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“The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.”

Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

USS Arrow

The USS Arrow is a Saber class under the command of Commander Randal Shayne. Constructed just before the second Borg incursion of 2373, her first voyage took place during that battle. She then saw extensive combat during the Dominion War, and her scarred surface still shows evidence of that horrific conflict.

She then served as a support vessel for StarBase 118 Ops and was briefly under the command of Captain Mal Avatar. Her missions while during this period varied from simple patrol missions to escort duty. During the first few months under Captain Avatar, the Arrow was the lone fully operational vessel permanently assigned to StarBase 118.

In 2397, after a somewhat unusual happenstance in the Aavaro Wilds, she embarked on independent operations under the command of Commander Randal Shayne.

Current Mission

A Scouring of Stars
  • Stardate 239710.09 - Present
    • Caught in a political storm with rapidly growing tensions both within the system as well as outside, the Arrow Crew must figure out how to keep the peace and uncover the mystery of the Sheliak and Theta 122.


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