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“From caring comes courage.”

Lao Tzu

Crew of the USS Artemis-A


Lieutenant JG Gila Sadar

Lieutenant JG Gila Sadar is a socially inept Mizarian, who prefers to keep her head down and do her work without ever being noticed. She is currently serving on her very first assignment, the USS Artemis-A, as a Medical Officer.

An accomplished, but disgraced historian from Mizar II, she hopes to find a new lease on life with a career in Starfleet.


  • Height: 1.82 m (6'00")
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Build: Average build, long and awkward limbs.
  • Posture: Hunched and nervous, intentionally attempting to seem smaller, unless she’s working.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Gila is never caught anywhere out of her Yael-robes - the customary robes donned by all Mizarians - though they are often in slightly more colorful hues than other Mizarians don. She has a substantial ring collection. Most notably, she always wears a black obsidian ring, that she twists whenever she feels uncomfortable.
  • Voice: Slightly deeper than most, quiet and hesitant. Will talk to herself in an almost mechanical droning while working.
  • Handedness: Right-handed.


INFJ-T / The Advocate
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Creative
  • Insightful
  • Principled
  • Passionate
  • Altruistic
  • Sensitive to Criticism
  • Reluctant to Open Up
  • Perfectionistic
  • Avoiding the Ordinary
  • Prone to Burnout

Anyone meeting Gila would be hard pressed to identify anything about her save an intense lack of confidence and sense of worth. She’ll rarely be the person to initiate conversations with strangers, or indeed even acquaintances, but once she is in social circumstances, she seems almost obsessively focused on ensuring a productive and enjoyable conversation for everyone involved. The clear impression left behind by Gila is not one of someone who does not enjoy social niceties, but rather one who is dreadfully unprepared and unpracticed in how to participate in them comfortably.

Gila is very much a follower - as is the norm for her people - and does not as a rule fare well in command situations. Her Academy years were plagued by an untold number of reprimands from her superior officers for following orders blindly, sometimes to the detriment of her crew and patients. This is a weakness that Gila is acutely aware of, and yet she struggles with finding ways to overcome it. She has found it easier to hold her ground when it comes to her patients’ safety and wellbeing, but will readily ‘jump off a bridge’ if commanded, as the saying goes.

Gila is the textbook definition of a workaholic, often preferring to be neck-deep in research or a patient’s medical journal than attending to herself. She is at her core a deeply hypocritical person, often employing the philosophy of ‘do as I say, not as I do’, when it comes to the medical concerns of mental health and work-life balance. She is a good doctor, attentive and obsessive about every case, no matter how small, but she can be a bit of a busybody and some patients consider her almost too attentive as she stubbornly seeks out every possible health concern, even ones they haven’t sought help for.

Beyond the above, Gila is an intensely curious and inquisitive person, though for whatever reason, she seems to attempt to keep those particular characteristics of hers dulled. She enjoys learning new things, seeing new places and interacting with objects and people she’s never seen before, but one would never find her actively seeking the information from other people. When push comes to shove, she’s a very ‘hands-on’ learner, preferring experimentation to more passive avenues of learning.

Ambitions and Goals

  • Visit Denali Station or Vulcan
  • Obtain a physical copy of Surak's Teachings or the Rules of Acquisition
  • Secure Kolya's future as an artist
  • Return to Mizar IV to make amends


 History and Culture Studies

Gila’s original field of study was firmly within the humanities, specifically history and culture development. She seems to almost actively avoid the subject, but she’s unable to entirely cut ties with it, and most of her favorite reading material is academic journals and publications about alien history and cultural development. She does not, however, possess any of her own publications, or indeed any about the Mizarians themselves.


Calling Gila a ‘cook’ would be an insult to the profession, but it is something she enjoys doing when she’s stressed or worried about something. Following a recipe and disconnecting her mind for a while has an almost meditative effect on her, and while her skill is far from excellent, she has started to develop some skill in it after cooking her own food during her Academy years.


A more recent hobby of Gila’s, born out of necessity as the state of her Yeal-robes started deteriorating after Gila’s prolonged absence from her homeworld. She’s not skilled at it by any means, but it is something she practices with dedication and focus, and it allows her to feel closer to something akin to a feeling of home without having to face some complicated feelings directly tied to her past.


