he attended the college of her matriculation Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts, earning a degree in Parapsychology with a minor in Anthropology, which pleased his mother who wanted him to take a more "Traditional Route".

Though he enjoyed the research and the rigors of student life, he was still unfulfilled and struck a deal with his parents. If he could work one full year at sea, he would be allowed to join Starfleet and finally answer the call of the stars. They relented and Quentin was elated. Working as a deckhand on one of his family's fishing boats (The Josette), he found himself at sea, as it ignited a whole new love and respect for service and travel. He also saw something at sea that further fueled his need to understand the unknown and to to experience it any way he could and he knew the best place for that would be in space.

Academy Years

Soon after his year at sea was up, he joined the Academy and though it was precisely where he wanted to be, it was still a difficult road for him. He was quite a bit older than the rest of his class and his unorthodox style of problem solving resurrected his nickname and he found himself the target of a certain amount of bullying. But all the same he carried on, hardened by his hometown and the sea, to forge himself into a capable Science Officer with a focus on Xenology (with special classes in alien folklore and myths) and furthering his studies in Anthropology, building on his minor in college with a broader scope of cultures, species, and empires. He also took very well to his basic level flying classes, but never pursued a track as a Pilot. He attributed it to his time on Earth's oceans, telling instructors that he would rather "scan than sail, but a good deck hand should always be well rounded."

After graduating and completing his cadet cruise, Quentin then joined the crew of the U.S.S. Eagle, aiming to forward his research and contribute to his post in any way he can.


Quentin is a bit of a space case, but he is truly happy to be serving on a ship again. He is focused, inquisitive, and loves to talk out problems with either a team or just to the air around him if no one is around. As a child he never really learned the proper way to make friends, so he is very earnest and open with most people, usually in the form of warmth or humor, but he knows how to read a room when it comes to the way he comes across (most of the time). He is very respectful of superiors and the structure of rank, but will often go out of his way to try to ingratiate himself to fellow crew members. Not in a sycophantic way, but in a way that could possibly boost morale or the general working attitude of the ship, which is something he learned was very important during his year at sea.

Though he is known to go through sort of Byronic turns of melancholy at times should he not feel like he is contributing, he is usually a good natured man who is trying his best to learn and be of use of his ship, his crew, and the universe overall.


*The works of Patrick O'Brien and C.S. Forrester

*Electronic Music of the 19th Century (in particular bands like King Crimson, YES, and Devo. Kylie Minogue, above all.)

*Holodeck Staging.

Ancient terrestrial staged/filmed teleplays or; "tv shows and movies". He likes far too many to list here but some highlights are Seven Samurai, The Prisoner, The X-Files, and something called Playhouse 90 for The Air.

*Comic Books

*Collecting outdated media.

*Conventional sailing.

*Ship piloting


Personal Equipment

  • SKEETS: Quentin's personal modified tricorder. Provided to him during his time at the Academy, Quentin, lacking any real friends during training, took to personifying his tricorder. Named after the robotic sidekick of one of his favorite comic book heroes, this standard issue tricorder is upgraded slightly with a higher scan width/range and internal sensor nodes re-skinned in palladium in order to make it more acute to organics. It's 3rd incarnation was recently destroyed on The Midnight Planet but Quentin plans to refabricate it soon.
  • Pen & Paper: An ancient leather bound notebook. Though Quentin isn't adverse to using consoles and PADDs at times he prefers to physically write out ideas and theories in a smallish notebook he keeps on his person at all time (unless it has been stolen by Crewman Tolar, who enjoys giving him a hard time about his tactile obsession). Of note, the ink pen he uses was given to him by his father the day he shipped out to San Francisco.
  • Retractable Rapier: Having gained a slight affinity and talent with the blade, Quentin has now added the offensive weapon (on it's second version fabrication) to his standard Away Team gear. The new fabrication is slightly heavier, and resembles a basket-hilted cutlass.

Service History

U.S.S. Eagle NCC-74659

The Following is Taken from An Average of Several Performance Reviews LTCMMD. Collins Continuously Runs on His Current Exploits.

Quentin's career on the Eagle didn't get off to the most auspicious of starts. After reporting to the wrong statuesque Bajoran woman on the Bridge upon his berth, to say he got off on the wrong foot would be an understatement. To make matters worse the Eagle was still wrapping up a fraught first contact with the Mithgiln, natives of the Aavaro Wilds, the Verellians, and the Aggregate, a techno-organic species making their home in the Aavaro Wilds. The latter having introduced a deadly virus into the Mithgiln population in order to grow their ranks.

*Mission #1: Encounter with The Heart

Soon after Quentin and his fellow crew were tasked with aiding the Cardassian Democratic Union in retrieval of an artifact known as The Heart. After a rocky start to the mission, in which Quentin impeded the treatment of an injured member of the away team (Counselor Hal Mika) due to his incessant curiosity, Quentin himself was injured. He was able to carry on with his duties and complete the mission, living to apologize to his fellow crew. The experience rattled Quentin, reorienting his priorities and sense of self for the betterment of his ship and fellow crew.

*Mission #2 The People's World

The following mission found Collins and his crew facing down a mysterious planet known as The World, populated with a eugenicist focused society known as The People. The People abhorred imperfection, so much so even the slightest fault or imperfection could wipe out their fragile, yet highly attuned biology. Quentin acquitted himself much better during this endeavor. Though certain members of the crew were abducted, Collins worked in tight conjunction with the ship's Chief Science Officer, Kayla Drex, in order to protect the ship, rescue the rest of the crew (including Captain Oddas Aria), and repel an attack by the People's unhinged Minister of Health. Due to his focus on "the problem" and not so much his own intellectual gratification, his actions here were much more productive and altruistic. The officer has often referred to this in logs as "the turn".

*Mission #3: The Spyglass and The Shrine

Collins and the Eagle then set about testing their brand-new Warp engine, a mighty prototype from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers said to allow them to break the current Warp record at Warp XV. Again working in conjunction with CSO Drex, Quentin readied the ship for data collection at the new speed, attaching sensor pods to the underside of the ship in a spacewalk.

Having paired the sensor pods to the data feeds of the main Bridge Science Station and the "Spyglass" (Quentin's nickname for the Sci-Lab 1 Astrometrics array), Quentin took his station, alongside Petty Officers Second and First Class (respectively) Terumak and Tolar to monitor the surrounding space of the warp corridor while the Eagle underwent testing of the new XV Warp Core*. After achieving the vaulted Warp 11, the ship was suddenly wretched from it's warp corridor, deposited into outside space. The ship was then caught in a powerful magnetic field, thrown off by a free-floating celestial body designate "The Shrine". After landing on its surface, the Science Team quickly sprang to action.

Ordering Tolar and Terumak to prepare a Probe, Quentin held his station, supported by Crewman Jorus. Communications and turbolifts were rendered inoperative during the landing, so Jorus acted as a capable and brave "runner" of sorts between Sci-Lab 1 and the Bridge. After receiving orders to continue monitoring the object, the looming alien ship to their bow, and launching a probe, which detailed a alkaline, ferritic substance that made up "The Shrine", Quentin and Jorus were then attacked by a boarding party.

Jorus was, unfortunately, stunned in the melee, while Quentin fought them off as long as he could before himself becoming captured. Shortly after he was rescued by LT Commander Irina Pavlova, who then enlisted his help to confine his attackers and transfer them to the ship's Brig. Making the transfer without incident, the Commander then released Quentin to return to his post to continue monitoring. Unbeknownst to both of them, however, was the injury Quentin had sustained, and unknowingly made worse, during the initial melee. It seemed one of the boarding party had stabbed Quentin with a sort of tissue bore. When it was discovered, it was transported away to the looming ship above them, for some unknown nefarious purpose no doubt. Though he kept his post, he was quickly rendered unconscious due to blood loss.

He then woke up in Sickbay, having been stabilized by Eagle's holographic crew member Mark Two, and transported quickly after the ship broke back into normal space. Doctor Foster and Mark Two had performed emergency surgery on the officer, patching his wounds and stemming his bleeding. While the mission came to a bloody end for Quentin Collins, this analysis find his exploits here continuing his upward trend in productive actions. His staying at his post, even after a volley of attacks from an unknown raiding party shows a respect and premium for duty and orders. His willingness to assist LTCMMD. Pavlova shows a flexibility in high-pressure situations and propensity for defending his ship and crew when called upon. The officer's knack for improvisation in problem solving also was featured here, thanks to his use of more low-fi workarounds with CSO Drex.

