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USS Juneau
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Position Engineering officer
Rank Ensign
Species Aurelian
Gender Androgynous Male
DOB 237005.09
Age 28
Birthplace Aurelia
Writer ID J239802D12

Ensign Dekas is currently serving as an Engineering officer aboard the USS Juneau.


  • Full name: Dekas
  • Race: Aurelian
  • DOB: 237005.09
  • Place of Birth: Tropics of Aurelia
  • Gender: Androgynous Male (He's a bit gender-nonconforming. Enough so that if people get it wrong on the first try he won't correct it. He's unbothered by being considered differently by different people, and sometimes he finds it pleasant to be considered differently. He's been in a slight questioning phase since leaving Aurelia and getting to know more diverse people, but it's not the top of his list of concerns. In the end, he is who he is. He is himself. Whoever that is, and whatever that ends up being. That means more to him than defining it with a word. Unless something requires a technical answer, he'll usually just answer a question about it with a very sincere, "I'm me." Or if he's feeling silly he might answer it with "I'm an engineer.")
    • Orientation: He likes who he likes. He's felt attracted to many people both on and off Aurelia in various senses, and gender has never played a role in those attractions. Though admittedly he's inexperienced in knowing what to do with any of it.


  • Height: 6'4 (1.95m)
  • Weight: 135lbs (61.2kg) he's definitely lighter than his height suggests. Semi-hollow bones and all.
  • Wingspan: When his wings are fully spread out, they're about 9 feet all the way across. His wings are also sizable enough to reach down the majority of his back with the addition of longer feathers, and a little above his shoulders when folded against his back. And he keeps his wings against his back unless he can't, or is otherwise asked.
  • Feathers: Scarlet feathers, with some blue and yellow on the wings.
  • Eyes: Blue.
  • Build: He is tall and lithe. Svelte and elegant. He’s also stronger than he probably looks at first glance. But almost all of it is very much lean muscle, so it makes any muscular appearance look more toned than big. The feathers tend to hide that a little bit.
  • Taste in clothing (off duty): Loose. Flowy and breathable. Beautiful. Because he is a feathered person, things that are too heavy a fabric overheat him and that's not good, especially since he works in Engineering where things can get warm pretty fast. Also back on Aurelia clothes are fairly optional because of the feathers, and he’s somewhat used to that. So he tends toward things that are light and easy to move in. But he does appreciate aesthetic, so these things are definitely colorful. Tastefully so. Not too distractingly bright without reason. Many of the styles he finds beautiful are considered more feminine, and his off duty attire absolutely reflects that when he’s not in uniform.
  • Uniform (on duty): It’s very similar to most people’s uniform with a few alterations because of being a person with large wings and also covered in feathers. The most reasonable difference is the back is more open to allow for his wings. The fabric is a touch lighter to be more breathable. But the most noticeable difference is that his uniform does not have sleeves and stops at the shoulders. Easier to move in. Keeps it from getting caught on his feathers and causing problems while he’s working. But it otherwise looks about the same as a regular uniform outside of those little differences.
  • Voice: Cheery. Bit sing-songy. Perhaps... feathery when he's using his voice softer. Think something vaguely akin to a Norweigian accent in musicality. Tends to end sentences with a rising intonation. He sounds as friendly as he is. Which is to say very. His vocal range is a little higher. He’s also sometimes flamboyant when excited, which accentuates the rising intonations and musicality.
  • Notable details: His bright, scarlet plumage is among his most noticeable features, along with the fact he has large wings. He also has a tattoo of an intricate feather with touches of yellow and orange in it on the right side of his beak. It’s the tattoo that marks his journey into maturity and adulthood.


