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Advanced Starship Design Bureau


Roshanara Rahman & Oddas Aria
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The Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) is a project group working on building a new starship creation tool/game called the Starship Designer. The ASDB also maintains and expands the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards ASDB Technical Database, which provides specifications and design histories for Starfleet starship classes and small craft.

Starship Designer

The Starship Designer is built on the premise that the specifications should mean something and that the effects of chosen components on a ship’s performance should be easily seen to the designer. Furthermore, the Starship Designer is built to be a fun, interactive process, providing instant feedback to the user on the effect of his or her choices. By creating a starship design model that is built on a set of constraints and component interaction rules, designing a starship becomes a game itself.

Join the ASDB

  • Are you interested in starship design theory?
  • Do you own all the blueprints and technical manuals, visit, and still can't get enough?
  • Do you like researching and coming up with specifications for the various starship classes of Starfleet?
  • Are you interested in developing a "starship creator" application?

We want you! Whom we are looking for:

  • People interested in starship tech who want to collaborate on figuring out specifications for classes and starship components
  • People with real-world tech knowledge who want to share their insight into design and engineering theory
  • People with web/app creation knowledge
  • Artists interested in creating MSDs (those LCARS cutaways you see on the bridge and in engineering) and other artwork for the project

You do not need to be an engineer or be playing an engineering character to join the ASDB.

If you have reached the rank of lieutenant JG or above and any of this interests you or you want to learn more, have your CO forward your application to Commodore Rahman.

ASDB Members

Commodore Roshanara Rahman, Co-Facilitator (talk)
Oddas Aria.png
Fleet Captain Oddas Aria, Co-Facilitator (talk)
Captain Mei'konda (talk)
Lt. Commander John Carter (talk)
Lazarus Davis.png
Lieutenant Lazarus Davis (talk)
LTJG freck.png
Lt. JG Freck (talk)
Piravao sh'Qynallahr.jpg
LT. Piravao sh’Qynallahr (talk)
LT Aine Sherlock.png
Lt Aine Sherlock (talk)
Lt. JG Scotty Reade (talk)
Toryn Raga.png
Lt. Cmdr Toryn Raga (talk)
Kammus Corelli-Ensign.png
Lt. JG Kammus Corelli (talk)

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