*Mission #4: The Bombing of Lightside Station

Soon after the affair with the Shrine, Quentin and the rest of the Eagle crew engaged in shore leave aboard Lightside Station (AKA "THE SPIKE"), primary commercial hub for the Aavaro Wilds. As the crew's award ceremony on the Station's Central Mall concluded, an explosion tore through one of the upper walkways on the decks above. Quentin had been speaking with Captain Oddas and LT Commander Pavlova when the catwalk came apart and the latter of the pair shielded the two officer's from the wreckage.

Disoriented and sporting superficial injuries, it is of the opinion of this analysis that LTCMMD. Collins was suffering from shock, which is what fueled his then feverish pursuit of the culprits. Though he then aided rescue efforts and coordinated with the Station staff to secure evidence for later study, his mental state was, to use a somewhat harsher term, frayed and panicked; a state in which LTCMMD. Collins fluctuated between for most of this mission. After collecting remaining evidence, scans, and vendor testimony (including one of Quentin's personal contacts, shop owner Worker Wexn Dnbro, Mithgiln proprietor of COSMINI CURIOS), Collins returned to the ship with the rest of the crew, having received orders to keep up a presence in the Wilds and possibly pursue the attackers.

*Mission #4 (cont.)

Collins and the ship received little rest as they were soon hailed for aid by a Mithgiln merchant vessel, under attack by what looked to be a Maquis raider in disrepair. The Eagle dispatched the vessel easily, but took in a strange, highly advanced drone ship control node, which Quentin dubbed "The Gumdrop", due to it's odd, bell like shape. After tapping into the node's control feeds and signal transmitter, Quentin was able to steer the ship deeper into a nearby nebulae. Thought to be the staging area for the drone ship.

Upon breaking through the ringed nebula, the ship faced more drone ships (more Maquis raiders and an ancient Vulcan cruiser class), which were also easily dispatched. But the real threat was the molding Cardassian space station at the ring's center. Karek Tor, a lost outpost and reliquary of the Dominion War. The ship was then contacted by the station's inhabitants, a fanatic and large Bajoran adjunct known only as Kosst and his handler, a Cardassian "holy man" calling himself the "Kai of Guls" (AKA. Major Kreid Jabt, AWOL Cardassian field marshal during the occupation of Bajor). Promising an attempt at negotiations, Jabt offered to host a "delegation" from the ship to discuss the recent bombings and their operation as a whole.

Quentin was assigned to the away team, led by XO Shayne. The team also included SEC Officer Hontru, MCPO Michael Ness, and Archaeological asset to the Eagle, Professor Sotia Dano. Upon arrival to the station, the team was separated with CMMD. Shayne being escorted to a one-on-one meeting with Jabt. The rest of the team was escorted by Kosst, to led them to a sort of attuned worship chamber containing the source of the cult's madness; a cracked, negatively charged Bajoran Orb. Kosst then attempted to use the Orb on the team. Quentin tried to escape, but was captured by Jabt's other agent, known only as The Web. Though she was, herself a Cardassian woman, she was more machine than person having augmented herself with various control cables and bio-electrical interfaces with which to control the fleet of drone ships earlier encountered and the rest of the logistics of the station.

Quentin was then restrained by The Web, leading to his Brain Event* (*SEE APPENDIX.1 FOR FURTHER*). After recovering from the Event, the situation had become untenable. Unbeknownst to the away team, but the Eagle had come under attack by the last of the drone ships (a molding, but still powerful Galor class warship) and was now attempting to fire upon the station to disrupt the Orb's necrotic pisonic influence. Quentin, Hontru, and Chief Ness also attempted to fire upon the Orb's housing, but simply charged it for more ill. Then Chief Ness was overtaken by the Orb's influence and almost made to fire upon his crew mates. But in a stunning, heroic display of willpower, Ness threw off the control at the last minute, sacrificing himself to save the rest of the team.

*Mission #4 (conclusion)

Suddenly, when all seemed lost for the remaining team and Quentin, XO Shayne, now with the support of embedded Starfleet Intelligence Officer Commander Ash MacKenna, came to their aid, distracting Kosst at a vital junction, allowing the team to finally regain their bearings and fight on. Unfortunately, Jabt had other plans, breaking through into the scene in a rage and killing his adjunct in cold blood. The team then attempted to take custody of Jabt, who slipped through their fingers in the chaos of the attack. Using First Officer Shayne's point-to-point localized transporter, the team was then returned to the ship, Orb in tow thanks to some quick hands by Professor Dano.

The team returned to a ship in disarray as weapons fire had crippled vital systems on top of a group of sudden fanatical boarders who had taken lives already. Quentin was then ordered by Shayne to accompany Hontru and Dano to secure the Orb in Science Lab 1, hoping that once it was secure, it's negative effects would be thwarted. But Jabt had also made his way to the ship, and after being disarmed by some quick phaser play by Quentin, he tried to hole himself up in Science Lab 1.

Fortunately, CSO Drex and new officer Ensign Kettick subdued the maniac and allowed Quentin time to bypass a smashed door control unit, finally reuniting the away team with their shipboard counterparts. Jabt, of course, tried one last time to wrest control from the Eagle's staff, but the immense power of the Orb and its perverted use by his cult burnt out the would be battle priest, sundering the Orb into still dormant chunks of crystal.

Mission #5: The Admiral and The Spy

Soon after the cult and it's leadership were dealt with, the ship was soon tasked with what seemed like a simple cargo mission. The first Federation colony of the Aavaro Wilds, nestled on a planet called Saldhana, required a delivery of bio neural gel-packs as the planet's constant ion storms and erratic weather made conventional power sources useless.

Holding the Science Station on the Bridge alongside Kayla Drex, Quentin expected the mission to go smoothly. Upon arrival he and Drex caught sight of a large, but unpredictable storm pattern about to bare down on the colony. Needed to ascertain the storm's path, Quentin and Kayla joined the loadout team and placed a few atmospheric scan pylons to amp up their readings. But things quickly turned sour as simultaneously the storm changed course, an intruder was detected on board, and a massive wave of plasmatic energy started to burn across the equator of the planet.

Heading inside to shelter, Quentin and Kayla returned to the Bridge just in time for a very rough and harrowing takeoff. One that injured Kayla Drex, leaving Quentin the only senior ranking Science Officer on board. After checking the planet for damage and scanning for remaining life signs, which curiously were present in the colony's "support sites" of a nearby farm and starting stages of a trading post, the ship was hailed by one Admiral Byrn Valcose, Commanding Officer of the nearby Starbase 821. The Admiral called Captain Oddas to the carpet, blaming her for the destruction of the colony and loss of life. He then went a step further, suggesting that the recent loss of her wife and impulsive way she dealt with the Cardassian Pah-Wraith cult made her unfit for duty. He then ordered her remanded to the Brig, an action Quentin stanchy protested alongside Commander Shayne. He also curiously ordered them to return to SB821 and not to speak with the intruder; a man by the name of Francis Sikes who claimed to be a colonist.

In transit, Kayla Drex was injured, making him de facto Chief S.O. throughout this mission. Upon arrival to the 821, Quentin suggested a slight subterfuge to allow them to dock externally, keeping their systems locked away from the computer control of the 821 main dock. Working in conjunction with Gavin Kinnear, the pair isolated the main computer core from the Starbase, allowing them more time to investigate and clear The Captain's name. When the Admiral again hailed them, angry that they haven't fully docked, the crew claimed a warp core breach was possible and conveyed concern as to docking where the base could be vulnerable.

In actuality, this was all part of Quentin and the crew's "stalling for time". In order to successfully fake the breach, Quentin planned to irradiate a chunk of reactive metal taken in a recent mineral survey along with efforts from the rest of the ship to convincingly sell the emergency. Supported by his Science Staff (mainly Petty Officers Tolar, Terumak, and Jorus), he started to "charge" the metals with a hand phaser, protected by a clean suit. But unbeknownst to him, Sikes, now revealed to be working against them, had smuggled a crate of Altirian Spider-Birds onto the ship and released them to multiply and cause additional havoc on the ship.

But Quentin held his ground, fighting off a great deal of the Spider-Birds and surviving long enough to return to the Bridge. It was then Quentin was given Command, as Commander Shayne suddenly remembered a ballistic and effective way of disposing of the pests. Though Quentin didn't hold the conn for long, he acted with honor as he and the rest of the Bridge Crew prepared for an attack. Then relieved of Command and joined by new Science Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson, Quentin and the new Ensign set about trying to prove The Captain's innocence and defend the ship.

