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"May the new dawn be kinder to your people than the last" - Caitian proverb

USS Ronin
Luxa final glazed.jpg
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Luxa Lorana
Position Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Caitian
Gender Female
DOB 237211.24
Age 28
Birthplace Cait
Writer ID A240004LL2
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Player Achievements
Friends in high places
What's up, doc?
Penny for your thoughts
It's all in the details
A face for the name
Data hound
Man on a mission
Detail oriented
What do you want to do tonight, Brain?
I'm a Doctor, not a...
News Hound
Press F to Honor
Captain Proton to the Rescue!
What Door?
I See Trees of Phlebotinum
Movie Night
Chat Trivia Participant
Badge 1.png
Awards Ceremony Nominator
Badge 1.png

Lieutenant Luxa Lorana is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Ronin. At the academy Luxa specialised in astronomy and exogeology, although would describe herself as a generalist. Recently she has been training to specialise in Xenobiology.

As well as the above, Luxa is an accomplished pilot. Her experience on transport vessels lead her to take a minor in helm and astronavigation at Starfleet Academy.

Born on the Caitian homeworld Cait (natively known as Ferasa). Luxa was born to a well-respected and renowned family. She spent her youth learning about art and culture, and is indeed a talented artist herself although rarely pursues it due to her eing forced to do so as a cub.

Luxa left Cait in a shroud of scandal after publicly bringing shame upon her mother and family. She then spent some time on the Caitian transport vessel, the Y'Kiran, working as a crewhand, primarily within the loading bays. This is where she discovered her love for science, observing and studying the phenomena she would encounter, and teaching herself the fundamentals of science.

Eventually this love of science would aid her when the Y'Kiran responded to a distress call from a Starfleet vessel trapped within a dangerous nebula. Luxa was able to determine, from her studies, the nature of the phenomena and was key in the recovery of the Starfleet crew. This encounter would directly result in her recommendation to join Starfleet, which she would go on to do.


Luxa Lorana Ensign.png
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 141 lbs
  • Hair: Black roots and silver
  • Fur: Black and silver. She has darker spots around her body, but silver strikes down her spine and silver fluff ball at the tip of her tail
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Build: Svelte and Athletic
Luxa attending the Fleet Awards.



Noimage.jpg M'Aris Lorana
Mother, accomplished artist and architect
M'Aris loves her children, yet she is often estranged and distant in her dealings with them. Preferring to focus on her works, which takes her across the galaxy. M'Aris and Luxa arer estranged for the most part. A rebellious act in Luxa's youth drove a wedge between them, and although they have been in contact since Luxa joined Starfleet Academy, the rift is yet to be healed.
Noimage.jpg S'nar Lorana
Father, poet and philosopher
S'nar is a devoted father, who loves all his children. He would call Luxa 'the little terror' lovingly as a child. The rift between Luxa and his family has affected him deeply over the years.
Noimage.jpg 10 siblings in total, including her 3 littermates
Litter 1: M'arisa, Caster, S'naralla and Froms'r
Litter 2: Coles and T'Lyssa (the twins), Brika
Litter 3: (Luxa littermates) S'arasa, M'bel and Della
The eldest sibling M'arisa, is the one that holds them all together. Luxa's littermates S'arasa, M'bel and Della keep in contact with infrequent exchanges. In some way Luxa feels betrayed as her littermates did not defend her when she was younger, and they have allowed the estrangement between them to grow larger over the years.