Gila has been practicing the Mizarian tradition of Ur’tal - a form of journaling where, before sleeping every night, you write down all that has happened through the day, your emotions and concerns, and then burn the material on which you’ve written. She has a complicated relationship with the tradition, as she has previously attempted to stop it, but found herself becoming increasingly more anxious for each day she didn’t perform it.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Academic work - Reading and peer-reviewing other doctors’ medical journal can seem dry work, but to Gila, it harkens back to a simpler time where she did similar work in the comforts of her home on Mizar II.
  • Exploration - Anything new and unexplored is extremely interesting to Gila, and when she's wrapped up in research, solving a mystery or discovering a new area, she comes fully out of her shell to lay bare the curious and inquisitive young woman she could be.
  • Alien art - Mizarian art is very dry and unimaginative, void of color. Since leaving Mizar II, Gila has developed a fondness for more expressive schools of artwork, partially spurred on by her desire to help her artistic nephew break the mold of Mizarian artistry.
  • Meditation - Spiritualism and faith is something Gila grew up with, and while she doesn’t consider herself religious, she still finds great calm in the act of meditation.


  • Conflict - Gila will actively avoid conflict at almost any cost, often attempting to either extract herself from a situation before it gets heated, or playing peacekeeper, if she sees no other alternative.
  • Being forgotten - Due to certain events in her past, Gila suffers from intense athazagoraphobia - the fear of being forgotten or ignored.
  • Alcohol - Gila has only gotten drunk once in her life, and it is a sensation she never wants to experience again. As such, she rarely partakes in alcoholic drinks.


Koja - Father

Gila and her father had a rocky relationship all through her upbringing, and while no one ever doubted that Gila loved and admired her father very much, her father’s prolonged absences from home and generally strict demeanor towards his daughters has since driven a wedge between the two. This wedge only deepened with Gila’s resignation and subsequent admission to Starfleet Academy.

Cefli - Mother

Gila’s mother had a limited impact on Gila’s upbringing. Busy as she was with her work, she was also completely subservient to her husband when it came to raising their two daughters. There is love between them, but more than anything, Gila has a tough time confiding in her mother due to an underdeveloped relationship. Cefli often asks her eldest daughter Eyla how Gila is doing, though she doesn’t have the courage or will to contact her daughter herself.

Eyla - Older sister

The two Sadar sisters had a tense relationship growing up, often competing for their father’s approval - a competition Gila often lost - but after they grew up, the two sisters have gotten far closer than they ever were as kids. Eyla still maintains communication with her sister, and though she initially had difficulties understanding Gila’s reasons for leaving Mizar II behind, recent developments have led to her understanding far more than she ever hoped she would.

Kolya - Nephew

Kolya is Gila’s nephew, and very much the apple of her eye. Kolya is demonstrating uncharacteristic creativity and drive for a Mizarian, a fact that worries both his grandfather and parents. Gila encourages this by telling him stories of her experiences in the Federation and sending him fiction and artwork of many different species. The boy himself doesn’t yet understand the family schism that his talents will cause, and Gila hopes he will never find out.

Madison Marsh LtJG01.png
Best Friend, Starbase 118 Ops

Madison and Gila took most of the same classes at the Academy while taking their Xenobiology Major, but they didn't really start talking until they both entered Starfleet Medical Academy, and were put on the fast track. Since they both were the 'odd ones out' due to taking both 1st and 2nd year classes simultaneously, they started talking, and the two now have a close relationship. They will often communicate on subspace - with Madison stationed on Starbase 118, and Gila wherever the Artemis is taking her - both just to talk and to provide feedback and constructive criticisms on each other's latest research.

Character Page: Madison Marsh

Unlikely Friend, USS Ronin

Gila first met Vailani Zoyara when the latter was unconscious in the Artemis' Sickbay, but the first time they spoke was when Gila was being accosted by a particularly hypochrondriac Bolian hybrid in the Brew Continuum on her 'break'. In the aftermath of that encounter, Vailani and Gila became fast accomplices to each other's workaholic tendencies, and enjoyed a good while of companionable working silence. They became fast friends, but with Vailani's sudden transfer to the Ronin, that friendship has now been put on hold. Gila remembers the Bajoran woman fondly, and remains certain that her ambitions will carry her far.

