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“Carpe diem.”

Seize the day.

The USS Phoenix-B was the first vessel FltAdml. Tristan Wolf commanded as a Captain, and acted as the field ship for StarBase 118 Operations for a number of years. It was decomissioned after serious issues with the computer core.


  • Registration: NCC 65403 B
  • Decomissioned: 237701.25
  • Designation: Admiral Tristan Wolf
  • Class: Nebula
  • Explatory Status: Defense and away missions for SB 118 (decomissioned)
  • War Capabilities: 4 (1 lowest - 5 highest)
  • Carries: Crew and civilians
  • Re-fueling Status: 32 year without re-fuel
  • Speed: Cruising- Warp 8 Emergency- 9.3
  • Captain's Yacht: The Capizelo

Other Stats and Info

  • Officers Quarters:
    • Each officers quarters contains the following: View Screen, desk, computer, food and clothing replicators, walk in closets, baths with whirlpools, beds, full bathroom, and living room.
    • There are 500 civilian apartments onboard and 120 crew quarters, some crew quarters are left open for other joining crew.
  • Warp Factor/Speeds: The Phoenix-B, under the New Warp Table, has the ability to reach a maximum speed of warp 9.93, obtainable for 3 min and 42 seconds before engines activate auto-shutdown. The cruising speed for the Phoenix-B is warp 8. The warp core was recently updated to the bio-matter type, which prevents the ship from tampering with the fabric of space when at speeds over warp 5.
  • Weapons: The Phoenix-B, because it is an exploration ship, is well equipped for battle, but is not meant for battle. It has the standard compliment of weapons for a ship in it's class.
  • Saucer Separation and Emergency Maneuvers:
    • The Phoenix-B can safely separate its saucer from stardrive section at warp 2. After which, the saucer has the capability to make an emergency landing on a smooth and large surface of a planet. After this emergency landing it cannot be taken back up into space and if it is not already, must be destroyed. The stardrive section can be commanded at the Battle Bridge located just under the fastening cleats.
    • The Phoenix-B also has a large library of emergency maneuvers which can be performed at warp speeds.
  • While the Phoenix - B acted as the field ship for the StarBase, it was usually in dock, waiting for any possible emergencies. The ship was maintained by a skeleton crew, around the clock. When needed, the ship was be ready to leave dock in less than 15 minutes, if no advance notice is given. Note, though, that the ship was always a "step ahead" the base, in that when the base's alert status became yellow, the ship's status became red. As soon as the ship's status became red, the Phoenix's skeleton crew immediately readied it to leave base.

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