Old Friends

Noimage.jpg Duperra
Childhood friend, bad influence, first love?
Duperra and Luxa met in her final year at the P'Larg School of Art, Culture and Philosophy. Luxa was drawn to the rebellious young Caitian as she represented freedom and self expression, something that Luxa felt lacking in her own life. Duperra was also extremely interested in radical politics, believing that the Federation had tamed the Caitians true nature. This would eventually lead to Duperra and Luxa performing an act of extreme vandalism, that would see Luxa cast out from her family. It's not sure how the friendship ends, although Luxa is convinced that she is responsible for Duperra's death.
Duperra: No. We're not protesting against the Federation or Starfleet. I couldn't give a claw about them. It's what they do we're protesting about. Robbing other species of their cultural heritage. We just want Caitians to wake up. See that this is all a sham. A recruitment drive for an organisation that essentially removes autonomy from other races, and leaves them with this.[1]
Noimage.jpg S'karal
Captain of the Caitian transport vessel Y'Kiran
S'karal is Duperra's father and he took Luxa into his service after she left Cait. The relationship between the two was not always plain sailing, yet she learnt a lot from him. S'karal had a natural mistrust of other species and only hired Caitians into his service believing that it meant for an easier integration to his ship's systems and adjustments would not have to be made.
S'karal: I don't want them to die but I don't want to lose this ship and this crew either. I have a duty of care to every Caitian onboard, I'll protect you all until my dying breath and that doesn't include running into a dangerous nebula that could kill us all.[2]


EnsignClaraQuinn.png Clara Quinn
Best friend at Starfleet Academy
Clara is a human engineering officer, who came back inot Luxa's life during a shore leave on Cait, when she was stationed on Cait Spacedock. She joined the Ronin crew at launch along with Luxa and Vailani from the Artemis. She was raised on Denobula. Her mother Theodora Quinn, was a cocktail waitress on Earth who fell in love and married a Denobulan diplomat. Theodora now has three Denobulan husbands. Clara was raised within a typically large Denobulan family. This left to her feeling a little unaccustomed to human ways when she first attended Starfleet Academy, which then led to her becoming friends with fellow outsider Luxa. Luxa began to have feelings for Clara that went beyond friendship and this led to them having an argument, which meant they never spoke for a year until the Artemis, and Luxa, was docked at the Spacedock for repairs after the events of Drill (Artemis) .
Quinn: I had a friend at the academy, she's Caitian. We always used to talk about visiting the planet. She wanted to show me her favourite cities, her family's home in the jungle, and the famous Rajan arena. I don't know, it didn't feel right to go without her.[3]
HiroJones.jpg Hiro Jones
Friend and some time accomplice
They first met after she was assigned to the USS Artemis-A, in the final act of Impact (Artemis). He also transferred to the Ronin a few months after Luxa. They became fast friends, and Luxa enjoys his monthly movie nights. The two officers got into some bother when they decided to have an adventure on Cait during shore leave. They went hiking in the beautiful countryside, leapt from a mountain and glided with flying creatures, cave walks and then finished it all up in the cells, after getting into a bar brawl. Let's just say these two know how to have fun!
Jones: Well, you've kept me alive this long. I have no reason to not trust you now. ::sigh:: Let's go.[4]
Vailani Zoyara Ensign.png Vailani Zoyara
Luxa and Zoy were not immediately friends, when they were assigned the same quarters on the Artemis. A little tension when they first met, has blossomed into a friendship. Vailani also transferred to the Ronin at launch, and they have continued their uneasy friendship, sharing many breaksfasts and lunches together. They now have regular holodeck adventures, and Luxa went to sickbay to ensure she was okay after Zoy was injured in the Suliban attack, see Drill (Artemis).
Vailani: I appreciate you being somewhere else.[5]
Flint-Kader.png Flint Kader
New recruit
Kader arrived in the shuttle to the Artemis before Luxa, and they bonded quickly being new recruits. They also took part on an adventure with the Denali Invitational space race.
Kader: Very few of my friends pounce on armed attackers so I definitely believe you have the disposition for it.[6]
Sil-Picard Uniform.png Vitor Silveira
Fun friend
Luxa was confused and slightly frightened of Vitor at first, when they met on the Artemis. He seemed erratic and spontaneous to her. She reluctantly agreed to take him on a tour of Cait's old fishing quarters and after spending a night of drinking and dancing found that she had found a friend in him.
Silveira: What, you thought I would call you Luxa or Lor? No way. Besides, give enough time and drinks and I will make something that would likely have you calling me something worse. Like starting flirting with you.[7]

