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General Disclaimer

The 118 Wiki is maintained by members of UFOP: StarBase 118, a free online Star Trek role playing game which uses e-mail for gameplay.


The concept of Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry, and the rights to the Star Trek franchise are owned by Paramount/Viacom productions. This group does not create any personal gain for its staff, administrators, or participants, nor is any copyright infringement intended by the activities of this group.

This group takes all possible steps to avoid any regular use of characters or trademarks of the Star Trek franchise, but ultimately it is the player or participant’s responsibility to ensure that they do not infringe copyright by creating content which is objectionable to Paramount/Viacom.

Any content, trademark(s), or other material that may be found on the Starbase 118 website remains the copyright of its respective owner(s). In no way does Starbase 118 claim ownership or responsibility for such items. Starbase 118 respects the intellectual property of others and asks its members to do the same. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or your intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated, please contact Starbase 118 through our General Contact Form, identifying the work in question.

Intellectual Property

Any works which are created within the bounds of this group and are transmitted via any medium the group solely employs (such as Google Groups of this group’s creation; e-mail addresses owned by this group; forums or chatrooms created by this group; or web pages created or regularly utilized by this group) are assumed to be released for use by this group under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. This agreement can be revoked by a writer at a later time, but any copies which are current in circulation, or in the possession of our group, will be considered released under the license listed above, per the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Should a group participant, who has contributed media to the group, choose to leave the group, their works will still be considered available for use under the license mentioned above. Players who depart on GOOD TERMS (utilizing the conduits which the group administration has set up for retirement) may make a REQUEST that their CHARACTERS not be utilized full-time in future gameplay. The request will be considered and granted if said characters are A) not pivotal to current gameplay, and B) not regularly utilized by other players already. Any ships or other creations of a player will NOT be considered eligible for retirement after the player who has created them has left.

From time-to-time, the group may choose to utilize player’s works in distributed volumes of media (including, but not limited to, bound books) for the purposes of raising funds which will be only dedicated towards the support of the group’s website or related activities. It is understood that none of the funds collected will be used for the commercial gain of any entity involved with the group. In a case in which the group chooses to distribute such a volume, a notice will be sent via e-mail to the creators of media being used. It is the responsibility of anyone who has created media within the group to utilize the group’s database to keep their contact information available and up-to-date. If, at which time, the group attempts contact but is not able to make contact after due consideration and effort, the group is assumed to have completed their due diligence. Moreover, members of the group give SPECIAL PERMISSION, above-and-beyond the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license to utilize their works for the purposes mentioned. This permission extends only to the entity of this group, and is non-revokable.

The group holds the right, at any time, to remove and permanently delete the works or creations of any players or participants in the game or related websites without warning to the creator of the works. All participants and players are encouraged to keep local copies of their works and creations. Similarly, the group cannot be held responsible for the failure of hardware or software that may result in the complete and permanent loss of any creation or works by players or participants of the game. Moreover, the group holds the right to shut down the game at any point in time, without warning, in a manner that may result in the complete loss of works or creations by the participants of the game.

Requirements of Behavior

Rude, inappropriate, threatening, malicious, defamatory, or obscene comments/messages or any other such content is not permitted. If any such content is discovered, players will be disciplined per the terms of the group Constitution.

Participants in the game should, at all times, obey the laws of their resident countries. The group cannot be responsible for the behavior of any particular player, although it will make every effort to put a stop to offending behavior when such behavior is brought the attention of administrators of the game.

While reasonable efforts will be exerted to ensure that the site remains legal and free from offensive content, the site administrators are not responsible for the content posted by the players of the game. Similarly, any group participant who finds illegal or offensive behavior or material posted by a player of the game is responsible to report this information in a clear and direct way to the administrators of the game immediately. Any failure to do so holds the creators and administrators of the site harmless.

Age of Participants

Any person who participates in the game, or related websites, certifies that they are of at least 13 years of age. Anyone below this age is not eligible to participate in the game, or any related websites, in any way. Where a player or participant’s country of access imposes laws regulating this web site, the player or participant agree to use their best efforts to comply with them.

Privacy Policy

See 118Wiki:Privacy policy

Changes to the Terms of Service

This group reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any point in time, without warning, by posting the changed terms and conditions. At which point in time such an event may occur, the membership of the organization will be made aware of the change by way of a public announcement on the website, or via e-mail. No further efforts will be made to publicise the changes.

Agreement With the Terms of Service

A player or participant’s continued participation in the game, or use of related websites, constitutes agreement with all such terms, conditions, and notices. If a player or participant does not agree with these terms and conditions, they are expected to leave the site immediately and to discontinue any participation.

Should a player or participant breach these terms, said participant agrees to indemnify this group, and any and all employees, agents, administrators, moderators, volunteers, and affiliates associated with this group from and against any and all third party claims, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses, and legal fees.

REV SD 239205.13