Character Page: Vailani Zoyara

Captain, USS Artemis-A

The Captain of the Artemis-A was one of two Starfleet Officers who oversaw Gila and Madison's final test before graduation. Though Gila had little opportunity to converse with her future Captain, she felt both excitement and deep fear at the idea of being assigned to her vessel. While their working relationship started out tested by Gila's fear of what real Starship combat sometimes required of officers, the two were eventually able to have a proper talk about what being a Doctor serving in Starfleet sometimes means. The oath 'Do No Harm' sounds easy, but as Captain Mackenzie says, the job sometimes tests you in ways you'd never imagine. Gila knows that the Captain's words are true, but remains hopeful that she won't understand to what extent for a long while yet...

Character Page: Addison MacKenzie

JK - Red Picard v5.jpg
First On-Board Patient, USS Artemis-A

Gila's first meeting with the Betazoid Second Officer was on the surgery table after he endured severe trauma during the Suliban boarding. As first impressions go, it went about as well as could be expected, with the Commander clearly deeply affected by the experience. Gila found him a pliant patient, a pleasant man and a gracious senior officer, even if his adversion to counseling has her deeply concerned for his mental well-being. The Betazoid Commander might not yet know what it means to be a patient of Doctor Sadar, but bets are, he's going to find out what a hassle that can be.

Character Page: Talos Dakora

Hallia Yellir Picard Uniform.png
A Kind-Hearted Catalyst for Change, USS Artemis-A

Gila first encountered the Artemis' Chief Engineer during a mandatory drill organized for her and other fellow Ensigns, but it wasn't until the Lieutenant's physical check-up the following shore leave that the two had proper time to talk. During this check-up, LT Yellir accidentally misranked the newly promoted Gila, inadvertently committing one of the greatest social faux pas in Mizarian culture, and resulting in a very tense consultation. This consultation, however, proved a vital turning point for Gila, who'd just weeks prior considered resigning her commission after a particularly trying mission. After all, if she felt so strongly about a new rank - that she wasn't even sure she had earned - was she really ready to give it up? Gila isn't sure she'll ever muster up the courage to admit to the Lieutenant what her harebrained mistake meant to her, but safe to say, Hallia Yellir's made a big impact on Gila's approach to her job in Starfleet.

Character Page: Hallia Yellir

Ensign Chevalier.png
Curiousity, USS Artemis-A

Between the blonde Eltharian's curious culture being completely foreign to Gila, his dislike of needles conflicting strangely with the ease he continuously updates replaces significant parts of his biological body with mechanical prosthetics and implants and the odd way he sometimes carries himself, Gila has rarely met someone who confuddled her as much as Ensign Chevalier does. Only time will tell what his presence onboard the USS Artemis-A might bring in the future.

Character Page: Jaseb Chevalier

Ensign Savel.png
Familiarity in a New Package, USS Artemis-A

Savel is a Vulcan, through-and-through. To Gila, that is a source of great comfort, as it lends him a degree of predictability, but they've had limited interaction outside of that of a doctor and her patient. Once the opportunity arrives, however, Gila looks forward to it, which is an odd feeling for her. Perhaps it's because Savel reminds her so much of Ladok, an old friend of hers from the Academy. Only time will tell if their relation will develop in a similar direction.

Character Page: Savel

Sil-Picard Uniform.png
The Tempest Himself, USS Artemis-A

The third in a row of senior officers needing medical aid, Sil-net made his mark as the most social of the lot. His inquisitive nature and seemingly tireless zest for life both inspires and terrifies Gila, particularly since her own past and secrets have been the object of his scrutiny. She has, however, come to accept his company, and perhaps even enjoy it, when his tempestuous behavior isn’t aimed at her directly... Which it, frankly, quite often is.

Character Page: Vitor Silveira

Jovenan LtJG 2400.png
Esteemed Superior, USS Artemis-A

On her very first mission aboard the Artemis-A, Gila spent most of her time in the company of the Edo Lieutenant. While their acquaintance doesn't go beyond professional, Jovenan demonstrated integrity, adaptability and talent during the mission that made Gila keenly aware of the versatility that Starfleet demands of its officers... And how lacking she herself is in that department.

Character Page: Jovenan

Wait, I'm a SENIOR OFFICER!?, USS Artemis-A

Gila first encountered the Galadoran Ensign during a temporal displacement to Romulus prior to the supernova, where the mission profile was to assassinate a Romulan Senator. Beyond her discomfort with the mission profile, Ensign Gnai was also Gila's first proper encounter with someone new after her promotion, which triggered a lot of anxious fidgeting for the newly promoted LtJG. How does one present oneself as a proper senior officer, when you barely understand why you're in that position in the first place? A question Gila does not look forward to having to find the answer to...