It all came to a head when Sikes was forcibly teleported by Valcose in order to cover his tracks. But down below, the ship's Security force and a dispatch of Marines, led by the no nonsense Vulcan CO Major Statis, had uncovered hard proof as to the Admiral's wrongdoings, as he was responsible for the destruction of the colony and frame up of Oddas. All in the name of revenge for deeds done by the Oddas family during the Cardassian/Bajor conflicts and to undermine the Starfleet Admiralty.

The Admiral then tried to fire on the ship via an illegal TAC console hardwired into the SB's very power network. But thanks to some quick scanning from Quentin and even quicker phaser work by newcomer LTjg. Melody Delri'ise, the attack was over before it began. Major Statis and his team then beamed off and attempted to arrest Valcose, now revealed as a Cardassian spy along with Sikes. Unfortunately "The Admiral" was killed in the altercation and Sikes tried to escape via another nasty site-to-site teleport and a rickety runabout. He was soon captured and then turned over to Starfleet JAG officers to await trial.

It is of the opinion of this program(s) that Quentin Collins has finally seemed to come into his own as an officer. Though he still tends to let emotions dictate his actions, LTCMMD, Collins kept his cool, offered up ideas and support when could, and acted decisively throughout this mission. It is also of the opinion of this program(s) that even though his time in Command was short lived, he displayed an aptitude for using his crew to the best of their ability and a willingness to defer to people who had the better plan instead of allowing his ego and id to rule. His recent promotions to LTCMMD and Chief Science Officer are a testament to how hard Quentin Collins has worked to becoming a more effective and valuable officer.

Mission #6: The Rings of Dialran

Quentin's next operation found he and his crew discovering a millions of years old Nivian Ring set. Tasked with fixing the inner rings' skewed orbit, Quentin Collins started with a set of routine sensor scans and deflector pulse bursts. While The Captain dispatched a disguised Away Team to the surface of the affected biome, led by First Officer Randal Shayne, Quentin and the rest of the Bridge Crew continued to work from orbit.

Their efforts were stymied however by the arrival of the Acen, a sort of custodian race that claimed ownership of the Nivian set and the vast amounts of salvage that surrounded the Rings. As the Captain attempted to negotiate with the Acen Captain, Captain Ojrea, the Acen ship fired upon the Eagle with broadsiding tetryon cannons. Blasted with tetryon interference, the ship then teetered close to the Rings' superstructure, activating a massive and powerfully draining security field that played further havoc with the ship's systems.

Repositioning, Quentin worked in conjunction with the ship's new TAC officer, LTjg. Melody Delri'ise, to reveal the power junction that fueled the tetryon cannons. Allowing Mister Delri'ise a firing solution, the ship knocked out the Acen's cannons and then swept their captain up in a bold beaming gambit overseen by Captain Oddas, depositing the officer in her Ready Room. The Captain then ceded Command to Quentin as she entered "conference" with Captain Orjea, backed by Messrs Risha and Delri'ise.

Lieutenant Commander Collins then attempted to tackle the ship's problems one by one. First, he set Commander Fiorr and new Engineering Ensign Rid Harris to balancing the ship's disrupted power flow. He then asked Helmsman Chloe Waters to "keep them aloft", keeping them far enough away from the Rings' superstructure as to not reactivate the security field but with enough room for evasive action should the Acen vessel attack again. Lastly, burned for a third time by the ongoing tetryon interference, he and Commander Adriana Morgan, on duty Ops/Comms officer, worked to counteract the tetryon interference pestering the ship. The pair planned to do it with a "static charge", clamping off the relay junctions to the EPS conduits and building enough of a charge to pulse through the ship and render the tetryons inert.

But they were again stymied. But this time by a much bigger threat. The looming hulk of a Klingon D-7 drive section that was bearing down on them. And without the use of impulse engines or shields, the hulk would tear through the ship in a matter of minutes. Helmsman Waters suggested a bold plan. She would lead a wing of shuttlecraft, largely unaffected by the tetryon interference, and act as a sort of buffer between the ship and the wreck, allowing them time to effect repairs and restore impulse control.

Though worried for his "friend" and "colleague", Quentin gave the Helmsman leave to attempt the buffer. The Bridge Crew worked feverishly as Waters' wing flew into position, throwing the buffer with the shuttle's tractor beams in sync with the Eagle's own tractor array (working despite compromised power levels). The gambit worked and allowed the ship precious moments to restore impulse engines and purge the tetryons, allowing Quentin and Commander Fiorr to then pilot the ship to safety (barring some scratches to the paint job).

The Captain then relieved Quentin from Command and retasked him. It seemed the Acen were in need of a critical resource, the Grunn Fern, a sort of super-plant that fueled their economy and industry. Working from Main Engineering, supported by Crewman Terumak and Ensign Ferentis of the Engineering Department, and escorted by Mister Risha, the group worked for a solution. The group then moved into Science Lab 4 in order to make use of the compartment's horticultural equipment and hydroponics lab. Quentin proposed a hybridization of the Grun and an inert dilithium crystal. Sewing the shard into the stalk of the Grunn, the group then planted it and attempted to speed up its maturation with energy saturations.

But Quentin grew impatient with the lack of results and provided the hybrid a mighty growth catalyst; a low-power shot from a hand phaser. The unconventional fix worked and the hybrid of the plant and propulsion method was born. After a second successful test and a sharing of their methods and findings with Acen, Quentin was stood down, hopeful at the prospect of another strong alliance in The Wilds.

It is of the opinion of these program(s) that LTCMMD. Collins continues to display a readiness for the work of an officer and willingness to stick to a problem for as long as possible in order to find a more lasting, responsible solution for the common good. It is also of the opinion(s) of this program that he continues to show an aptitude for Command situations, maximizing his time on the Bridge and deferring to his fellow officers in order to find the best possible action for the moment at hand.

However, Quentin Collins continues to waste precious seconds considering the impact of his actions and commands on his "friends" and "colleagues", thinking far more with his heart than a true Commanding Officer should. He also continues to show a recklessness that is unbecoming of a Science Officer and could very well lead to deadly consequences and miscalculations should he continue to act impulsively. It is of the opinion(s) of these program(s) that should he sever his emotional connections and adopt a more practical and utilitarian mindset, he would bloom into a fine, functional Commanding Officer.

U.S.S. Juneau NX-99801

Mission #1: The People's Comet

Quentin's first mission on the new ship would find him attempting to stop a rogue comet. One that was about obliterate a small pre-Warp society's planet. But as they tracked the comet, they found something altogether stranger. A de-powered and damaged second Federation starship. The U.S.S. Arrow NCC-69829.

Dispatched as part of an Away Team, he was sent to investigate the ship. Immediately signs of trouble revealed themselves. Scorch markets from energy weapons lined the halls and Quentin found evidence of rapid molecular destabilization. A telltale sign of The People's weaponry. He, along with Ensign Nakada and Master Chief Kingsley started to move toward the Bridge but were blocked by a People's boarding party, equipped with massive, battle ready EV suits.

Causing a distraction, Quentin allowed for his companions to incapacitate the People and tag them for custody. But there problems didn't stop there as they took back the Bridge. A massive dampening field, coupled with a rampant and quite aggressive computer virus had taken ahold of the listing vessel, a leftover gift from the former crew who had abandoned ship after their mysterious mission was completed. Though power was restored, thanks to the efforts of Ensigns Nakada, DeBarres, and Caden (working in tandem with the team in Engineering), Quentin was forced to install his command codes and security clearance, effectively ending his tenure as the Juneau's Chief Science Officer and Second Officer.

U.S.S. Arrow NCC-69829

Mission #.05: The Frightful Flight to Starbase 821

After his abrupt transfer and installation as a "Commanding Officer" of the Arrow, Quentin and his new crew worked to fly the rediscovered ship back to Federation space for repair and debrief. The ship, however, did NOT make it easy as more sabotage (including a bio-mechanical nest of insects and random Warp spikes) revealed itself as they flew. A "lifeline" however was soon thrown to them, as the crew discovered a way to shunt the blasting Warp energy safely(ish) into space and allow themselves to be scooped into a tractor beam by Starbase 821.

Soon followed a few days of welcome respite as the ship and it's new crew were allowed berth on 821, while Starfleet Command decided what to do with them all. In the waiting Quentin was made aware of his father's passing and soon official promoted to First Officer, where he would serve under Commander Randal Shayne as the Arrow's new CO/XO.

Quentin is now in transit, with the newly repaired and restocked Arrow, to the ALPHA ISLES in the Alpha Quadrant to investigate a number of emergency signals seemingly to originate from the area's main installation in the region; Atlas Base.

