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The USS Caledonia shared its designation with the ancient name that the country Scotland on Earth was known by centuries ago. A Prometheus class vessel, the Caledonia is the pinnacle of Starfleet design and ingenuity at the time of her commissioning. Many countless hours of long work by some of the Federation's brightest minds helped to make the dream that the Caledonia once was a reality.

That dream has come to fruition. The Caledonia began operations in 2376 under the command of Leigha Jacobs. Jacobs was informed by Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist that she had received transfer orders. The starship that she had helped design was to be commissioned with her as the commanding officer. In a ceremony on Starbase 118, the Prometheus class USS Caledonia was commissioned by Captain Elinor. Commander Jacobs was subsequently promoted to the captaincy of the Caledonia.

Jacobs would command the Caledonia until 237609.30 when she was ordered to turn over command to her first officer Valarious McGregor. By 237612.13 the Caledonia was put into drydock at Starbase 118 and the crew reassigned. Captain Jacobs' whereabouts are unknown.

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