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The Arizona-A was an Ambassador Class starship, designed as a direct replacement for the Excelsior Class exploration vessels, and later replaced itself by the Galaxy Class vessel.

The ship boasted superior diplomatic abilities, with many guest quarters able to support a great range of environments. The ship also housed elaborate conference facilities. The Ambassador class also has advanced scientific facilities, and is relatively well armed for a ship dedicated to exploration.

The Arizona-A began its fleet life many years ago in Sector 043. It was transferred to Starbase 118 as a training vessel, under the command of Captain Ruach of Kanist. When Admiral Elinor of Kanist took command of training, the Arizona-A launched into active service once more. After the sudden illness of Captain Ruach, Captain Reginald Lecrisp took command of the vessel until his resignation from Starfleet. Commander Torack Demma then took command for a few short months, however Starfleet had already issued the command for decommissioning of the Arizona-A. The crew of the Arizona was transfered along with her new Captain to the USS Nemesis-B.

The Arizona-A was a fine and proud vessel and served Starfleet with honour for many years.


  • Registry Number: NCC-14237-A
  • Class: Ambassador

  • Classification:
    • Captain Ruach of Kanist
    • Captain Reginald Lecrisp
    • Commander Torack Demma


  • War Capablities: 3.5
  • Number of Decks: 36
  • Crew Compliment: Officers: 200
  • Enlisted Crew: 750
  • Total: 950
  • Civilians (Families): Permitted
  • Maximum Capacity: 2750
    • Height: 125 Metres
    • Width: 320 Metres
    • Length: 526 Metres
  • Warp Engines: MARA
  • Impulse Engines: Standard
  • Computer System: LCARS
  • Speed: Cruising: Warp 5-8.8
  • Emergency: Warp 9.2

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