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The USS Nelson NCC-74718 was an Intrepid class starship assigned to explore the Typhon Expanse under the command of Captain David Evans. In early 2389, the Nelson went missing. The only clue to finding her was a navigation buoy discovered by the USS Petoria containing navigational data.

USS Nelson

Upon discovering the Nelson, the crew of the Apollo sent an away team to investigate for any clues concerning its demise. Heavily damaged and having many signs of struggle, members of the Apollo determined that the ship had served as some sort of a nesting place for the elusive Typhon Energy Critter as it was so aptly named. There were survivors on board living on very little life support, all of which appeared to be affected by the creature and its profound side effects. The survivors were beamed aboard and treated for the injuries and illnesses, but as for the Captain and his Frist Officer, their fate was the same as their ship's.

In determining the cause of the ship's damage, it was learned that the energy creature was released from a space time rupture caused by a tachyon pulse emitted from the ship. Once freed from its homeworld, the creature wreaked havoc with the ship. As for the Nelson and its final resting place, after determining a singularity to be the only way of containing the creature, the Nelson was subsequently sucked into the same rift in space that had freed the creature originally. The ship was a total loss. As for its survivors, they were transferred to the USS Carpathia to be taken back to Earth Space.

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