USS Trinidad

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The USS Trinidad is the second ship of the new Magellan class design (after the class ship USS Magellan, which is still an experimental class). The Trinidad was originally intended as an exploratory ship, but the war with the Dominion resulted in a couple of weaponry upgrades: two phaser arrays were replaced with phaser cannons, and the quantum torpedos were added to the Trinidad's ordinance. The result is a fast ship that is able to hold its own if the need arises.

USS Trinidad

The Magellan class, unmodified, is a fast, multi-purpose starship taking advantage of some of Starfleet's newest technologies. The science and medical facilities are smaller than those found on most exploration vessels, but the design has been modified to provide a rapid response vehicle.

OOC Note: The Magellan class vessel, and all related graphics, were designed and created by a U.F.O.P. member.

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