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For the alternate universe counterpart, see Kolk, James T. (formerly Kolk, Jackford (alternate)).
USS Ronin
Akira class
Commanding Officers: Idril Mar & Benjamin Walker
Jackford Kolk-Seattle.jpg
First Officer
Jackford Kolk
  • Jackford Kolk: Simmed February 9th, 2007 to June 27th, 2010
    • Engineer, Assistant Chief Engineer, Flight Operations Deck Officer, Chief Flight Operations Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, Security Chief, Chief Strategic Options Officer, Second Officer, Chief Research & Development Officer, First Officer

Suave, debonaire, jovial, and a delight to be around. He served as almost everything up to First Officer of the USS Ronin until his abduction by the Vaadwaur on stardate 238706.27 during the investigation of a deserted Invernian colony on Draconis Gamma VII. Folloing his rescue, he lived aboard Deep Space 17 while undergoing psychological treatment. He returned to duty and was assigned as First Officer of the Endeavour.

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Jackford Kolk
Jackford Kolk-Seattle.jpg
First Officer
USS Endeavour-A
USS Endeavour-A.jpg
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Awards Special DataArtistic 2011.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg

Neelix Award
Data Artistic Award
B-Plot Award
Nebula Bar
Scotty Cross

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Personnel File

Full Name: Jackford Benjamin Kolk
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 236106.30
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Sickbay, Starbase 211
Rank: Commander
Duty Post: First Officer
Assignment: USS Endeavour NCC-1985-A
Jackford Kolk.jpg
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hand Prefence: Right
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Thin & fit
Carriage: Walks with purpose
Poses: Often leans against walls and crosses arms.
  • Father: Robert Benjamin Kolk
    • Date of Birth: 232202.05
    • Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, Earth
    • Occupation: Starfleet Officer
    • Date of Death: 236210.24
    • Place of Death: Starbase 211
  • Mother: Elisabeth Marie Kolk
    • Maiden Name: O'Shea
    • Date of Birth: 232311.27
    • Place of Birth: Killarney, Ireland, Earth
    • Date of Death: 238408.14
    • Place of Death: Seattle, Washington, Earth
LCARS ACCESSED: Stardate 239411.15


  • Quarters: On Deck 4. A picture of Starbase 211 as seen from a shuttlecraft hangs on the wall near his desk; a painting of downtown Seattle, Earth, in a style reminiscent of Van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night," prominently displaying the Space Needle, hangs across from the door; and an anti-grav model of the Constitution Class USS Enterprise floats in front of one of the widows. A sword hangs on the wall near the door, it's sheath generally rests in a drawer underneath in case it's needed; it has been in his family for several hundred years.
  • Favorite Food: Bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast and chocolate milk any time of the day.
  • Mannerisms: Tends to look out windows and let his eyes loose focus when thinking.
  • Temperment: Whimsically jovial but with touch of healthy melancholy.
  • Habits: Talks to himself with a British accent when no one else is around.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Catholic


Pensive when alone, outgoing and jovial in public.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Losing at 3D Chess.
  • Building intricately detailed and nearly fully-functional miniatures of starships and then giving them as gifts to his friends.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Drinks chocolate milk almost 24/7.
  • Severely dislikes his alter ego, "Evil" Jack.

Ambitions and Goals

  • Longs to be a Starfleet captain, so that he can serve and protect those he cares about and uphold the values of the Federation.

Personal Achievements

  • He was entrusted with the Conn for the first time aboard the USS Ronin on stardate 238410.01 and impressed Commander Mar by getting Engineering to increase the ship's top speed to Warp 9.915.
  • Awarded the Neelix Award in his first year of service.
  • He recieved command of his own department, Flight Operations aboard the Ronin, for the first time on stardate 238507.29.
  • Became First Officer of the Ronin on stardate 238608.17

Personal Disappointments

  • Has never won a game of 3D Chess, even against a complete novice.
  • Somehow managed to completely screw up his relationship with Dr. Addison Parker even though, the day they broke up, he thought he was attempting to make the relationship better.
  • Failed to save the life of a pilot whose fighter exploded during his first day as Acting Chief of Flight Operations.
  • Failed to apprehend Evil Jack before he poisoned Captain Mar.