Notable Colleagues

Ronin Niac.jpg Karrod Niac
Commanding Officer
Although Luxa hasn't had much to do with her new CO since joining the crew of the Ronin, she respects his authority and from what she has seen, she likes his style of command. Being in the Alpha Isles, and with her growing confidence, will this Trill be able to control the stubborn Caitian?
Alieth profile ltcmmdr2.png Alieth
Chief Science Officer, Second Officer
Since arriving on the USS Ronin Luxa has spent much of her time working alongside her direct superior Alieth. The unusual Vulcan has definitely made Luxa re-evaluate her assumptions on the species. Luxa has witnessed Alieth's stubborn nature first hand/ Although it does seem that the both of them have a lot of similarities, which does lead to extreme risks being taken in the name of science. Recently the two of them beamed on to a Lattice Alliance super structure that was emitting strong radiation and this resulted in them having their molecules destabilise.
Alieth: Indeed, it is a folly that borders on stupidity that is unlikely for a Starfleet officer, and if you think that as your superior I am willing to let you go out there alone,you really have lost your mind. :: a little softer:: However, the objective of this mission is to gather information, and this nonsense you have concocted really has some merit to achieve it, so we will do this together.[8]
2400-MacKenzie-WM-Long.png Addison MacKenzie
Former CO, Trainer
Luxa first met her future CO whilst on the cadet cruise on Starbase 118. Luxa has a deep respect for Commander MacKenzie and is eager to impress her, which she appeared to be doing until shore leave on Cait. Luxa and her friend Hiro got mixed up with an old acquaintance from her days on the Y'Kiran. When they ended up in a Cait Detention Facility, MacKenzie did not let them out, leaving the two young officers to sweat it out.
MacKenzie: No, no, you did very well. Truthfully, it was a relief to see that you’d been assigned to this ship because I knew we were not only getting a good officer, but a talented scientist.[9]

Personal History

Early Life and Family


Luxa as a young child.

Luxa was born on stardate 237211.24, to her mother's final litter. She was the last born, and was always known affectionately as 'the little terror' due to her stubbornness to arrive after her littermates. Her mother, M'Aris is a popular artist, sculpture and architect. She, along with Luxa's father, S'nar would spend much of their time off-world touring Federation worlds, or working on projects.

Luxa was raised by her siblings and within her clan on Cait. It was a happy, love-filled childhood. She would often travel with her parents, which helped her language skills, making her more adept at interacting with other species - although she can struggle with this.

P'Larg School of Art, Culture and Philosophy


Luxa was enrolled in the Caitian's most prestigious school of art, culture and philosophy - as had all her siblings and both her parents before her.

Luxa had an independent streak and struggled to fit in at the school, always curious about what was beyond the confines of her privileged upbringing.

Luxa was talented but she lacked passion in her art. Preferring to be technically perfect but it was often commented on that her works lacked emotion and feeling.

The Final Year at P'Larg


Duperra was the daughter of the captain of a transport vessel, the Y'Kiran, who enrolled at P'Larg in Luxa's final year. Duperra and Luxa would often get into trouble. Duperra believed that Caitians should embrace their wilder instincts and would encourage Luxa to runaway into the plains for days at a time.

On her birthdate, for her 16th birthday, her mother planned a great celebration of her new installation which included some of Luxa and her siblings works. Luxa's mother was incredibly proud of this achievement, and was honoured that she was allowed to provide this piece to the people of Cait. It was her legacy piece, symbolic and beautiful.

Luxa and Duperra destroyed the art and placed offensive colours and symbols on the sculptures designed to embarrass her mother. It worked. Luxa felt great shame for what she had done, she had tried to prevent the offense but Duperra had stopped her from intervening.

Luxa left Cait in shame, banished by her family.

The Y'Kiran Years


Duperra's family worked on transport vessels, they offered Luxa a role within the crew on the Y'Kiran. She quickly adapted to life on a transport ship, realising that she loved exploration. She then began to delve into her studies of the universe; nebulas, spacial anomalies - just about anything.