Character Page: Gnai

Trusted Department Chief, USS Artemis-A

Considering that Gila's initial meeting with the Chief Medical Officer involved banging her head against a table and witnessing a manhandling resulting in access to a restricted area of a Caitian library, her opinion of the Betazoid Commander is actually rather favorable. She found him easy to talk to and a very insightful officer, with almost as big an appetite for knowledge as she herself possesses. Now, if only she could forget the fact that he was telepathic for five minutes...

Character Page: Genkos Adea

Gogigobo Fairhug LCDR Command.png
Graduation Overseer (and Hero), Starbase 118 Ops

Attending the Academy on Starbase 118 from her third year onwards, Gila had to get accustomed to a lot of new things - chiefest of which was life aboard a politically charged Starbase at a nexus point in Space. She followed the careers of the resident senior staff with keen interest - they were, after all, already considered some of the best in Starfleet - and Lieutenant Commander Fairhug was one of these staff members. While her opinion of the majority of Ops' senior staff is based on nothing but respect and admiration, Lieutenant Commander Fairhug turned out to be her CO on her final test before graduation, and Gila spent the better part of the mission under his direct supervision. They say you should never meet your heroes, but the Commander's competent leadership, kind guidance and magnanimous grace only further served to cement him as a figure worthy of respect in Gila's eyes. She realizes he probably won't remember her if they ever meet again, but she nevertheless hopes to conduct her Starfleet career in a way that won't betray the potential he saw in her during her final test.

Character Page: Gogigobo Fairhug

Luxa final glazed.jpg
Fellow Black Sheep, USS Ronin

Gila first met Ensign Lorana while the latter served aboard the Artemis. During a shoreleave visit to the Caitian Institute of Art, Gila met Luxa's mother, M'aris Lorana, and while Gila’s familiarity with navigating the whims of overbearing parents led to an unlikely friendship with the elder Lorana, she felt an underlying kinship with the ostracized Luxa. They haven't had time to touch base since the Luxa’s transfer to the USS Ronin, but Gila keeps her in her thoughts, and hopes they get to meet gain one day. Black Sheep have to stick together, after all.

Character Page: Luxa Lorana

A Wasted Opportunity

When Gila and Hiro served with eachother aboard the Artemis-A, they filled the roles of the overzealous counselor and the extremely reluctant crewmember, who committed extraordinary efforts to avoid any and all counseling. Through the Lieutenant's persistence, he managed to get Gila to attend some sessions, and while Gila continued her avoidance attempts, she was slowly starting to warm up to the idea that - perhaps - he as a person wasn't necessarily someone to fear. This was when his transfer orders to the USS Ronin came through. Could they have become friends? Almost certainly. Because of Gila, they did not... Only time will tell if she can build up the courage to rectify that error, should they ever meet again.

Character Page: Hiro Jones

Former XO

While in each other's company for the majority of the Drill-Gone-Wrong, Gila and the Trill First Officer spent very little of it talking with each other. The same remained true for the months they served together aboard the Artemis following that mission, though this likely had less to do with their personalities being poor matches, and more to do with the fact that their duties rarely overlapped.

Character Page: Yogan Yalu

Personal History


    Gila is the younger daughter of Koja & Cefli Sadar. Koja is a Spiritualist and Educator, travelling all of Mizar II to teach the Ways of the Kahlto - 'the Wheel of Existence' - to Mizarian youths and the family's life was completely defined by it. His two daughters were raised with utmost adherence to the pacifist and normconforming ways of the Kahlto, ensuring that they grew up to be good and law-abiding citizens. Gila was unremarkable for most of her youth - intelligent, but not more so than most - and she preferred to keep to herself. Her sister, on the other hand, thrived under their father’s teachings – eventually securing herself a place as a Councillor’s Aide – but Gila’s inquisitive nature often angered her father, and the subsequent discipline enforced on her aimed to quell her curious spirit. It met with apparent success.

    Gila eventually graduated with rather good marks from the History Programme at the Fourth University of Pozaron and worked as a textbook writer for many years. She enjoyed her work immensely, considering it a job that helped enlighten and nurture future generations of the Mizarian people. But then, a survey dig in the northern hemisphere of Mizar II exposed her and her colleagues to something that could potentially shake the Mizarian cultural identity to its core. Pressure immediately came down on the history department to exclude the find from future textbooks, and to not speak of it to the outside world. This caused Gila to have a crisis of faith and she soon quit her job. A historian is only as useful as their integrity, and Gila had none.

