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The main engineering serves as a master control for ship's warp propulsion system, as well as the impulse propulsion system and other engineering systems. Main Engineering also serves as a backup control center in the event of failure of the Main Bridge and the Battle Bridge. Workstations at this location can be reconfigured to emulate Conn, Ops, Tactical, and other command operations.

Engineering is a desirable site for such functions because of its protected location within the Engineering section and its proximity to key warp propulsion system components. ODN hardlines provide protected backup communications to other major systems.

Engineering Systems

The following systems are managed in Main Engineering. Click on the links to learn more about them.

Computer Systems

  • Computer Core
  • Core Memory
  • Sub Processors

Impulse Systems

  • IPS Fuel supply
  • Impulse Engine Configuration

Warp Systems

Quantum Slipstream Drive

  • Warm Up Period
  • Cool Down Period
  • Drive Stamina
  • Upgrade Cycle
  • Speed

Engineering Utilities

  • Power
  • Optical Data Network
  • Atmosphere
  • Water
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Transporter conduits
  • Replicator conduits
  • Structural integrity field conduits
  • IDF power conduits
  • Synthetic gravity field bleed
  • Cryogenic fluid transfer
  • Deuterium fuel transfer
  • Turboelevator systems
  • Reserve utilities distribution
  • Protected utilities distribution
  • Umbilical resupply connect ports and associated systems
  • Jefferies Tubes
  • Corridor access panels
  • Auxiliary fusion generators

Starfleet Equipment & Devices

  • Communicators
  • Tricorder
  • Personal Phasers
  • PADDs