Although she missed her family terribly, she loved the adventures of being part of the crew of the Y'Kiran and visiting so many different worlds, which began her interest in sciences. Luxa collected many rocks from most of the planets she visited.

The transport vessel encountered a strange phenomena and a Starfleet vessel in distress. The vessel had been drawn into a nebula, Luxa's studies allowed her to assist the starfleet crew in rescuing themselves and the captain recommended her admittance into Starfleet Academy and also helped her reconcile with her family.

Post Graduation Academic Transcript

Year 2400
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours
BIO201 General Physiology B+ 1.0
BIO202 Physiology, Major Species: Klingon B 1.0
BIO203 Physiology, Minor Species: Tholian A 1.0
BIO221 Evolution, Humanoid A 1.0
BIO211 Genetics, Humanoid 1 B 1.0
BIO212 Genetics, Humanoid 2 A 1.0
BIO213 Genetics, Non-Humanoid A+ 1.0
Year 2401
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours


Starfleet Academy


Luxa's life in the Academy was challenging. She found it hard to socialise with humans as until this point she hadn't encountered that many. She delved into her studies and became a little bit of a loner - which was unusual for a Caitian.

This did have an affect on her mental health but luckily she reached out and overcame this to join some groups. Luxa became quite active in the Science Groups at the academy and formed many friendships, even letting her hair down on occasion.

USS Artemis-A


Luxa on the bridge of the USS Artemis-A.

Luxa's first official posting is the Luna class USS Artemis-A, stationed in the Borderlands under the command of CO Addison MacKenzie.

Impact (Artemis)

Luxa joined the crew at the final stages of a relief mission to Da'al planet Meranuge IV after a meteor had struck the city of Tecra, killing an estimated 10,000 individuals. She reported to Sickbay, to find that Commander Addison MacKenzie was treating injured Da'al citizens.

The meteor had an unusual affect on the citizens of the planet, and the telepathic and empathic crew members of the USS Artemis-A. A dust, containing Gallium, spread around the site of the meteor's impact which seemed to be causing these effects, which caused extreme rage in those affected.

Luxa then joined the Science team, tasked with deploying a device to counter the effects of the now named Da'allium on the planet. Luxa assisted in stunning some rage filled citizens to let the team, consisting of Chief Engineer Hallia Yellir, Ensign Hiro Jones and Ensign Jovenan, to deploy the device.

This resulted in the reversal of the effects of the Da'allium.

Shore Leave Mission: The Canyon

While eating lunch with Ensigns Flint Kader and Savel, Ensign Jovenan invites them to explore Merangue IV, the Da'al homeworlds La'kso Canyon, which has mineral pools and Kelbonite deposits, that have created a beautiful vista. They had recently completed a mission to revert the effects of Da'allium and provide aid after a meteor strike.

They decide to take a shuttle to the surface, as the Kelbonite deposits will interfere with the transporters and any scanning equipment they may bring.

Meanwhile a covert operations was being conducted, in which Jovenan and Lieutenant Talos Dakora were trying to ascertain the nature of the meteor strike as it appeared to be a deliberate attack, that may have been orchestrated by high ranking members of the Da'al government. The Kelbonite deposits are suspected of masking the evidence to prove the attack was committed.

The merry band of ensigns all pack into a Type-18 shuttlecraft Perseus. It's a tight squeeze as the group of eager fresh faced recruits have decided to bring along testing kits, some grappling gear and ropes, as well as the camping equipment.

The expedition starts off uneventful, they land, and they walk for several kilometres. Spotting the scaled monarch, a large flying creature that Savel has been interested in studying.

Eventually they encounter two Da'al men on the path, claiming to be wardens. It is soon established that they are not wardens, yet Da'al terrorists named Kireeh and Rennol that want to prevent the ensigns from going any further. Kireeh informs the group that he has placed explosives on the rock face above them, with a crude detonator in his hand.