It is of the opinion of this program(s) that Quentin Collins displays a respect of the position he now inhabits as well as a keen joy of duty that makes him uniquely suited to perform admirably in the position. However, it is also of the opinion(s) of this programs(s) that the recent loss of his father and subsequent feelings of disconnection and depression that have been dredged to the surface in its wake might prove to be a hurtle Quentin won't prove able to overcome without serious therapeutic work coupled with rigorous, regular meditation and self-reflection.

Mission #1: The Coming of the Sheliak

Reassigned to the Alpha Quadrant, Quentin Collins soon found himself adjusting to his new Command in a completely different area of space. Dubbed "The Alpha Isles", this section of the ALPHA QUADRANT is home to nearly a dozen independent races and factions, the most powerful of which being the Ferengi Alliance. The ship was tasked with investigating a series of distress signals that seemed to be centered around Atlas Base, a non-commissioned research facility situated deep within the Isles.

But on the way to the waypoint, the ship was pulled from Warp by a massive Sheliak convoy, lead by a Director Tamazotz claiming that they were collecting on an "outstanding debt account". After some tense negotiations, the Sheliak fired on the Arrow with some kind of psionic beam device, incapacitating a number of the crew and injuring a few of the Senior Staff. The Arrow then tried escape, tricking the Sheliak vessel slightly by allowing them to advance on the ship, only to punch to high Warp at the moment of near contact. The Sheliak gave chase, but were quickly routed by a nearby spatial phenomena that the Arrow itself was almost sucked into.

Having shaken their pursuers, the crew and Quentin turned to the job of repairing the ship and making her presentable for their first contact with Atlas Base and her homeworld Theta 122. But when they arrived, they found much more than they expected. Namely 100 ship, all calling for aid.

Mission #2: Collins and the Crisis

Greeted instantly by 100 refugee ships and the irate Doctor Immelmann (director of the Atlas Base complex), the Arrow was jarred into quick action. Striking a quick deal for the right to dock, Commander Shayne offered the skills and time of the crew for a working shore leave, one dedicated to the repair of the Base as well as the shoring of Arrow systems repairing her after her fraught first cruise. The leave passed with little incident, with Quentin and the rest of the crew working to patch up the Base as well as acclimate themselves to the embattled sector space.

Then came a real chance. Atlas Base's water treatment facility junction had started to fall into disrepair so naturally Quentin led a team to repair it, all the name of ingratiating himself and the ship to the Base's staff and leadership. Meanwhile on the ship, Commander Shayne sought to led a discussion with several of the "local luminaries" of the sector, inviting a number of captains and leaders from the refugee ships. Delegates from the Ferengi, Caldonian, Cardassian, and Klingon crews amassed around Theta 122 arrived to the ship to talk about how they could contribute to peace and prosperity for the beleaguered Base world. Also among them was a boisterous Orion pirate captain, Eru Ghant, with her own goals and agenda. All of which would be terrifyingly clear before too long.

Meanwhile on the surface, Quentin, aided by Kenneth Nakada, Charlotte DeBarres, and Chief of Security Artinius Serinus, set about repairing the Base's water treatment facility. Greeted by a shifty "overseer" and his crew, Quentin's away team gained a perimeter and started about the work. Work of which was lessened by the unexpected help from some of the sympathetic Base staff. But soon the masquerade was cast away and the "overseer" and his crew were revealed to be pirates! In league with Captain Ghant, who had launched a daring attack on the interior of the Arrow FROM the interior of the Arrow, backed up by her ship the Razor's Edge (a Maquis Heavy Raider).

Quentin and his team repelled the pirates and took them into custody, alerting the Theta authority to their presence. The team were then picked up by the shuttlecraft piloting of Chloe Waters and Commander Eerie. As the combined teams sped away from the planet, they were greeted by the pirate attack already in progress. The Edge had started firing upon the Arrow and the crew worried their approach had been compromised. But Chloe Waters had a plan. One even Quentin couldn't have predicted.

Measuring the active shield harmonics of the Raider and modulating their own with the readouts, Waters' turned the shuttlecraft into a sort of "super bounce ball" (terminology taken from Quentin Collins' personal far more colorful log), pinging hard off the Raiders' shield, and launching them unharmed into the Arrow's besieged shuttlebay. From there the team went their separate ways with Collins dispatching Serinus to link up with his Security forces, Nakada to the Engine Room, and the rest with him to take the Bridge stations.

After a short, slightly hectic trip to the Bridge, the officers took their stations, aiming to take the fight to the pirate's Raider. Unfortunately, the ship had been boarded by several boarding parties, one of which trying their hardest to breach the Bridge. But thanks to some quick thinking and shooting by the Bridge Crew, (along with some timely introduction from the factions represented in the conference earlier) the Edge was knocked from the battle. Just in time for the would-be-pillagers to blow a hole through the door.

Quentin acted face, intercepting them before they could swing their swords or aim their phasers. Directing their eyes toward the Main Viewer, he attempted a bold social gambit. Appealing to their greed, he pointed out that their ship was adrift and heavily damaged. All of their loot, from across a number of hauls was in danger of burning away. What good would taking the Arrow be in the wake of such loss? The pirates held for a moment...before retreating to their ships, marking an effective retreat. The crew then started the business of repairing the ships, tending their wounded, and looking toward the incoming shore leave.

It is of the opinion of these programs that Quentin Collins continues to perform adequately in his duties, providing the ship and her Captain a competent First Officer and decently talented overall officer. However, it is also the opinions of these programs that he continues to act with a sort of recklessness, assuming the best of the people he comes into contact with until they show him otherwise. It is of the opinion of these programs that he start to establish a more pragmatic, more detached view of his subordinates in order to gain the clarity (and practicality) required for higher Command.

Mission #3: At the Gates of Madness

Quentin's next mission would send him past his own limits of experience. The mysterious signal picked up by the Arrow's scanners during the previous mission had been intensifying and had also garnered the attention of the Sheliak Corporate. So much so that the Corporate leveled an ultimatum at the ship and the planet's base. All refugee ships and Atlas Base staff were to leave the planet and allow the Corporate unfettered access to the planet to reap it's spoils.

Quentin was put in charge of an away team, consisting of Messer's DeBarres, Wilde, and R'Ariel, with the goal of facilitating the evacuation as well as rounding up any stragglers from the ships that were no longer space worthy. However, this delicate work was interrupted by a massive Corporate ship, the return of the Razor's Edge, and a new accelerated time frame for the Corporate's moving on Theta 122. They now had only minutes, instead of hours. Shuttling to the surface, Quentin and his team caught a lucky break. Evacuation efforts had already been largely underway, buoyed by the Arrow's contact with the base and it's staffing.

Unfortunately, the planet had started to emit massive power spikes, charging the air of the planet and crushing a mining skiff attempting to make a quick buck in the chaos. Attempting to then leave the planet with his team, Quentin again took to the shuttle. Only then to be shot down by a group on the surface. His first encounter with the planet's "Brotherhood of Thet", an insular and slightly aggressive cult that had formed on the surface of the planet. After a quick struggle, Quentin was incapacitated by the group, awakening to another representative of the cult who made contact with the team after their subduing of the first group.

The team were then lead to the cult's compound, situated deep in a hidden cave system below Theta's surface. Housing not only a maze like encampment, but an eerily placid lake, the team were allowed time to rest and recuperate while the group's leader, Father Edward Morgan, was summoned to explain everything. But before he could, Quentin and R'Ariel were accidentally transported through Iconian energy, and deposited deeper into the cave system. Where a massive stone gate, teeming with energy stood. The first of two gates that were connected inside the planet. The second being another free standing gate in the lodgings of Morgan.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Charlotte DeBarres was forced to restrain Regan Wilde as he had been infected by the indoctrination process of Morgan's cult; thanks to the Iconian gates and their haunting keeper, an injured Iconian. Turns out, the Iconian (called only The Keeper those years ago) had been a scientist eons ago, steeped in the study of space and how to transverse it. Their experiment, The Gates, were an attempt to connect the Iconians to areas of space they couldn't before. But it went wrong, exploding throughout the spectrum of reality and burying two aspects of the Gate Machine in Theta 122 thousands of years ago, the planet forming a sort of protective shell around the Gates.

Keeping The Keeper in a sort of quantum suspension, yearning for a physical body. Which was provided by his "worshippers" in a gristly sacrificial process.

