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“To serve, to strive, and never to yield!”

Captain Lang Vedoc, on stardate 237608.01, assumed command of an experimental Dauntless-class vessel christened USS Kodiak-A. Vedoc served as Commander of the vessel until stardate 237704.01 when he was reassigned to carry out a special assignment for Rear Admiral Marlin. Captain Hollis was then assigned as captain of the vessel.

On stardate 237911.14, Admiral Hollis lead team of ships against a race of dimensional invaders, the T'lithians in the Dauntless class Kodiak-A. The enemies were forced back, but the Kodiak-A had to undergo saucer separation, and the Star Drive section was abandoned. On 237912.20 the Kodiak-A was decommissioned, with a new Kodiak, the USS Kodiak-B, replacing her almost at once.

"To serve, to strive, and never to yield!"

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