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Advanced Starship Design Bureau Technical Database

The Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) classifies vessels according to their primary mission profiles, which in turn determine the sizes, shapes, and systems of vessels in a particular category. A ship whose primary purpose is to explore distant star systems will have a different shape and different systems than one intended to escort merchantmen in times of conflict.

However, one of Starfleet's primary moral and tactical principles is that of adaptability. Thus, unlike the often more mission-dedicated vessels of the Klingon Empire or Romulan Star Empire, any Starfleet ship can perform a wide variety of missions (even ones for which it is not primarily designed). For example, a Starfleet escort will have more advanced scientific and research systems than a comparative Klingon vessel but will not be as heavily armed. Nevertheless, Starfleet ships are best used for the primary missions for which they were created.

Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Active Starship Classes

Starship classes in active service are listed below. You can also access more information about each specific type of starship by selecting from the menu on the right or read about the various small craft employed by Starfleet such as shuttlecraft and runabouts. Classes no longer in service are listed in the Historical Starship Database.

Oberth patch.png Oberth-scale.png
Oberth Light Science Vessel • 150.81 meters
Nova patch.png Nova-scale.png
Nova Surveyor • 165 meters
Defiant patch.png Defiant-scale.png
Defiant Escort • 170.68 meters
Saber patch.png Saber-scale.png
Saber Light Cruiser • 223 meters
Miranda patch.png Miranda-scale.png
Miranda Medium Cruiser • 237.6 meters
Constellation patch.png Constellation-scale.png
Constellation Heavy Cruiser • 310 meters
Intrepid patch.png Intrepid-scale.png
Intrepid Light Explorer • 345 meters
Cheyenne patch.png Cheyenne-scale.png
Cheyenne Medium Cruiser • 362 meters
Norway patch.png Norway-scale.png
Norway Medium Cruiser • 364.77 meters
Steamrunner patch.png Steamrunner-scale.png
Steamrunner Medium Cruiser • 375 meters
Chariot patch.png Chariot-scale.png
Chariot Deep Space Explorer • 382 meters
Horizon patch.png Horizon-scale.png
Horizon Research Science Vessel • 400.25 meters
Dakota patch.png Dakota-scale.png
Dakota Medium Cruiser • 405 meters
Prometheus patch.png Prometheus-scale.png
Prometheus Heavy Cruiser • 415 meters
Veritas patch.png Veritas-scale.png
Veritas Extended-Range Medium Cruiser • 432.5 meters
Nebula patch.png Nebula-scale.png
Nebula Explorer • 442.23 meters
Luna patch.png Luna-scale.png
Luna Explorer • 454.3 meters
Akira patch.png Akira-scale.png
Akira Heavy Cruiser • 464.43 meters
Excelsior patch.png Excelsior-scale.png
Excelsior Explorer • 511.25 meters
Ambassador patch.png Ambassador-scale.png
Ambassador Explorer • 526 meters
Oracle patch.png Oracle-scale.png
Oracle Deep Space Science Vessel • 580 meters
Achilles patch.png Achilles-scale.png
Achilles Heavy Cruiser • 612 meters
Inquiry patch.png Inquiry-scale.png
Inquiry Heavy Cruiser • 630.94 meters
Galaxy patch.png Galaxy-scale.png
Galaxy Explorer • 642.51 meters
Vesta patch.png Vesta-scale.png
Vesta Explorer • 672 meters
Sovereign patch.png Sovereign-scale.png
Sovereign Explorer • 685.3 meters
Juneau patch.png Juneau-scale.png
Juneau Explorer • 699 meters
Cardiff patch.png Cardiff-scale.png
Cardiff Explorer • 735 meters
Odyssey patch.png Odyssey-scale.png
Odyssey Explorer • 1028 meters
Black-and-white ship illustrations by Tim Davies unless otherwise noted. Used with permission. All other images are copyright to their respective owners.
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