    Choosing to go on a spiritual journey of sorts off-world, Gila got a ticket on a transport vessel heading for Mizar IV and the Starfleet colony located there. On the way, a medical emergency happened on board and as her ID identified her as 'Dr. Sadar', Gila was all but pushed to handle the situation. Needless to say, she failed and the individual she’d been charged with perished. This remains a great source of guilt for her. Her time on Mizar IV was defined by her attempt to acclimatize to life away from her people, but she struggled, both because of her rather sheltered lifestyle and because she was the cause a well-liked member of the community had perished en-route. Particularly the man's son showed great distaste for Gila, and the socially awkward Mizarian struggled to bridge the gap between her and the Federation species present on the Colony.

The Academy Years

    Gila’s four years through Starfleet Academy were quiet by comparison – she wasn’t particularly social and merely focused on her work, but compared to many of her peers, her previous university experience helped buffer her through the worst crunches and pitfalls of higher learning. The initial two years were spent on the San Francisco Campus on Earth, and while this was the longest Gila had lived on an Alien planet thus far, she spent the most of her time doing coursework rather than enjoying the novelty of the world around her. She simply worked through the motions of her Degree, choosing to double-major in Xenobiology and Xenology. The latter major led her to move away from Earth again, switching Campuses to the Academy Campus on Starbase 118, where a lauded Xenologist was doing a research project simultaneously with teaching Academy courses. Graduating from the Starbase 118 Academy, she then applied for the on-station Medical School Branch as well. The social aspect of her new calling - patient communication, review boards and ethical guidelines - was all very challenging to her, but she demonstrated great skill and proved a more than adequate physician. Her tenure at Starfleet Medical was shortened to a three-year track due to her already having completed most of the material while doing her Xenobiology Major, and as such, the already socially inept Mizarian had an even harder time bonding with any of her fellow doctors-in-training, as she took both 1st and 2nd year classes concurrently.

    Motivated by the loss of her first - if unofficial - patient back when she first left Mizar II, Gila specialized in triage and emergency care medicine, leading to her achieving the highest grade possible in the Critical Care clinical rotation. Her worst grades were in the courses of ‘Medical Ethics’ and ‘Diagnosis’, as she had the tendency to readily accept others’ diagnoses and orders, and act on them, even if she knew they were wrong. This is something she has worked to correct, but she still shies away from open conflict with fellow doctors and officers. Upon graduation, Gila was assigned to the USS Artemis-A and sent off to Starbase 224 to embark on the next leg of her journey forward.

Starfleet Career

Drill - SD 240006.26 - 240007.19

On her first mission aboard the Artemis-A, the senior officers engage in a combat drill in the Paulson Nebula, with half of the bridge crew manning the Artemis and the other half using the smaller Reliant-class cruiser, the USS Berlin, on loan from Captain Martin. However, the drill is halted when Suliban saboteurs utilize the sensor-impeding effects of the nebula to sneak their way onto the Artemis, sabotaging her systems and leaving her dead in the water. While Gila was not initially part of the drill - being a newly-arrived Ensign - she was called to the Bridge to assist in countermeasures when Captain MacKenzie realized what was happening. Together with the Captain, Lt. Commander Yalu and LtJG Jovenan, Gila worked on an antidote to a knockout gas laced with the hallucinogenic compound Felicium, which had knocked out three decks' worth of crewmen, and then assisted with the defense of both the Artemis and the Berlin as combat with the Suliban ship - the Sarna - officially commenced.

MacKenzie: Doctor Sadar, I trust there was no room for interpretation in my orders. Carry them out.

Captain MacKenzie wouldn’t have gotten a more immediate physical reaction from Gila if she had physically beaten her. Her eyes dimmed, her finger - previously twisting her anxiety ring desperately - grew calm and still and she turned to face her console.

Sadar: I… Yes sir.

