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“Sometimes justice needs a big gun.”

The USS Callahan was a Soyuz class frigate in the Ithassa Region


The Callahan was an old ship, virtually a relic by modern Starfleet standards. One of the last Soyuz-class ships to be built, the Callahan was first commissioned in 2275 and assigned to patrol the Klingon neutral zone to warn of possible invasion forces and to police the area against smuggling. After amassing an impressive haul of confiscated goods the Callahan was mothballed along with the remaining Soyuz ships, being decommissioned in 2288 after just 13 years of service.

In 2374, with the Dominion War in full swing and Starfleet crying out for combat-ready craft, several Soyuz frigates were brought out of retirement. The Callahan underwent an extensive weapons refit and was present at the First Battle of Chin'toka later that year where it sustained serious damage and spent the rest of the war as part of the fleet defending Andor.

Stubbornly refusing to be decommissioned again, despite its age, the Callahan joined the Ithassa Taskforce in 2383 under the command of Captain Henry Clintwood.

The Callahan was destroyed during Operation Bright Star in 2387, though the majority of her crew was saved.

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