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“Con mucho gusto”

With Pleasure

The USS Centris-A is the second ship to bear the name in this proud lineage of ships. The original Centris was one of the longest serving vessels in Starfleet, and was initially on active duty as part of the base's Deep Space Exploration Project. When Adml. Elinor of Kanist transferred to StarBase 118 to take over the training department, however, the Centris returned to dock at the base, and was used regularly on training missions.

When the StarBase was rebuilt (having been destroyed by a terrorist named Kalendra), the training program was restructured so that all training occurred on two huge holodecks on the base. As such, the original Centris was docked in long-term storage at the base and a holodeck version of the ship was created so that it could be used in the new training program.

In 2381, Adml. Reider notified the training program that all vessels used on the Academy holodecks must be updated to newer vessel classes, on which many of the cadets would be posted due to the re-population of the Fleet after the Dominion War. The Centris-A, a Nova class ship, was created to take the place of the old Centris holodeck vessel. With its nimble size, multi-purpose mission ability, and a new design it seemed a good choice for cadets to learn on. The new program of the USS Centris-A was commissioned on the very day that the actual (non-holodeck) USS Centris was put on display at the StarFleet Vessel Museum near Mars.

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