Piecing together the ghoulish misunderstanding, Quentin and Counselor R'Ariel returned to the compound through the gates, arriving in the nick of time before Morgan could continue his ritual. Quentin and the Counselor then attempted to communicate with the Iconian, throwing themselves into a sort of dream state using the psychic connection the cave's waters provided to the Iconian. The pair then appealed to the creature's sense of empathy and reason, calling into question how they all had been perverted by the misunderstanding and how every race feels loss in their own ways. Fortunately for our team, the creature saw reason, releasing it's hold on Morgan's followers and punishing the leader for his wonton disrespect of his follower's lives.

The team then made their way back to the ship where they were checked over by sickbay and then released.

It is of the opinion of these programs that Quentin Collins continues to acquit himself as a capable field officer and effective Command presence in tight situations. However it is also the opinion of these programs that Quentin Collins increasingly displays a willful disregard of his own wellbeing and mental stability, usually to "protect" his fellow crewmembers. This sort of brazen selflessness will presumably lead to Quentin either being injured grievously or even killed. It is of the opinions of these programs that he must foster a healthy distance from his subordinates in order to ensure his own well being and continued existence.

Mission #4: The Omega Problem

Collins' next mission would find him at the head of a Second Contact effort. The Venthians, a race long beset by wars and destruction and having applied for membership into the Federation, were to play host to the Arrow and her crew. The planet here recently had also undergone vast upward shifts in their technological capabilities. Shifts that would need to be further explored and explained in order to ratify their inclusion into the Federation.

Tasked by the Captain, Quentin and an Away Team consisting of DeBarres, Wilde, and new arrival Lase Ander would lead a fact-finding delegation to the surface of Venthis. While Quentin's team would explore the surface and Venthis capital Korbel City, the ship would host a delegation to discuss how the ship could support efforts toward ratification and boost the planet's standing within their sector space and with the newfound peace.

Greeted by a Madam Alios and her young daughter Azzo, Quentin and the team are greeted like heroes. Alios' corporation, Feren Industries, had arranged a grand meeting with the Starfleet officers, allowing the citizens of Korbel to see their new allies in full, which would then lead to a full tour of the Feren Tower. At first, Quentin and the team were astounded by the Tower and its construction; standing like a gleaming needle and breaking off along the war-torn city below. They were then further amazed by the Tower's use, operating as a vast and intricate power conduit and generator for the city itself, snaking through it's stonework with mighty cabling, originating from the Tower's central power control center at the top.

Their hosts also allowed them to look upon their technology's earlier incarnations as well, whisking them to a meeting hall laden with their former tech and items from Venthis' past. But Quentin became concerned when he and his team scanned the Tower's energy output, spiking well beyond established and even known parameters. When Quentin pushed Alios to explain, they were then introduced to the Venthis Miracle. A colloquial term for the deadly Omega Particle; the very source of Venthis' unexplainable leap in technology.

But before Quentin could wrestle with the discovery, he and Reagan Wilde suddenly took ill! Displaying severe signs of radiation poisonings!

After a quick beam up into a quarantined and locked down Sickbay, Quentin and his team were faced with a whole new problem. It seemed that Quentin and Regan weren't experiencing radiation poisonings. But instead a locally applied poison, introduced into their systems via some other means. They would get their answers soon enough as Venthian Militants, working from the Southern hemisphere of the planet below, made themselves known, attacking both the surface and inside the ship in a coordinated effort to steal Feren Industries' control of the Omega Molecule.

One of the Militants had even gotten himself beamed into Sickbay, fooling the ship's sensors with his own altered body chemistry in order to hopefully see through their multi-pronged plan. This caused a tense standoff in the Bay, as the Militant named Mathias took one of the Medical Staff hostage. Forcing Quentin and the rest of the erstwhile hostages to stay alert and on edge, despite the still unfolding medical crises of the Omega Molecule. But favor would soon smile on them as the ship pitched and yawed, allowing Quentin and one of the injured Venthians to get the upper hand on the former warden.

As order was somewhat restored (and Mathias relived of his weapon), Quentin and the rest of the staff appealed to the young man, simply as people. While on the planet, partisan forces and Mathias' rebel faction were locked in a struggle with the incoming Second Away Team, dispatched by the Bridge to take control of the Omega complex and neutralize it's atomic mass. After a tense conversation, the rebel relented, releasing them all and himself to Security custody.

As the ceasefire settled through the planet and the Omega complex's energy output rendered inert, the task now was to find a way to move on for the Venthians. At last contact, both the Feren Industries delegation as well as Venthian inner council were an an impasse as to how, but the Omega molecule had been eliminated from their industries and power infrastructure.

It is of the opinion of these program(s) that Lieutenant Commander Collins continues to put forth a "people first" attitude to his Command style. Often times giving possible rogue factions the benefit of the doubt, despite evidence to the contrary, but still resulting in a successful mission or appeasing outcome. It is also of the opinion(s) of these programs that Commander Collins continues to get the best out of his peers, often deferring to them in moments of need in order to approach the problem with a new set of skills and training set that he might not be privy to.

However, it is also of our opinions that Commander Collins CONTINUTES to display almost a wanton disregard to his own well-being in order to "protect" his crew, attributing the feeling in logs to a sense of responsibility he feels toward his peers and an "expectation" to behave like a "good officer" would in times of strife and conflict. Should he continue this behavior it is increasingly likely it will lead to grievous injury or incapacitation.

Over a period of a few weeks, the ship and her crew were treated to a shore leave on Risa, which contained its own joys and misadventures for Quentin and his friends.

Mission #5: The Skin I'm In

Inbound to a trade summit with the fastidious race of the Gentii II planetoid, Quentin Collins and his crew suffered a sort of...shuffling. Meaning they were all swapped across each other's bodies and minds. What started as a routine mission quickly became anything but and served as another major turning point for LTCMMD. Collins.

After an uneventful briefing and call to assignments, both Commander Collins and Captain Shayne were approached by Ensign Alvarez, suggesting they should form an action group to properly cover the Gentii's cultural requirements for a successful contact with an outsider race. With some discussion and blessing the Ensign started to work and rounded Quentin back into the process as the ship came to an all-stop above Gentii II. But as the crew awaited the delegation, standing at attention on the Bridge, something odd happened. Namely a smallish probe, seemingly made of a hazy green marblelike stone, which started to scan and map their brain patterns and chemistry.

Which it then used to shuffle them across the whole of the crew.

With the mind-swap confined mostly to proximity, Quentin found himself crossed with the nearby Maria Alvarez as he was using the back utility terminal nearest the OPS station on the Bridge. And he was instantly jarred into physical discomfort and unquiet memories he couldn't quite understand or parse through. The crew overall was feeling largely the same, having entirely been shuffled alongside Quentin and Maria. But a bigger problem loomed; The Gentii. Who were already calling them to the letter of protocol and feeling pressure due to their stalling immediately post-mind-swap.

Maria and Quentin quickly formed a not-so-dynamic duo. Quentin, concerned as to Maria's reaction and internalization of his unquiet mind and awkward body, resolved himself to not let the new Maria out of his sight. On the other side, Maria opted to help Quentin through his more jumpy transitions into the trained dancer's body and helped him to understand the new font of experiences he was feeling by memory convection. All while trying to lead a cultural exchange known as a "baihriri".

Supported by Maz Rodan (trapped in another crewman's body), the trio tried to gather up enough of a performance to help the ship. But came up very short in the "rehearsal" process. As they struggled and thought, the Gentii delegation, Captain Shayne, and Chloe Waters (both having switched bodies themselves) drew closer, poking and prodding at the crew's efforts to "sell" their new forms the whole way down. Finally, the moment came, and Quentin, emboldened by his new body, offered up the only thing he could. A warbling rendition of an ancient song he would hear sailors back home drunkenly sing into the night.

Though it seemed to placate the Gentii for the moment, and were supported quietly behind the scenes by the rest of their swapped crew, the pair tried to recover for a moment in the corridor. Where another in road to a follow-up performance presented itself. Dr. Cassie Mason, armed with a pair of control collars the Captain had commissioned earlier, suggested a way they could "share" motor skills. Meaning the training of Alvarez's mind (now in Quentin's body) would be able to transmit control requests to Quentin's mind (piloting Maria's body), putting them in sync under the guise of dance. But the pair never got a chance to use it fully, as the Bridge had found the probe again and it was transmitting again.

As the officers crossed back into the Gym, a massive psionic ripple threw their minds outside of their forms once again. Allowing both Maria and Quentin to share a mental space in which their fears and memories were mixing into a nightmarish gauntlet. One that pushed both Maria and Quentin to the edge of their own sanity. Pushing Quentin perilously close to his own limits, causing him to admit that he had perhaps not dealt with the lingering darkness in his heart, mind, and soul.

