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Registry Number

Every Federation ship is assigned a unique registry number which is used to easily identify it. For Starfleet vessels, most such numbers begin with the prefix NCC, which stands for Naval Construction Contract. In other words, a ship's registry number derives from the number assigned to the paperwork which authorized its construction. Experimental or prototype vessels have the prefix NX (Naval Experimental). Civilian vessels use a plethora of designations.

A ship's registry often indicates the approximate timeframe during which it was built and commissioned (see accompanying table). Due to the vagaries of the Starfleet bureaucracy, snags in the contracting and construction process, ships named to honor earlier ships, and other factors, a number may be assigned (or re-assigned) which, to outside observers, seems to contradict this system. A proper search of the relevant Starfleet records will always unearth the precise information about when a ship or its class was constructed.

Starfleet Registry Tables

Number Series Construction Timeframe
< 10000 Prior to 2310
10000 series 2310s, 2320s
20000 series 2320s, 2330s, 2340s
30000 series 2320s, 2330s, 2340s
40000 series 2320s, 2330s, 2340s
50000 series 2340s, 2350s, 2360s, 2370s
60000 series 2350s, 2360s, 2370s
70000 series 2350s, 2360s, 2370s, 2380s
80000 series 2370s, 2380s, 2390s
90000 series 2380s, 2390s
Registry Prefix Ship Type
NCC A Federation Starfleet vessel in active service
NX An experimental Federation Starfleet vessel
NAR A Federation civilian research vessel
NDT A Federation civilian transport vessel
NFT A Federation civilian transport vessel
NGL A Federation civilian freighter or cargo carrier
NSP A Federation civilian science vessel
Starship Class Number Series Subsets
Akira Prototype: 62497*
Build Orders: 635xx
Ambassador Prototype: 10521*
Build Orders: 105xx, 261xx, 265xx, 266xx, 268xx
Defiant Prototype: 74205
Build Orders: 742xx, 756xx
Excelsior Prototype: 2000
Build Orders: 25xx, 142xx, 145xx, 149xx, 389xx
421xx, 422xx, 427xx, 433xx
Galaxy Prototype: 70637
Build Orders: 710xx, 718xx
Intrepid Prototype: 74600
Build Orders: 746xx, 747xx
Juneau** Prototype: 99801**
Build Orders: 998xx**
Luna Prototype: 80101
Build Orders: 801xx, 802xx**, 812xx**
Miranda Prototype: 1800*
Build Orders: 18xx, 19xx
211xx, 218xx, 310xx, 319xx
Nebula Prototype: 60147*
Build Orders: 602xx, 605xx, 618xx, 620xx, 654xx
703xx, 709xx, 712xx, 720xx
Norway Prototype: Unknown
Build Orders: 649xx
Nova Prototype: 72230*
Build Orders: 723xx, 727xx, 781**
Saber Prototype: Unknown
Build Orders: 619xx
Sovereign Prototype: 73811*
Build Orders: 738xx, 781xx**, 822xx**
Steamrunner Prototype: Unknown
Build Orders: 521xx
Veritas** Prototype: 95035**
Build Orders: 950xx**, 952xx
Vesta* Prototype: 82601*
Build Orders: 826xx*


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