  • Hobbies and Pastimes: On his own time he can be found researching things that are of interest to him if he's feeling a need for time to himself. He can otherwise be found socializing, or singing and/or whistling to himself. If not sometimes talking to himself. He is also learning Federation Standard Sign Language because he wants to break that language barrier and simply find the language, in and of itself, very beautiful. He also at one point knew how to play a harp and plans on picking it up again in the future.
  • Likes: Helping people, learning new things, whistling, reading, various theatrical music like show-tunes or just things that you can sing and/or dance to, singing, dancing, art, has a particular fondness for things that glow, flowers, meeting new friends, engineering.
  • Dislikes: Unkindness. Dishonesty, he'd much rather hear a nasty truth than a lie. Other things to be discovered with time.
  • Ambitions and Goals: For now, his goal is simply to do his best with who he is and be a good person. May become more specific as things move forward.
  • Temperament: Very friendly. Curious. Decently excitable if his energy is encouraged, or something makes him very happy. Does his best to express himself in a way that the humanoid majority understand as approachable. Sometimes hard with a beak, but he really is trying. He's a pretty upbeat dude.
  • Values: Above all, he values kindness, openness, family and friendship. As a person he seeks to emulate those values the best he can. He gives people the benefit of the doubt unless he finds he cannot. He tries his best to show empathy and compassion. He encourages people when he can, and he does his best to be welcoming.
  • Religious views: He believes in the Pho'nix, and shows great respect for the idea of the Great Fire Bird. But he also is open to the concept that the bird is more of a legend than a literal real being. He acknowledges his limited understanding of many things. The Bird could be real, and a god of their world. The Bird could be a legend. For all Dekas knows, the bird could have been of the first Aurelians to have a sense of sentience beyond the basics, so the progenitor of his species in that way. He's not one to pretend he's vain enough to claim he knows for sure. But he greatly respects The Pho'nix in whatever form or truth the idea holds. If he meditates, often he either grounds himself with the help of the Pho'nix in mind, or at the very least makes sure to extend gratitude for Them. And if he does pray for whatever reason, then The Great Fire Bird is the one he prays to.
  • Known Languages: Aurelian Tropical Dialect and Formal Aurelian (fluent ; First languages), Federation Standard (fluent), Several other Aurelian flock dialects (fluent or conversational depending on the dialect), Federation Standard Sign Language (conversational)


  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Parents:
    • Mother: Zuka
    • Father: Daf
  • Siblings: He has 12 older siblings. 9 sisters, 3 brothers. He's the youngest. He's also the only one of his siblings to be born as a singular hatchling instead of being a twin or a triplet (which are very common on Aurelia.)
    • Siblings in birth order: Rha and Ruri (sisters), Irik and Keso (brothers), Sukki, Mars, and Ehk (sisters), Gura and Eris (brother and sister), Aki, Koori, and Ura (sisters)


Dekas was raised in the tropics of Aurelia. He has beautiful scarlet plumage like the rest of his flock. He is the youngest of 13 children born to Zuka and Daf. In turn he does struggle a bit with fully knowing himself at times as he has so many other Aurelians that he takes after. It's a lot to live up to.

In some ways Dekas is extremely naive. He's a product of his planet's culture and the culture's distinct lack of internal and external conflict with his people and other peoples. He's cautious when need be, but he will give anyone the benefit of the doubt up front regardless of initial anxieties. He knows not every person or group has good intentions. He's usually smart enough to pick up on it with enough time. His family line and flock history hold a great deal of the loss from the Orion's attempt to take over their planet. Many of the still missing Aurelians can be traced back to his flock and similarly unique flocks. (There is, after all, a reason that most Aurelians seen are of yellow feathers.) He sometimes thinks and reflects about if they're still out there, or maybe if their descendants are, and if they'll ever be found. But much like the rest of his people, he tries to move past it and not look on other races as people who'd do the same as the Orions.

He’s extremely friendly, and always willing to help where he’s needed. Tends to want to care for others before himself. To a fault, if he’s not careful. Family is important to him, so he tries to find family in those around him. He likes people despite any awkwardness.

It took him a little extra time to decide if he wanted to leave Aurelia and join Starfleet. Due to a disagreement with Koori, the sister he feels the strongest connection to, he was almost talked out of it. But he followed his intuition and his heart and eventually chose to go. Most of his family was very supportive. Curious. Excited for him. Even Koori was supportive to a degree, but as of current their relationship is a little distanced due to the choice and it has a lot less to do with the physical distance and more to do with the conversation they had before he left. They haven't talked much about it since then even over mail or video chats. He hopes to try and fix that eventually. Somehow.

While in the academy he learned he had quite the affinity for Engineering. Something he hadn’t expected of himself as it isn't typical of Aurelians to be interested in starship mechanics. But he very much enjoys learning new things about it whenever he can.

He graduated from classes with pretty good marks. Specialized in Material Engineering and Programming and minored in Propulsion Systems and Helm navigation. Takes a secondary interest in various pieces of knowledge about psychology. But that’s more of a side hobby than anything else.

Supplementary Files


Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2393 - 2398 Starfleet Academy
link=Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 239802.02 - Present USS Juneau
Engineering Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2398
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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