But in the waking world, his capable peers had found a way to return them to their bodies. Causing him to be scooped up by the Medical staff after the swap had been undone. But Quentin's darkness was still there, causing him to launch into a panic upon waking, thinking that Mister Alvarez was still trapped in his mind and under pursuit by some of his bleakest memories and thoughts. His panic was so much, he had to be restrained and later sedated by Medical staff. Where he slept for nearly an entire week, dreamless.

Now, Quentin is awake and having to face the consequences of his actions, which have garnered the attention of Command and will likely have a shifting outcome for Quentin's future in Starfleet.

It is of the opinion(s) of this program(s) that LTCMMD. Collins continues to try his best in any given scenario, taking into account the safety and well-being of his peers above all, no matter the circumstances. However, it is that same selflessness that has caused him to push himself past his established physical and mental parameters, putting into jeopardy both his future in Command and likely his very life. Correction is required should he wish a future existence. Both in Starfleet and living in general.

Mission #6: The Dai'Mon's Hulk

In the wake of the previous mission, Quentin Collins found himself shifted. After a quietly tense shore leave and numerous meetings, Commander Collins once again found himself in the position of Chief Science Officer. After introducing himself to the rest of the Science Staff and making peace with the position change, he promptly threw himself into work. And was slightly rewarded for his diligence.

Tasked with sensor mapping a remote area of the Isles, Quentin found himself mainly down in Stellar Cartography with one Chief Frell and Commander MacKenna. But after probes were released from the ship and more information started to come into the ship and her systems, more questions arose. A high level of ionization dominated the sector space and slightly obfuscated their systems. Odder still the direct area in front of them seemed...invisible. Both to scopes and the naked eye.

A low-level polaron pulse from their deflector dish revealed the reason why. A massive ship, enveloped by an ion leak from it's equally massive and ancient engines. But with the sight rose even MORE mysteries. Sensors then started to indicate that the damaged hull of the ship, which hung in space like a massive pyramid, was made with a sort of silica based sediment. And that soil had originated thousands of years ago on a planet called Agornu. The birthplace of The Gorn Hegemony. However, the discovery was shortly celebrated as more problems soon arose.

With the reveal of the space hulk came also those who claimed to "own" it. Namely a Dai'Mon Slek, who had dispatched already a "recovery crew" onto the hulk from their nearby Ferengi Marauder. As the Arrow moved closer to investigate, the Dai'Mon took issue. Claiming that this was legitimate salvage and that it was under his possession. After some fraught "negotiation" Slek revealed that he had lost contact with his recovery team and would also require more in-depth negotiation to accept aid. Negotiations that he required be led by Ash MacKenna. Quentin Collins volunteered to tag-along, hoping both to keep Ash safe and eventually push forward their efforts smoothly.

But the meeting was anything but. As soon as Ash and Quentin crossed over into his ship, Slek had less-than-honorable intentions. Proving bullish and greedy, Slek stonewalled the officers. Providing no new information or direction for their rescue efforts (which Captain Shayne had started directly after the pair made the transport), Slek only seemed focused on grandstanding. Which Quentin and Ash blanched against. Much to the Dai'Mon's annoyance. After a time, Quentin and Ash had enough, imploring him to "put up or shut up". Which the Dai'Mon responded to with violence. After an equally fraught contact with the Arrow, who had started to move in on the hulk, Slek lashed out at Ash and ordered his Bridge Crew to take Quentin prisoner.

However, the Dai'Mon made a fatal mistake. He left the comm line open. Which showed his hostility plainly to the Arrow's Captain. This prompted an attack from the Arrow to the Marauder and a turning of the tables on Slek and his crew. But their victory was short-lived as the Dai'Mon triggered a self-destruct sequence and short-range teleportation signal. Which transported all three of them over to the hulk. Where the recovery crew and Arrow away team were under attack by a twisted shade of The Gorn. Driven insane and feral by their shipwreck. This launched a frightful flight back to the shuttle and safety as the Gorn snapped at their heels.

Eventually, the pair, reconnected with the Away Team, finally made their way back. Having suffered losses, but still alive for the most part. Where the crew logged and tagged the hulk as a hazardous space while also registering the hulk with both Starfleet Command and Hegemony officials.

It is of the opinions of these program(s) that Commander Collins displayed a remarkable ability to improvise, keeping both a cool head and capable eye amid chaos and calamity. However, these program(s) also warn against a turn toward recklessness he has displayed since his transfer back to Science. Quentin's logs have characterized this turn as a "rediscovery of the adventure Starfleet has to offer" but it is of the opinions of these program(s) that LTCMMD. Collins might be overextending himself in an effort to distract or obfuscate some other feeling(s).

Mission #7: The Trials of The Midnight Planet

Commander Collins' latest mission pushed him and his crew to their breaking points. In more ways than one. Though it began like any other mission.

Tasked with mapping the trinary star system of Chi Ceti, the Arrow arrived to the system and was instant set upon by calamity. Though the handful of planets caught in the impossible orbit of the three suns held true, the mixtures of radiations coupled with the gravity shears produced by the three stars proved too much to the Sabre class vessel. Local systems fell into disrepair and the ship rapidly lost both warp and impulse control. But the OPS and Engineering officers had a plan. They would sit with the ship at grav-anchor, feeding the ship power through their Broussard collectors, effectively filtering out the systems interference and recharging the ship back to space-worthy.

With tasks divested, Captain Shayne ordered a Blue Alert, ordering the crew to assemble on a nearby habitable planetoid to await the ship's repairs by the Orbital Team. However, matters were again complicated by the Chi Ceti's triple suns. It seemed that the chosen landing zone only had a few hours of daylight left. Due to its position in the planetary inner orbit, it would be plunged into a near endless nighttime. Leaving them precious hours to make the drop and set up their camp.

But as the crew made their way down to the planet, Commander Collins, The Captain, and Chief of Security Artinus Serinus had a brand new problem. There was still a single life sign on the ship. That of Counselor R'Ariel. Vowing to get her safely off the ship, the party traveled deep into the ship. Despite the rapidly sapping air and power from the ship. After a time, they found The Counselor. But in a complete different state. The interference from the Midnight Planet had regressed The Counselor, turning her from medical professional to fierce combatant. A scuffle ensued, drawing Serinus and R'Ariel into a tight grapple.

Collins and The Captain were forced to retreat, but the rest of the party would reassemble later at the final escape pods. Where their luck would go from bad to worse. Though the pods were all still functional and hard-coded for their chosen landing position, Counselor R'Ariel had another outburst. Literally lashing out at Quentin and pulling him into HER pod just moments before it launched. What followed was more of a fall than a drop. The pair tumbled and careened into the Midnight Planet's atmosphere, coming to a hard landing with the pod then spitting outward and into a nearby tree.

Thankfully The Captain and Chief Serinus were not far behind. Once again reunited, the trio again tried to appeal to R'Ariel's better nature. Who now seemed to be in more control of herself. But the discovery was short-lived as Quentin then became ensnared by the very tree he had hit! It started to scoop him up and entangle him in vast cable-like roots, pulling him toward a sort of beak in the canopy above. Both The Captain and Counselor sprang to Quentin's rescue, but Randal Shayne himself then became entangled as well. Leading R'Ariel and Chief Serinus to bite and pull apart the vines and extricate them from the attacking tree.

Once free the party, using Skeets, tried to find their bearings. Scanning for life signs and then starting off in that direction. Before the found the encampment however, the party happened upon another company in dire straights. Master Chief Aeryn Ra and Officer Ferentis had had their own set of troubles since the touchdown. And worse still, Ferentis was still stuck in his escape pod which was leaking ignition fluid all over the forest floor. Though Quentin desperately wished to help, The Captain ordered them on which would provide them plenty of distraction. In the form of a whole new attack.

It seemed the party had attracted the attention of a roving pack of creatures. Baring striking similarities to terrain wolves and mid-sized woodland cats. Wasting little time, the pack struck out at the party, just as a hard trace signal for the rest of the crew could be ascertained. One clamped onto Quentin's left hand, twisting and tearing while another latched to Quentin's booted foot. Thankfully, the quick thinking, technical skill of Captain Shayne, and martial talents of Chief Serinus, the "cat-wolves" were beating back into the night by a combo of a sonic pulse and Serinus' strength.

