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This refers to the ship within 118, not the USS Discovery from the show Star Trek: Discovery. For information about that, see the USS Discovery article on Memory-Alpha wiki.


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The Akira Class USS Discovery, NCC-31929, was launched on Stardate 238006.06. Commanded by Commander Steve McCall, the ship served as the lead support vessel for StarBase 118. On her shakedown cruise, she was attacked by a Romulan Warbird and slightly damaged. Successive scans of the ship turned up several bombs placed by Romulan terrorists, but the bombs were quickly diffused by the Discovery crew.

The Discovery participated in a mission to Ferenginar to help oversee the installation of a new Grand Nagus for the Ferengi Consortium. While in orbit she encountered a Romulan Warbird and eventually came to blows with the ship. The Discovery nearly obliterated the Warbird after a swift combat. She ferried the crew home after a successful mission. Little did the crew know that following them was none other than the USS Tiamat, a modified Constitution-class ship equipped with a cloak. The Tiamat followed the Discovery into the starbase and attacked, causing a great deal of damage to the Discovery and the Starbase.. Eventually, Thompson was made to retreat due to the heroic actions of her crew, and the Discovery along with several other Starbase 118 vessels wreaked terrible vengeance upon the Tiamat, destroying her.

Command of the Discovery was granted to Lieutenant Commander Tyr Waltas on stardate 238102 for a training mission to the Daris II debris field. The Discovery encountered strange goings-on at the mining facility, and eventually uncovered a Pirate operation in progress. The Discovery battled several pilot vessels and dragged them back to the Starbase in disgrace.

After several grueling missions in which she was never fully repaired due to time constraints, the Discovery met her end in 2382 when she succumbed to terrorist attacks of an unknown origin. Dozens of devices with their own cloaking shields were planted throughout the ship and caused massive power spikes in the grid. The saboteur eventually made his/her way to Engineering and critically damaged the warp core. After a massive evacuation which resulted in no loss of life, the Discovery exploded as her warp core went critical.


  • Number of Decks: 18
  • Height: 87.43 meters
  • Width: 316.67 meters
  • Length: 464.43 meters
  • Warp Engines: MARA
    • Normal Cruise Speed: Warp 7
    • Max. Cruise Speed: Warp 8.8
    • Emergency Speed: Warp 9.8 for 12 Hrs
  • Crew:
    • 500 (100 Officers/400 Enlisted)
    • 154 Families/Civilians
    • 146 Starfleet Marines
    • 4,500 Maximum "evacuation limit"
  • Propulsion: In-line Impulse Engines, providing superior turning velocities. Warp engines and fuel supplies containing enough Antimatter and Deuterium magnetically sealed storage pods to go 15 months at standard cruise velocity (warp 8).
  • Weapons:
    • 4 x Type X phaser arrays, total output 22,500 TeraWatts
    • 15 x Pulse fire Photon torpedo tubes + 3000 torpedoes
  • Shields:
    • Generators (Type 19 shield generators)
    • Total capacity: 1,876,500 TeraJoules
  • Ablative Armour: Plating attached to the outer hull to displace the heat associated with phaser blasts or atmospheric friction.
  • Flight Deck: Another unusual feature of the Akira class is the hangar bay arrangements. There are two large shuttle bays in the saucer section, one at the forward edge of the saucer section and one at the rear. These are linked together through the centre of the ship, allowing large numbers of launch and landing operations to be handled simultaneously. During peacetime this allows the Akira to evacuate large numbers of small survey craft, or ferry evacuees on board at a high rate. During the Dominion War the ships often serve as fighter carriers; in this role they can carry up to one hundred attack fighters, although a load of thirty six fighters and a dozen utility craft is more usual.
  • Sensors: Long range sensor package 27.2 lightyear range

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