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The following is a listing of Starfleet vessels with Registry numbers mentioned within the "canon" of UFoP: Starbase 118.

Starship Registry Number Reference
Registry Ship Class Launch Date PC or NPC
NCC-112 USS Galileo Ambassador 237811 PC
NCC-821 USS Ranger Nebula 237309 PC
NCC-821-A USS Ranger-A Nebula 237601 PC
NCC-1112 USS Alliance Galaxy 237108 PC
NCC-1123 USS Tarelgan Renaissance unknown NPC
NCC-1554 USS Centris Renaissance 237202 PC
NX-1711-G USS Excalibur-G Prometheus 237608 PC
NCC-1776 USS Independence New Orleans 237909 PC
NCC-1776-A USS Independence-A Prometheus 238401 PC
NCC-1801 USS Vera Cruz Enterprise 2275 NPC
NCC-1895-A USS Endeavour-A Galaxy unknown NPC
NCC-1962 USS Callahan Soyuz 2275 NPC
NCC-1987 USS Drake Miranda 238803 PC
NCC-3198 USS Kodiak Galaxy 237605 PC
NCC-3198-A USS Kodiak-A Dauntless 237609 PC
NCC-3891 USS Nova Constellation 237308 PC
NCC-9012-B USS Constitution-B Galaxy 237808 PC
NCC-9844 USS Benjamin Franklin Oberth unknown NPC
NCC-11975 USS Walton Akira 237710 PC
NCC-12886 USS Challenger Akira 238301 PC
NCC-12886-A USS Challenger-A Sovereign 238603 PC
NCC-14237 USS Arizona Excelsior 237404 PC
NCC-14237-A USS Arizona-A Ambassador 237602 PC
NCC-14988 USS Isannah Nebula 237307 PC
NCC-23100 USS Spartan Defiant unknown NPC
NCC-28473 USS Wellington Niagara unknown NPC
NCC-31929 USS Discovery Akira 238006 NPC
NCC-31929-A USS Discovery-A Akira unknown NPC
NCC-31929-B USS Discovery-B Ronin 238301 PC
NCC-31929-C USS Discovery-C Sovereign 238809 PC
NCC-31999 USS Steadfast Galaxy 238003 PC
NCC-31999-A USS Steadfast-A Galaxy 238005 PC
NCC-34523 USS Ronin Akira 237511 PC
NCC-37014-A USS Freedom-A Tachyon 237209 PC
NCC-41903-A USS Excalibur-A Vesta 239008 PC
NCC-48921 USS Albion Excelsior 230806 PC
NCC-51482 USS Nowak Niagara 2349 NPC
NCC-52199 USS Tiger Steamrunner 237804 PC
NCC-52199-A USS Tiger-A Prometheus 238811 PC
NCC-53716 USS Wallace Steamrunner 237712 PC
NCC-54388 USS Ariel Luna 239110 NPC
NCC-55197 USS Caledonia Prometheus 237602 PC
NCC-55241 USS Braveheart Olympic unknown NPC
NCC-60687 USS Zephyr Saber 2369 NPC
NCC-61958 USS Euphrates Saber unknown NPC
NCC-62016 USS Vandenburg Nebula 2361 NPC
NCC-62397-A USS Defiance-A Sovereign 237811 PC
NCC-64503-C USS Phoenix-C Steamrunner 237904 PC
NCC-65403-B USS Phoenix-B Nebula 237106 PC
NCC-67894 USS Magellan Magellan 237701 PC
NX-67895 USS Trinidad Magellan 237605 PC
NCC-68482-A USS Indria-A Nebula 237506 PC
NCC-69829 USS Arrow Saber unknown NPC
NCC-70401 USS Nighthawk Steamrunner 2380 NPC
NCC-70605 USS Thunder Cheyenne 2388 NPC
NCC-71383 USS Martin Luther King Jr. Danube unknown NPC
NCC-71669 USS Apollo Achilles 238902 PC
NCC-71669-A USS Apollo-A Odyssey 239106 PC
NCC-71899 USS Rio Grande Danube unknown NPC
NCC-72568 USS Magnus Hirschfield Danube unknown NPC
NCC-72681 USS Emmeline Pankhurst Danube unknown NPC
NCC-72684 USS Pontiac Danube unknown NPC
NCC-72710 USS Wye Danube unknown NPC
NCC-72750 USS Aurora Nova 238205 PC
NCC-72912 USS Centris-A Nova 2381101 TV
NCC-72921 USS Severn Danube unknown NPC
NCC-73809 USS Garuda Galaxy 239101 PC
NCC-73820 USS Pioneer Sovereign unknown NPC
NCC-74220 USS El Corazón Defiant unknown NPC
NCC-74323 USS Aegis Norway unknown NPC
NCC-74601 USS Euphrates (NCC-74601) Danube unknown NPC
NCC-74603 USS Tigris Danube unknown NPC
NCC-74604 USS Mackenzie Danube unknown NPC
NCC-74605 USS Paraña Danube unknown NPC
NCC-74606 USS Indus Danube unknown NPC
NCC-74607 USS Thames Danube unknown NPC
NCC-74630 USS Arthur Royale Intrepid unknown NPC
NCC-74659 USS Eagle Intrepid 237509 PC
NCC-74680 USS Kepler Intrepid unknown NPC
NCC-74682 USS Atlantis Intrepid 238204 PC
NCC-74718 USS Nelson Intrepid unknown NPC
NCC-75276 USS Tarano Danube unknown NPC
NCC-75512 USS Vigilant Intrepid 238912 PC
NCC-75512-A USS Vigilant-A Hephaestus 239103 PC
NCC-75657 USS Starwind Excalibur 237502 PC
NCC-75692 USS Triumphant Defiant 238303 PC
NCC-76148 USS Valkyrie Defiant unknown NPC
NX-77701 USS Hammond Axis 237608 PC
NCC-78145 USS Resolution Nova 238605 PC
NCC-78164 USS Titan Sovereign 237902 PC
NCC-79239 USS Ithaca Sovereign 237510 PC
NCC-79350-A USS Nemesis-A Sovereign 237603 PC
NCC-79350-B USS Nemesis-B Sovereign 237603 PC
NCC-80203 USS Avandar Luna 238810 PC
NCC-80221-A USS Doyle-A Luna 239204 PC
NCC-80564 USS Gemini Dakota 239102 PC
NCC-81269 USS Morningstar Ronin 238207 PC
NCC-81782 USS John Paul Jones Steamrunner unknown NPC
NX-82376 USS Achilles Achilles 238101 PC
NX-84700 USS Cutlass Cutlass 2376 NPC
NCC-85279 USS Columbia Nebula 238103 PC
NCC-91941 USS Kitakaze Dakota unknown NPC
NCC-93172 USS Paladin Prometheus 237903 PC
NCC-95035 USS Veritas Veritas 2381 NPC
NCC-95038 USS Tempest Veritas unknown NPC
NCC-99312 USS Darwin-A Horizon 239012 PC
NCC-99812 USS Mercury Oracle 238812 PC
NCC-362447 USS Victory Intrepid 237905 PC
NCC-800101-B USS Kodiak-B Norway 238001 PC
NCC-830214 USS Ursa Major Sovereign 238301 PC
Black-and-white ship illustrations by Tim Davies. Used with permission.
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