But finally, the party's luck seemed to finally change. As comms had finally been restored by their proximity allowing Ash MacKenna to finally get a message (and location coordinates) out into the ether. Following the signal, our harried party finally found their awaiting ad-hoc encampment. Just in time to see the orbital party return in the banged up, but operational Type 11 Shuttlecraft. But as they reoriented themselves, the planet and its strange light-up plants and native "light creatures" seemed to be fully responding to them now. Fully charging their surroundings with rogue ions and whipping up a pointed pattern field not unlike a transporter field.

But Commander Collins never saw exactly why or how they got back to the ship. Because he passed out from blood loss and exhaustion before he could be beamed back to the ship. Collins woke up in the Sickbay of the ship, hours later, where Dr. Morgenstern was repairing his injuries. She then filled him in on the status of the ship, the miraculous circumstances of their return, and the losses his department had suffered. After another number of hours, Commander Collins was discharged and repairs were affected across the ship. Giving way to Shore Leave conditions and a transit to Casperia Prime.

It is of the opinion(s) of this program(s) that Commander Collins has acclimated well to the transition back to Sciences. Both as section chief and back into somewhat lower position on the Senior Staff. He is attentive toward his superiors, patient with and helpful to junior staffers, and has made a considerable effort in "getting himself out there" amongst the crew. Attempting to forge meaningful connections and relationships with his shipmates.

However, it is also of the opinion(s) of this program(s) that Commander Collins continues to take dangerous risks in the sake of "not letting his crew down". Commander Collins has conflated responsibility to one's peers as a need to put himself in harm's way for the sake of the "greater good". This program(s) predicts it is only a matter of time before his misguided "selflessness" has deadly repercussions for Commander Collins and his crew.

Mission #8: Standoff Over Merica IV

Quentin Collins' current mission came in from on high. An emergency, Senior Staff-eyes-only holo-conference was undertaken by the Arrow and her crew. Introducing the new arrivals to Admiral Thy'Quin and handing down a dire assignment. A group of Sheliak, seemingly acting apart from the Corporate, had started to attack a number of planets in the area of the Alpha Isles. While the first few planets had been sparsely populated and only home to a few mining operations, this Sheliak convoy was on course to now attack Mercia IV. A largely agrarian M-class planet with a dense, but spread out population of settlements and farming communities. Further complicating matters was Command and Intelligence reports that had concluded that the convoy have Metagenic weaponry. Metagenics being expressly forbidden by a number of Federation charters, chief among them The Khitomer Accords.

The orders were simple. Find the convoy and disable its Metagenic capabilities. While preserving life on Mercia IV.

The crew went to quick action with all stations being given orders and told to prepare for action stations. Quentin, working in conjunction with Ash MacKenna and the Medical staff, started to compile as much information as possible on Metagenic weaponry. Alongside work in the Labs and Sickbay Complex as to a way to neutralize the meta-gene at it's source. After a lengthy study of the base compound, the team were able to mass-batch replicate a "cooling agent", thought to be just enough of a universal base to isolate and snuff out the bonding agents that made meta-genes so deadly.

The only trouble was, it could only be introduced directly into the meta housing of the Sheliak ship. An executive decision was made and The Captain ordered that he would lead an Away Team to the Sheliak Meta-Ship. Leaving Commander Maz Rodan with the conn. Preparations were made (as well as sonic pulse radar, appraising them of the Sheliak convoy's location, thanks to some of the Arrow's new arrivals) and soon the Sheliak were engaged. After a brief "hit-and-fade" attack, the Away Team was transported to the Meta-Ship. While the Arrow retreated into a nearby nebulae made up of various volitle spacial gases.

However, during the attack, the Arrow's regular helm officer was indisposed and Quentin was "forced" to take the Helm. In fact, the majority of Quentin's time this mission would be spent at the Helm. Including his evasion of one of the convoy's escort ships, another Heavy Frigate with a vast and varied weapons compliment. But their nebulae cover would not last long, as the Sheliak's probing with weapons ignited one of the pockets of radon gas, burning away the entire anomaly and forcing the ship once more into conflict with the Sheliak.

Even more pressing news would soon reach them, however. As a Minister Varn from Mercia IV came in contact with the ship, telling tale of a sudden sickness that was also attacking his planet. The Arrow made haste to the planet...just as the Sheliak Meta-Ship and their escorts arrived. The crew prepared for another fight. Aided unexpectedly by a Caledonian Science Vessel that had been studying the opposite hemisphere of the planet. But as they poised their cannons, more aid would find the Arrow. In the form of Prometheus-class vessel the U.S.S. Dickens and Intrepid-class support the U.S.S. Zelensky, who had come to the aid of their Starfleet allies after receiving their distress calls.

The odds now somewhat evened, the Arrow and her remaining crew turned now to the problems of Merica IV. As well as how to retrieve their Captain and Away Team after the Meta-Ship had been disabled. But the sudden inclusion of Breen Warp-Fighters, along with a Breen landing party that seemingly had been lying in wait on the planet's surface the whole time, forced the remaining crew into another hard choice. They would beam back the Away Team and Captain, directly to Sickbay, but would also have to dispatch ANOTHER Away Team to the surface. From there, Quentin and the Bridge Crew were relieved by Gamma Shift, provided a Security detail (led by Chief Serinus), and beamed down to the planet's surface. Ironically enough, it was just before Sickbay was called into a quarantine lockdown due to the Captain's Away Team being also infected with the modified Meta-Gene.

But Quentin was unaware of that as they made the surface. A surface that came complete with odd signs of metal lined up and underneath the topsoil. But Quentin was unable to study them further as the party came under attack by a detactment of Breen from a rock outcropping that overlooked Tamenworth City; one of Mercia IV's largest walled cities. The party took cover, but were later escorted into the city proper by a ragtag City Guard, seemingly made up of youths and middle-aged citizens.

However, the Away Team's arrival was met with mistrust and near belligerence. The City Guard, led by a stoic Captain of The Guard, demanded answers from the team. But knew that another attack would be likely. However, odd energy blockages and magnetic anomalies pulled the company deeper into Tamenworth City. Where a clandestine hatch revealed something Quentin had suspected since the ship. A secret network of tunnels and lab complexes hidden under the city. Housing further a number of electro-static signal jammers that cripped Tamenworth comms and Transporter signals.

Supported by members of the City Guard, who kept watch at the rear and city gates, the Away Team took to under the streets. Exploring the vast and seemingly ancient system of caves that had been occupied by the Breen. After disabling a few more signal hammers along the way, the Away Team were faced with the last remaining Weaponeers, who had started to argue with one of the complex's Lead Reseachers. But the argument was cut off as two of the Breen turned and fired on the Away Team. After they were subdued, The Third Breen quickly surrendered, telling the Team all he knew with little prompting.

It appeared that the Breen were attempting a grand power grab within The Corporate and had planned to used knowledge gained during their experiments on Mercia IV to do it. The Minister of Tamenworth was made aware of the arrangement and acted as a sort of "broker" between the Breen Weaponeer contractors and the rogue Sheliak leadership. However, a timely accident shook The Minster's confidence in the venture. One of the Weaponeer's "clone-flesh" broke containment and all but annhilated one of the Mercian coast colonies. The Minster threatened to inform Starfleet. So the rogue Sheliak enacted a "scorched earth" policy for the facilities. Using the contracted Breen as muscle for the ground operations.

The Away Team swiftly took The Third Breen into custody, but not before confronting the last of the complex's guards. Who were also quickly dispatched and apprehended as the walls closed in around Minister Varn and the remaining forces of the rogue Sheliak. The Away Team then deactivated the remaining signal jammers and neutralized the reacting agents in the Tamenworthian water supply, freeing the populace from the unseen interference from the Sheliak and Breen.

The Arrow and her crew were then ordered back to Starfleet HQ by way of the Prometheus-class' trans-warp slipstream corridor. Towed more or less with a low-grad tractor beam keeping the ship in the Prometheus-class' wake. Both for debrief and repairs

It is of the opinion(s) of these program(s) that LTCmdr. Collins continues to acclimate well to his transition back to Sciences. His move toward the Helm in a tense moment and focus on the information being relayed around him again proves he is keeping attentive. Rising to the occasion he can in admirable ways. However, with this refocus comes a slight hyper-focus which nearly got him injured once again on-mission as he failed to display a spatial awareness befitting an officer of his station.

Further Analysis Requires Further Input.

Shore Leave Interlude #1: Return to Collinsport/Return to Ring 42

As Shore Leave conditions were announced, Quentin Collins divded his time between two former places of great import to him. His hometown of Collinsport and Ring 42 of the Avarro Wildes.

