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Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards


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Cruisers are mid to large-sized vessels which Starfleet can optimize for a wide variety of general or specialized mission profiles, from exploration, to interdiction, to tactical/defense. Because of this ship type's versatility, Starfleet has created many subcategories for this classification to better designate a given ship's primary function.

Light Cruisers

Light cruisers fulfill many functions, including diplomatic and courier duties, support for Explorers and larger cruisers in conflict situations, reconnaissance, and patrol of outlying sectors.

Diligent patch.png File:Diligent-scale.png
Diligent Light Cruiser • 206 meters
Saber patch.png Saber-scale.png
Saber Light Cruiser • 223 meters

Medium Cruisers

Medium cruiser are mid-size, multifunction vessels, able to perform many different duties well. The venerable Miranda class is a representative example. Others include the Steamrunner class, Norway class, and the new Dakota class.

Miranda patch.png Miranda-scale.png
Miranda Medium Cruiser • 237.6 meters
Cheyenne patch.png Cheyenne-scale.png
Cheyenne Medium Cruiser • 362 meters
Norway patch.png Norway-scale.png
Norway Medium Cruiser • 364.77 meters
Steamrunner patch.png Steamrunner-scale.png
Steamrunner Medium Cruiser • 375 meters
Dakota patch.png Dakota-scale.png
Dakota Medium Cruiser • 405 meters
Veritas patch.png Veritas-scale.png
Veritas Extended-Range Medium Cruiser • 432.5 meters

Heavy Cruisers

Heavy cruisers often serve as flagships for sector deployment commands or various branches of the fleet. With their heavy armament, they serve at the forefront of many battle taskforces.

Constellation patch.png Constellation-scale.png
Constellation Heavy Cruiser • 310 meters
Prometheus patch.png Prometheus-scale.png
Prometheus Heavy Cruiser • 415 meters
Akira patch.png Akira-scale.png
Akira Heavy Cruiser • 464.43 meters
Achilles patch.png Achilles-scale.png
Achilles Heavy Cruiser • 612 meters
Inquiry patch.png Inquiry-scale.png
Inquiry Heavy Cruiser • 630.94 meters
Black-and-white ship illustrations by Tim Davies unless otherwise noted. Used with permission. All other images are copyright to their respective owners.
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