After a short standoff, the group manage to cause a distraction by momentarily having the two Da'al turn on one another. Luxa takes advantage of this opportunity, leaping to disarm Kireeh. Although she is successful in disarming him, Kireeh managed to strike her and then throw her over the edge of the canyon's cliff-face. Luxa manages to use her feline abilities to land on to a small ledge, sustaining multiple serious injuries in the process.

Savel and Kader are able to regain control of the situation, quickly subduing and restraining both men. Jovenan provides assitance to Luxa by using rope to descend to the ledge. She provides some basic medical attention and comfort to Luxa.

The senior officers onboard the Artemis, have been alerted to the risk within this section of the planet after Dakora uncovered the plot from the Da'al minister to destabilise the Da'al government. Realising that the ensigns could be in danger he along with Commander Genkos Adea and Lieutenant Gabriel Osuna make haste to the planet with a team to recover the ensigns.

They arrive to provide relief, interrogate the prisoners, and provide medical attention to Luxa.

Shore Leave on Cait
Both Sides Now

USS Ronin

2400-Present Luxa's was transferred to the Akira class USS Ronin, and was part of the launch crew. The ship is currently stationed in the Alpha Isles under the command of CO Karrod Niac.

Launch of the Ronin
The Spark and The Powderkeg
Shore Leave Mission: Lost to Time

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-cadet4 blue.png
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
PICstyle-ens blue.png
Ensign SD 240004.12 - 240009.20 USS Artemis-A
Science Officer
PICstyle-ens blue.png
Ensign SD 240009.20 - 240101.06 USS Ronin
Akira-cgi copy.jpg
Science Officer
PICstyle-ltjg blue.png
Lieutenant JG SD 240101.06 - 240116.04 USS Ronin
Akira-cgi copy.jpg
Science Officer
PICstyle-lt blue.png
Lieutenant SD 240116.04 - Present USS Ronin
Akira-cgi copy.jpg
Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2400
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 240005.19
USS Artemis
“[F]or the successful reinstatement of the USS Doyle, now USS Artemis-A." [10]
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 2400
USS Artemis
Awarded for Luxa's part in returning the Artemis and Berlin safely after the attempted boarding of Suliban pirates.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for being the launch crew for the USS Ronin coming back into service.
Tholian Campaign Ribbon.png
Tholian Campaign Ribbon 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for participating in the conflict against the Tholian-Sheliak Lattice Alliance.
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for her part in dicovering the time vortex, resulting from Chroniton emmissions that interacted with Sencha Radiation.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for being able to retrieve the data from a Lattice Alliance superstructure.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for her part in saving the lives of survivors found in Lattice Alliance space.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for injuries sustained in the line of duty.
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 240101.06
USS Ronin
Awarded for going above and beyond to return the survivors of the USS Timothy to their timeline, in doing so preserving it.
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 240116.04
USS Ronin
For uncovering the terraforming process on Grus Beta Three, and the discovery of the resulting Tholian hybrid offspring.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 240116.04
USS Ronin
Awarded for her participation of the mission on Grus Beta Three.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 240116.04
USS Ronin
For discovering the tunnels, and Maleconite deposits beneath Grus Beta Three.

USS Artemis-A

Luxa's first commission was onboard the USS Artemis-A. Whilst their she met her good friends; Hiro Jones, Vitor Silveira, Jovenan, Flint Kader, Gila Sadar and Kuva.

USS Ronin


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Ronin Niac.jpg
Karrod Niac
LtCdr Toryn Raga.png
First Officer
Toryn Raga
Alieth ltcmmdr.png
CSO & 2O
Luxa final glazed.jpg
Science Officer
Luxa Lorana
V'Len Kel
Medical Officer
Quentin Beck
DekasBLTAvatar Blue.png
Ian OConnor Ensign.png
Ian O'Connor
USS Ronin-logo.png
Chief Tact/Sec
Kirsty L.Carpenter
Security Officer
Marty Tucker LtJG.png
Chief Engineer
Marty Tucker
Is'Kah Ensign.png
Alidar Raedai.png
Ops. Officer
Alidar Raedai
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