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“Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens”

Jimi Hendrix

The USS Magellan, NCC-67894, was originally commissioned in 2377 to be built as a testbed vessel to house the new phaser cannon design and subsequent systems. Halfway through the design process, the brief was enhanced, she was to also be the testbed vessel for a warp slipstream drive. Construction was soon underway and within 6 months she was built. The Slipstream drive did not function as expected, nor to the parameters required. Achieving a maximum of warp 8, and using 2.4 the amount of power than ordinary warp drive the design was scrapped and the USS Magellan shelved till further advances were made.

USS Magellan

However, due to fleet shortages from the Dominion War, the Magellan was pressed into service under the command of Captain Ka'el Laang on stardate 237701.09. When the ship was commissioned, her experimental drive has been removed and replaced with a normal Federation warp drive, similar in design to an Intrepid Class. Her empty spaces were fitted out with crew quarters, gymnasiums, etc. and was declared fully functional.

After Laang took over as commanding officer of the Magellan, he transferred several members of the USS Isannah crew with him, leaving Commander Alucard in command of the Isannah. Laang would captain the Magellan until 237710.15 when the ship was decommissioned.

Of Note: The Magellan was equipped with phaser cannons similar to a Defiant Class starship's cannons. Each cannon is individually mounted to a shock reducing system that reduces the amount of recoil and therefore the load applied to the space frame when the cannon is fired. This system works by using a series of force fields which act as springs and push against the cannon when it is fired. Ultimately this has the effect of being able to increase the power output of the cannon by roughly 5.25% per cannon, without applying undue stress onto the space frame.Each cannon has a maximum deviation angle of 5 degrees in either direction. This is achieved by alterations in the magnetic field of the firing chamber.

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