The former was the product of a set of clandestine invites that his siblings Sara and David had sent out without his knowledge. Inviting most of the Senior Staff for a few weeks stay at his ancestral home. Along with the news that their Mother, Professor Angelique Bouchard-Collins, had left the house, seemingly with no intentions to return in the near future. And leaving the grounds and deed of Collins House, alongside sizeable assets, to her children in the meantime.

The latter return to Ring 42 was from an invite originating from Captain Oddas Aria, who was due to open for operations Denali Station; the first wholly Starfleet/Federation outpost in Wilds space. He gracefully accepted along with Chief of Security Artinus Serinus. Little did he know he was also to serve as witness to Oddas' promotion to Fleet Captain.

As of now he is dividing his time between Collinsport, the Arrow, and Denali Station.

  • ((see attached for technical specification of S.C.O.E's Project XV))

*APPENDIX.1 - BRAIN EVENT*: This program still as little information about the officer's Delta Wave prognosis, but what follows is a preliminary overview of the event as to how it relates to the officer's current mental state.

  • -After resuscitation during the Shrine Mission, it was discovered that LTCMMD. Collins' frontal lobe now produces a measurable amount of Delta Waves. Even in a waking state, Quentin's mind now produces 6x's the normal amount.

-It was theorized that due to the overproduction, Quentin Collins was now more susceptible to extra-sensory input, psychic transmissions, and "remote viewing", being the act of mentally focusing on an object or person in order to attune oneself to the aura and vibrations of the object/person's self. This theory has yet to be fully tested, but it does speak to the officer's claims of recently "hearing voices" and "seeing The Dude" again.

-On Kerak Tor, LTCMMD. Collins says he experienced a sort of "vision", conjuring images of his home in flames and the possible results of failure to stop the cult. He then speaks of a sort of "pulse" which allowed him to cast off his bonds and served as semi-inoculation from the Orb's effects for a limited time. Further experimentation is required to suss out the veracity of these claims.

-Prior to the "Brain Event", LTCMMD. Collins was examined by multiple Starfleet physicians, as well as the Academy's Chief Medical Officer and given clean bills of health by all. He also carries little to no genetic pre-existing conditions from his family, leading to the prognosis to stand out among his relatively benign medical history.

-Quentin was working in conjunction with former Eagle Chief Medical Officer Doctor Solok to gain a more academic understanding of his condition. The pair plan to do so with a running log and echogram of the wave activity in order to discern more about the condition. Little came of the findings, but Quentin remains hopeful he can gain an understanding and possible mastery of his new "skill"

-Quentin recently connected with new Arrow Medical officer Dr. Cassandra Mason, revealing to her his affliction and starting to lay out a further plan to study his brain. Time will tell if results will show.

-In past weeks, thanks to the return of Dr. Mason and an influx of new Medical Staff to the Arrow, efforts are now better underway to explain Commander Collins' increased output of Delta Waves.*

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239512 Graduated Starfleet Academy Science
Ensign 239512.11 - 239605.27 USS Eagle Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239605.27-239611.19 USS Eagle Science Officer
Lieutenant 239611.19 - 239702.06 USS Eagle Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239702.06 - 239704.28 USS Eagle Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239704.28 - 239706.27 USS Juneau Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239706.27 - 239707.21 USS Arrow Acting First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239707.22 - 239807.30 USS Arrow First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239807.30 - Present USS Arrow Chief Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 239606.25
USS Eagle
“know I was deeply and wholly impressed with your writing talents, your dedication and your drive. Your sims for Collins have been unwaveringly amazing and consistently delightful to behold. I look forward to writing with you more in the future, but in the meantime, I know your example will be a fine one”
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Nebula Bar 239606.25
USS Eagle
“One of his nominators described his writing like “I know the words, and understand them perfectly, but it sounds like they’re creating a new language, one more capable of delivering ideas than its predecessor. His choice of words is always thoughtful and insightful. He doesn’t describe a scene; he picks it up, and drops it onto you, and leaves you to simply see it, instead of trying to imagine it in your own mind” and I know I am hard pressed to give a better description of his work.”
Awards The Khan Award.png
Khan Award 239706.19
USS Juneau
"Yara Fennet’s blend of bureaucratic fortitude, clarity of mission, and moral certitude made her a great villain, an archetype that is so much than just an archetype and an example of how to write great villains and is definitely worth of the Khan Award."
Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png
Pathfinder Award 239706.19
USS Juneau
"From almost the moment he hit the ground Collins has gone out of his way to be helpful, answering questions in a thoughtful and concise manner, and to show his players how to play the game in a way that is fun and interesting."
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Silver Palm 239706.19
USS Juneau
"Awarded to those that consistently raise the morale of their crew in their behavior and simming, it’s an important distinction, recognizing the most spirited among us."
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Sheathed Sword 239806.27
USS Arrow
"Presented to those to decide to inflict mental and/or physical trauma on their character, and then dive into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner. The name comes from a line in a Robert Jordan book where a warrior must be prepared to 'sheath the sword' in his own body, i.e. take a grievous wound to achieve one's goal (in this case, more realistic simming) as opposed to an actual goal of the character."
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239512.11
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 239601.02
USS Eagle
Participation in the Relaunch of the USS Eagle
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 239707.18
USS Juneau
Participation in the Launch of the USS Juneau
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 239710.02
USS Arrow
Participation in the Relaunch of the USS Arrow
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239603.01
Oddas Aria
The Captain's Commendation is a general service ribbon awarded to a person for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of his/her duties, when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by his/her commanding officer.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239611.19
Oddas Aria
2nd Citation. Awarded for gallantry aboard enemy station Karek Tor.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239707.18
Randal Shayne
3rd Citation. Awarded for gallantry in retaking the U.S.S. Arrow.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239710.04
Randal Shayne
4th Citation. Awarded for service in aggressive negotiations with the Sheliak Corporate.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239808.19
Randal Shayne
5th Citation. Awarded for acts of selflessness and gallantry during the Gentii II negotiations.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239603.01
Oddas Aria
Awarded to anyone who sustains injury in the line of duty.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239608.21
Oddas Aria
2nd Citation. For injuries sustained during WARP XV Test.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239811.08
Randal Shayne
3rd Citation. For injuries sustained on Ferengi Marauder Fortuna in defence of Ash MacKenna.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239902.01
Randal Shayne
4th Citation. For (multiple) injuries sustained on "The Midnight Planet".
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239605.27
Oddas Aria
Awarded to anyone who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239608.21
Oddas Aria
2nd Citation. Awarded for discovery of another "Layer" of reality.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239710.02
Randal Shayne
3rd Citation. Awarded for discovery of The Alpha Isles.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239811.08
Randal Shayne
4th Citation. Awarded for discovery of the Gorn Space Hulk.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239605.27
Oddas Aria
Awarded to anyone who distinguishes him or herself by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239705.16
Oddas Aria
2nd Citation. Awarded for Developing the Hybrid Grunn Fern with the Engineering Department.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239801.04
Randal Shayne
Awarded for Individuals who talk through problems even at their own hazard.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239803.26
Randal Shayne
2nd Citation. Awarded for Successful Negotiations with The Brotherhood of Thet and Thet themselves.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239808.19
Randal Shayne
3rd Citation. Awarded for successful negotiations with the citizens of Gentii II.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239608.21
Oddas Aria
Awarded for contact with the citizens of "The Layer"
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239705.16
Oddas Aria
2nd Citation. Awarded for contact with the Acens
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon 239608.21
Oddas Aria
Awarded to an individual who participates in a mission within an alternate universe
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon 239608.21
Oddas Aria
Awarded to an individual who has risked his or her own life to save the life of another member of Starfleet.
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239702.06
Randal Shayne
Awarded to an individual who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239705.16
Oddas Aria
2nd Citation. Awarded for Defense and Repair of RING 42.
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239707.18
Randal Shayne
3rd Citation. Awarded for Assisting in the Reclamation of USS Arrow.
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 239806.01
Randal Shayne
Awarded to an individual who has distinguished himself or herself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 239811.08
Randal Shayne
2nd Citation. Awarded for actions aboard Ferengi Marauder Fortuna.
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239801.04
Randal Shayne
Awarded for Negotiating a Lasting Peace or Armistice with an Enemy Faction.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239801.04
Randal Shayne
Awarded for Assisting in the Steadying of Theta 122.
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg
Extended Service Ribbon 239808.19
Randal Shayne
Awarded for One Year of Service in the Alpha Isles.
Awards ServiceRibbons GornCampaign 2011.jpg
Gorn Campaign Ribbon 239811.08
Randal Shayne
Awarded to an officer who participates in a conflict against the Gorn

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