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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

J. K. Rowling

The USS Vigilant is an Intrepid-class starship under the command of Fleet Captain Diego Herrera.

Two quadrants lie in turmoil. Smouldering in the aftermath of the Hobus Supernova, the ruins of the Romulan Star Empire hold the desperate remnants of a once proud power that must now rely on former antagonists for aid. Reeling from a series of attacks from alien powers, the Federation is under threat, struggling to hold together under the crushing weight of a political vacuum that the Klingons have been quick to fill with their newly reborn lust for war. Yet the brave men and women of Starfleet have never faltered in the face of such odds. Those brave few that put on the uniform stand ready to defend their people and to valiantly render aid to any of those who are in need as they strive to lead all who see them through an example of indomitable spirit and bravery.

The Intrepid-class USS Vigilant

With a section of Beta-quadrant Federation territory all but annexed due to the closing of Klingon borders, the USS Vigilant, assigned to the Zeta Gelis region and the planet Zakdorn, has access to the gateway to scores of colonies, homeworlds and starbases that find themselves under siege. The border to the Romulan Star Empire lies tantalisingly close, providing the Federation with an opportunity to strengthen fledgeling bonds of friendship through missions of diplomacy and relief. The Zalkonians too are close at hand, a mysterious people who have kept their borders closed to the Federation thus far. The call of unexplored space is ever strong as Zeta Gelis holds the key to the Beta Quadrant's remaining undiscovered mysteries.

With so much hanging in the balance, it falls to the crew of the Vigilant to fly the flag of the Federation and keep balance in one of the most turbulent regions of space.


  • Name: USS Vigilant
  • Registry: NCC-75515
  • Class: Intrepid
  • Commission: Fleet Captain Diego Herrera


  • Height: 55.42m
  • Width: 144.84m
  • Length: 342.5m
  • Number of Decks: 15
  • Complement: 168
  • Officers: 42
  • Enlisted: 126
  • Evacuation Capacity: max 500


  • Warp Nacelles: 2 variable-geometry
  • Standard Cruising Speed: Warp 6
  • Maximum Crusing Speed: Warp 9.75
  • Maximum Warp: Warp 9.975 for 12 hours

Tactical Systems

  • Phasers: 13 Type X arrays
  • Torpedoes: 5 pulse fire quantum torpedo launchers
  • Overall strength index: 1,341


  • Expected Duration: 100 Years
  • Minor Refit Cycle: 6 Years
  • Major Refit Cycle: 24 Years

Specialist Flight Operation Modes

  • Landing Mode (Condition Blue)

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