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The USS Pontiac, NCC-72684, is a Danube class runabout assigned to the USS Constitution-B

As can be seen below the Pontiac is equipped with an extra sensor pod above her hull. This facilitates specific science missions undertaken by the craft. Larger and faster than a shuttle but smaller and slower that a starship, the USS Pontiac is used only for specific missions that require transporting a large group from the USS Constitution to a far location.


Image Specs
  • Length : 23.1 m19
  • Beam : 14 m
  • Height : 5.4 m1
  • Decks : 1
  • Crew: 1 (40 evacuation limit)
  • Armament: 6 x Type IV phaser arrays23, total output 750 TeraWatts, 2 x Micro photon torpedo tube 2 with 24 rounds
  • Sheilds: Standard shield system, total capacity 56,700 TeraJoules, Light Duranium/Tritanium Single hull. Low level Structural Integrity Field
  • Warp: Normal Cruise : 4 Maximum Cruise : 5 Maximum Rated : 5.2 for 12 hours.


Runaboutcockpit.jpg This is the Cockpit of the USS Pontiac.
Runaboutaft.jpg This is the spacious aft section of the USS Pontiac.

Missions Undertaken by the USS Pontiac

  • Stardate 238312.01: On stardate 238312.01 Captain Rocar took the USS Pontiac on his mission to the Orelius Sector He latter travelled to Betazed aboard the Pontiac to pick up his family. Enroute back to the USS Constitution the Pontiac was attacked by some silica-based space lifeforms and a distress call was issued.


The USS Pontiac is named after an early 18th century Native American Ottawa leader known as Pontiac or Obwandiyag. He was reknowned for for his participation in the siege of Detroit and Pontiac's Rebellion, a struggle against British military occupation of the Great Lakes region (North America).

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