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“Strength, integrity, and perseverance amongst the stars.”

The USS Steadfast, NCC-31999, was commissioned for Captain Christopher Hutton after his crew's completion of a research and reconnaissance mission in the Vellin sector. As the crew leaves the time-weary Isannah behind, they find the Steadfast aptly capable of exploring space.

The Galaxy Class ships of the Federation fleet continue to hold a valued spot among the fleet. Like the older vessels in this class, these new ships offer a diverse range of abilities and strengths in a versatile, if not sometimes unweildy, package.

The recent upgrade in the basic design specs of the class's weapons and shields make the Steadfast, and other new Galaxy class vessels, able to adequately deal with the continued threats to Federation peace. Although the Steadfast is primarily a vessel of exploration and diplomacy, she benefits from these recent upgrades in assisting in battle wings when necessary.

During its commission, the Steadfast was responsible for numerous diplomatic endeavours, scientific discoveries, and even a few military victories. Her crew moderated the entry of the race known as the DaBliss into the United Federation of Planets. She even found herself the unwitting saviour of the entire planet of Cait when it was threatened by a deadly virus.

On Stardate 238003.20, the Steadfast responded to a fleet-wide call for ships to repel a Breen attack in the Lytasia system. In order to protect her civilian population, the Steadfast performed a saucer separation. Unfortunately, the saucer sustained damage and crashed to the surface of Lytasia VII. Although most of her complement survived, the saucer section was deemed unsalvageable.

Her stardrive section was taken in for refit and repair, and it was combined with a new saucer section to make the USS Steadfast-A.

Fleet Captain Christopher Hutton served as her only commanding officer. After the resignation of Lieutenant Commander Slishdakk Ssa'Rukk, Captain T'Pen served as her only other First Officer.

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