Personal History

Jack was born in space--the medical bay of Starbase 211, between Betazed and Cardassian territory--but only lived in space for a year and four months. Shortly after his father and older sister died in a Cardassian attack, he, his eldest brother, and his mother left the Starbase to live on Earth. They were taken in by his uncle on his father's side, who lived in Seattle, WA. From that time on, his brother Jarod refused to ever travel anywhere again, despising all technology and Starfleet especially for "killing" their father. Jack, however, dreamed of the stars from very early on, and loved traveling all over Earth. They had an uncle, Frank, on their mother's side, who lived and taught in Oxford whom Jack would visit nearly every summer from about the age of three on until graduating from Starfleet Academy. Uncle Frank pulled some strings to get Elisabeth a teaching position at Oxford University, but she declined the opportunity because of Jarod's absolute refusal to travel. Instead, she began teaching at a local high school and eventually became the principal of the school. Jarod tought mathematics there until Elisabeth's death, tending to avoid applying his skill in mathematics to anything warp-related, although he did teach basic warp-field mathematics because the school board requires him to. The brothers hardly spoke to each other at all, though their mother always tried to encourage each of them to "reach out" to the other. Jack was always a bit closer to both of his uncles than to his mother, though he tried to send her regular updates on his life while at the Academy. When their mother died, however, Jarod finally honored her wishes for them to become closer by moving to Deep Space 17 so that he and Jack could see each other whenever the Ronin comes to port. He now teaches in the station's small but growing elementary school.

Jack's first experience with "romance" was at age 8. While visiting his uncle Frank alone during summer break, an older girl (9-years) named Sandra McKenna decided it would be exciting to kiss a non-Earth-born Human and so set her sights on young Jack. He evaded her for many weeks, but 3 days before he scheduled return to Seattle, she cornered him in a secluded section of the historical University of Oxford Botanical Gardens and laid a wet one on him. After she let him up, he wiped off his wet lips and ran off crying.

While Jack was in the Academy, he dated several female students, but none seriously. Upon graduation and assignment to the Ronin he swiftly found himself in a romance with one of the ship's best Medical Officers, Dr. Addison Parker, but the relationship became tenuous when his mother died and he withdrew from her. He was willing to try and patch things up, but she was unexpectedly transferred to another starship at the height of their disassociation.

Shortly thereafter, an Ensign in Engineering, Sarah Reed, began playing pranks on him, leading to a short prank war between them that culminated in him waking up to the image of a Borg Cube looming out his bedroom window and him running to Engineering shirtless and in pajama pants. He confronted her the next day at a party aboard the USS Ursa Major. They danced angrily, forged a rough truce, and then she nearly kissed him... Thrown completely off guard, he spent the next few months figuring out what he felt while slowly transferring from Engineering to Flight Operations. When the tranfer was complete and the ship was stopped off at Earth for shoreleave, he and the Ensign spent a good deal of time together and eventually became a couple. They last saw each other on Deep Space 17 before she shipped off to the USS Independence-A along with LtCmdr. Ethan Brice, Captain Mar, and half the Ronin's command staff.


  1. Stardate 236106.30: Born, Starbase 211
  2. Stardate 236210.24: Cardassian renegades attack Starbase 211, killing Robert and Samantha Kolk.
  3. Stardate 236211.01: Elisabeth, Jarod, and Jackford move to Earth to live with Robert's brother, Frank, in Seattle.
  4. Stardate 237909.01: Entered Starfleet Academy.
  5. Stardate 238402.08: Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
  6. Stardate 238402.09: Assigned as Engineering Officer to USS Ronin.
  7. Stardate 238405.11: Assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer.
  8. Stardate 238405.12: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  9. Stardate 238408.14: Mother Elisabeth dies of natural causes; Jack rushes home, but is a day late.
  10. Stardate 238410.01: First entrusted with the Conn by Commander Mar.
  11. Stardate 238411.25: Promoted to full Lieutenant.
  12. Stardate 238501.17: Presented with the Neelix Award for exemplary off-duty contributions to the ship and crew.
  13. Stardate 238502.02: Began working two shifts per week in Flight Ops under Lt. Commander Wayfel.
  14. Stardate 238402.12: Temporarily assigned as Deck Officer while the Ronin was lost somewhere on the Galactic Barrier along with the USS Independence-A and USS Ursa Major.
  15. Stardate 238507.29: Assigned as Chief of Flight Operations.
  16. Stardate 238509.19: Temporarily assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer additionally.
  17. Stardate 238510.24: Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer.
  18. Stardate 238601.21: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander & Awarded the B-Plot Award, the Nebula Bar, & the Scotty Cross
  19. Stardate 238602.13: Assigned as Second Officer additionally.
  20. Stardate 238607.07: Assigned as Security Chief additionally.
  21. Stardate 238607.28: Combines Security and Tactical departments under the heading "Strategic Operations".
  22. Stardate 238608.17: Assigned as First Officer.
  23. Stardate 238706.27: Abduction by the Vaadwaur during the investigation of a deserted Invernian colony on Draconis Gamma VII.
  24. Stardate 238707.28: Promoted to Full Commander in abscentia.
  25. Stardate 238710.13: Rescued and admitted to phsychological treatment aboard Deep Space 17.
  26. Stardate 238805.20: Returned to duty as First Officer aboard USS Endeavour-A.