Both Sides Now - SD 240009.09 - 240012.01
Both Sides Now (Artemis).png

A relatively uneventful mission in the Borderlands seemed a great follow-up to the Suliban incident, but little did Gila know that in another universe, another Gila - Gila Thevn - was fighting for the fate of an entire galaxy. Following a daring heist aboard a starship known as a 'World Ender', the CIC Desdemona - the vessel Gila Thevn served on - and the World Ender itself was transported to this universe. After the Artemis handedly dealt with the World Ender, the Desdemonan Crew - which curiously consisted of mostly mirrors of the Artemis crew - was welcomed onboard the Artemis as guests while their Starfleet counterparts helped repair their damaged ship. The crew of the Desdemona unfortunately took it quite personally when the Artemis' Brass was unwilling to get mixed up in another universe's politics by aiding them in their war against the Shint, and they initiated a takeover of the Artemis.
Unbeknownst to Gila, her superior officer, Cmdr. Genkos Adea had already been replaced by his counterpart, but when Lt. Jovenan realized this, after Gila reported a series of confusing changes to the Commander's personality and workplace behavior, the two of them used Gila's emergency override codes to gain access to Cmdr. Adea's quarters and rescue him. They then teamed up with Cpt. MacKenzie and Lt. Silveira to retake the Bridge, which had been commandeered by Silveira's counterpart, Victor Olivera. While there, Gila took to the Operations Console to check in with the other departments and provide a real-time update to the Captain on how the liberation of the Artemis was going. While on the Bridge, they were alerted to an explosion in Sickbay that had critically injured Counselor Jones, were able to stop an impromptu escape attempt by the Desdemonans remaining on board their own vessel, but could only watch as Lieutenant Colonel Genkos Adea - Cdr. Adea's imposter - evaded capture in a Starfleet shuttle and promptly warped out of system.
As the Artemis' scientists conducted research aimed to send their counterparts back to their own universe, Gila took the time to head to the Brig and speak to her counterpart face-to-face. Gila Thevn had been the one responsible for setting the explosive device in Sickbay, and as Gila struggled to understand and accept the fact that a fellow Doctor could commit such an act, her counterpart could only sneer in return. They were dooming an entire galaxy to extinction. What was one life in comparison to that?

Thevn: Oh, but you are. ::smacks her hands against the forcefield:: The weasel forced the snake into a corner, and then cried when the snake bit back. Hah! You all make me sick. ::neutral expression:: Enjoy your morality, Gila Sadar, as you live your life knowing that you’ve doomed an entire galaxy to certain death.

Gila felt her eyes burn, her throat run dry.
Sadar: Why did you set that bomb?
Gila Thevn - her twisted mirror - smiled grimly.

Thevn: I wanted to kill a Doctor. A pity I got the wrong one.

Alternate History - SD 2400101.26 - 240104.04
Alternate History Icon (Artemis).png

At the tail end of a shoreleave on Betazed, the entire crew of the USS Artemis are waylaid by an old enemy of Cpt. MacKenzie and her fellow crew from the USS Excalibur - a member of the Q continuum known as CloQ. Determined to play a devious game with the assembled officers, the Q displaces the crew at different points in time, marooning Gila, Cmdr. Adea and Lt. Jovenan in the Commander's childhood home during the Dominion War. Or, at least, an alternate version of the Dominion War - one where Betazed is occupied by the Dominion, and Cmdr. Adea's child version was sent to a camp. While there, they encountered the alternate child-version of Tevet Elain, a childhood friend of the Commander's, who ran an impromptu pet kennel for all the displaced pets of the city in his basement.
While searching for information about this alternate reality that they had been sent to, Gila and her senior officers realize that this reality was brought about by way of the Romulans not joining the Dominion War in time to turn the tables on the Alliance's enemies. Without their added firepower, the Dominion War is still ongoing, with the Dominion having gained a great amount of ground in the Beta Quadrant. After a confrontation with CloQ in his father's study, Cmdr. Adea initiated a house-wide search for a 'window', a method of travelling that occasionally cropped up during encounters with CloQ. They managed to locate such a schism, which connected to Ki Baratan - the capital of the long-dead world of Romulus - a year prior. Leaving Tevet to guard the window in her own time, the officers jumped through.
In Ki Baratan, the group joins up with the newly-arrived Ensign Gnai, who'd been displaced to this moment in time, seemingly on its own. While there, the group realizes that Senator Vreenak is returning to Ki Baratan in order to settle the political debate on what position the Romulans will take in the war, and the Senator will favor the Dominion. To Cmdr. Adea, there is but one remaining course of action. They must prevent the Senator from convening with the Senate by force. As the group starts working on disguises to better traverse Ki Baratan, the Commander realizes that the building they were transported to is connected to the planetary defense turret, which is quickly chosen to be the blunt instrument of their clumsy timeline surgery. The attempt is hamfisted at best - complicated further by the difficulties involving disguising Gila and Ensign Gnai, the actual technological know-how required to take control of the turret and the conniving finesse necessary to frame the Dominion for the Senator's untimely death - and when Cmdr. Adea finally shoots down the approaching shuttle, it goes careening straight towards the turret, crashing the four Starfleet officers under it's massive weight.
Or so it should have.
Not interested in losing any of their game pieces, CloQ shuffles the boards, and Gila is summoned to their domain alongside Lt.Cdr. Dakora and LTs Jovenan and Silveira. CloQ engages the Starfleeters in a bit of taunting back-and-forth, before revealing that the assassination attempt was unsuccessful and ultimately unnecessary, resulting in an even worse timeline than the one they'd been originally moved to. Gila and LT Jovenan despair at this, but CloQ offers them a final way out: If they can discover what was actually supposed to happen to the Senator, CloQ will reset the timeline back to its original state. This quest prompts CloQ to take the four Officers on a guided tour of the Deep Space Nine of 2374, frozen in time. Through sleuthing and hacking and trespassing the four Officers reveal the scandalous truth behind the successful war against the Dominion: Captain Benjamin Sisko, venerated war hero and Emissary of the Prophets, enabled, if not ordered, the unlawful assassination of a Romulan Senator, after unsuccessfully attempting to forge evidence that would pit Romulus against its Dominion allies.
Keeping their word, CloQ reunites the crew of the USS Artemis on their vessel, just outside of present day DS9, and leaves them to ruminate on their experiences and trails at the hands of the mercurial Q...