Academy Records

Starfleet Assessments and Records

Professional History

  • Current Rank: Commander
  • Current Assignment: USS Endeavour-A
  • Duty Post: First Officer
Professional History
Rank Dates Assignment Post
Cadet, 4th Class 237909.01 - 238007.31 Starfleet Academy,
San Fransisco,
Major: Engineering
Double Minor: Astronomy & History
Cadet, 3rd Class 238009.01 - 238107.31
Cadet, 2nd Class 238109.01 - 238207.31
Cadet, 1st Class 238209.01 - 238307.31
238308.01 - 238402.08 USS Centris-A
Ensign 238402.09 - 238405.11 USS Ronin Engineer
Lieutenant J.G. 238405.12 - 238411.24 Assistant Chief Engineer
Lieutenant 238411.25 - 238502.01
Lieutenant 238502.02 - 238507.28 Assistant Chief Engineer
& Flight Ops Deck Officer
Lieutenant 238507.29 - 238509.18 Chief of Flight Ops
Lieutenant 238509.19 - 238510.23 Chief of Flight Ops &
Assistant Chief Engineer
Lieutenant 238510.24 - 238601.20 Chief Tactical Officer
Lt. Commander 238601.21 - 238602.12 Chief Tactical Officer
Lt. Commander 238602.13 - 238607.06 Chief Tactical Officer
& Second Officer
Lt. Commander 238607.07 - 238607.27 Chief Tactical Officer,
Security Chief,
Second Officer
Lt. Commander 238607.28 - 238608.16 Chief Strategic
Operations Officer

& Second Officer
Lt. Commander 238608.17 - 238705.23 First Officer
Lt. Commander 238705.24 - 238706.27 Chief of Research
& Development
& First Officer
Captured: 238706.27 Abducted by Vaadwaur from
surface of Draconis Gamma VII
Lt. Commander 238706.28 - 238707.27 Missing In Action
Promoted in abscentia
Commander 238707.28 - 238710.12
238710.13 - 238805.19 Rescued and Underwent
Psychological Treatment
on Deep Space 17
238805.20 - Present USS Endeavour-A First Officer

Awards & Commendations

Awards & Commendations
Award Stardate Location Description
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Neelix Award 238501.17 USS Ronin "Lt. Jackford Kolk is a very capable engineer and works well in that role. However, he has recently branched out extensively, working on numerous side-projects for myself and others. In recognition of this off-duty work, he is being awarded the Neelix Award." -Captain Idril Mar
Awards Special DataArtistic 2011.jpg
Data Artistic Award 238601.21 Rewarded to any officer in the fleet who has made a consistent effort to enter each of the bi-monthly writing challenges. Most notably, the officer must have continued participation even if their submissions were not picked as the winner, thus sticking with the challenge and always giving others something exciting to read.
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
B-Plot Award "I'd like to say that Mr. Kolk deserves this promotion to Lt. Commander. Unfortunately I cannot. ::smirking:: For to say that he only deserves this promotion would be to do him a disservice. Despite all of the turmoil in his life, including dealing with an alternate dimensional version that continues to plague him, he has maintained the efforts at bringing this ship together. For this, I am awarding him the B-Plot Award. As we have gone through the stars, his efforts in speaking to and documenting some of the more interesting races has earned him the Nebula Bar. And finally, in deference to his ability to think on his feet and solve a surprising number of problems, despite numerous reports that he never actually spent time in engineering... ::chuckling:: he is awarded the Scotty Cross. Very well done... Commander." -Captain Ben Walker
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Nebula Bar
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Scotty Cross
The Order of Starfleet Merit
and Achievement
Second Class
238703.05 "I've known Mr. Kolk since he first arrived on the Ronin. During that time he has moved up through the ranks, and is now in the unenviable position of my First Officer. ::chuckling:: But you all already know that. What you may not know is the amount of time and effort Mr. Kolk applies in the background, keeping the ship running smoothly, getting the reports together, speaking individually to the departments to reduce the stresses of the job, and that's just the things that I am aware of! Which is why I am honored to present to him this award: The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement, Second Class, also known as TOSMA-Two." -Captain Ben Walker

Mission History

  • USS Ronin
    • "New Fighters & New Friends", Stardates 238405.11 to 238408.08
    • "Runabout Down", Stardates 238408.29 to 238410.31
    • "Pirates & Hotheads", Stardates 238411.28 to 238501.17
    • "Galactic Gloria", Stardates 238502.05 to 238503.08
    • "Lost at Sand", Stardates 238503.30 to 238504.26
  • Earth (while assigned to USS Ronin)
    • "Revenge of the Alternates", Stardates 238506.08-238507.25
  • USS Ronin
    • "Thank Yer Romulan Stars", Stardates 238507.29 to 238509.11
    • "The Hunt for Old Alchilles", Stardates 238509.15 to 238510.24
    • "Too Little, Too Layte", Stardates 238511.04 to 238601.16
    • "O What a Tangled Web...", Stardates 238602.13 to 238606.15

Full Mission Summaries Here

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