Gila looked up. She could not see the screen that the Lieutenant and Commander could, but she was able to see outside the translucent dome above them, even if the dark ambient lighting was muting visibility significantly. And more clearly than anything, she saw it. The vessel that was bringing the Senator closer to them, and them closer to their fate as…

Gila swallowed, even as she felt the truth stab into her heart.

Adea: Okay… Wish me luck.

Gnai: ::to the second floor:: Good luck! ::to Sadar, after a beat:: This feels wrong...

Sadar: … I know...

Wasn’t there something she could do? Some wire or lever that she could pull to stop this? Some way she could alter the trajectory they were rushing down? She heard the security guards work on the door in-between the alarm klaxons and felt a headache manifest as her eyes tried to make sense of what she saw around her through the purple environment. She looked into the turret.

A failsafe. An emergency shut-down lever or button. An on/off switch! Anything!

oO Against the currents of time, only cooperation and unison can see us safe. Discord would see all drown, but together, we will float. Oo

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-blank blue.png
Student 2393 - 2397 Starfleet Academy
Science Major
PICstyle-cadet4 blue.png
Cadet 2397-2400 Starfleet Medical
Starfleet Medical.png
Medical Student
PICstyle-ens blue.png
Ensign 240006.26 - 240101.19 USS Artemis-A
USS ArtemisA-logo.png
Medical Officer
PICstyle-ltjg blue.png
Lieutenant JG 240101.19 - Present


Artemis's "Question of the Week" Discoveries
1) 240007.02 - Gila's taste in music relies less on music genre, and more on the message of the lyrics. That being said, she dislikes all music with too much percussion, growling and screaming, and she also shies away from instrumental and classical music genres due to negative association.
2) 240007.16 - Gila identifies as CIS female, but is unaware of her romantic preferences beyond the fact that she's attracted to male-coded behavior.
3) 240008.04 - If Gila was a Disney character, she'd be Belle from "Beauty and the Beast".
4) 240009.06 - If she was in a Teen Movie, Gila'd be part of either the Nerd Clique or the Theater Kids, while secretly wanting to be part of the Emo/Goth crowd.
5) 240009.18 - If viewed through the lens of the Johari Window, what is Unknown about Gila is that she's stronger than she thinks she is, and for the right cause, she's capable of going far beyond what she thinks possible.
6) 240009.26 - Gila believes in the rights of synthetic life forms and the idea that androids can be sentient, intelligent individuals. She would also not be opposed to having a synthetic family-member or significant other.
7) 240010.09 - Gila can't play a musical instrument, but if she had to choose one to learn, it would likely be an ocarina. (Though Gila's not very musically inclined at all.)
8) 240101.04 - Gila's nightmare shoreleave is either a forced stay on Risa or being left behind to relax while the Artemis is off on another mission.
9) 240101.07 - The theme song currently most representing Gila's emotional state/character arc is "What Was I Made For?" by Billie Eilish.

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