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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

Childhood & Teenage Years

The Yorval Estate on Trill

Ayiana Yorval grew up in Najana City on Trill. It was a coastal city notable for its many pristine beaches, and the location of the famed Najana Library; one of the most extensive archives on the planet. As a child, her parents often took Ayiana and her sister Aleesia to the library and museum. It was these trips that first instilled a love of science in the young Trill. Ayiana spent many days playing or relaxing on the beach.

Ayiana initially had no desire to be Joined, but she was a very intelligent girl. During her teenage school years, one of her teachers thought she should apply to be Joined, due to her excellent grades and inquisitive nature. Ayiana thought it over for some time, and along with her parents’ support, she applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission.

With her newfound interest in becoming Joined, Ayiana had to strive harder than ever to prove herself. Reaching adult age (roughly 18 Earth years old) she was accepted to the satellite campus of Starfleet Academy at the Trill Science Ministry. Ayiana would be the first host of Sevo to join Starfleet.

At the age of 23, she spent a few weeks being evaluated under a Joined field docent. She was given a good recommendation and was accepted for Joining. It took nearly a year find a suitable Symbiont to match her with. In the meantime, Ayiana continued her studies at Starfleet Academy. The symbiont Sevo shared a similar interest in the sciences - one of its previous hosts was a chemist. Upon the death of Sevo’s third host, it was transferred to Ayiana at the start of her final Academy year at the age of 24.

Notable Relationships

  • Nizo & Jana Yorval - Ayiana's parents, being a librarian and a teacher, respectively, instilled an interest in science in her at an early age. They would often take her, and her sister to museums and planetariums.
  • Aleesia Yorval - Younger sister to Ayiana, the pair were, for most of Ayiana's childhood, inseparable. However, once Ayiana was Joined, Aleesia became somewhat jealous of Ayiana's change; more out of a fear of no longer understanding her sister. The tables flipped when it was revealed that their parents did not tell Aleesia that Ayiana was in a coma following an injury aboard the Victory. Fortunately, bridges were mended. Aleesia now attends university, studying Xenolinguistics.

Childhood Timeline

  • 236607.25: Born to parents Nizo and Jana Yorval in Najana City, on Trill.
  • 238002.14: Accepted to the Trill Symbiosis Commission Preparatory Program.
  • 238904.23: Accepted for Joining
  • 239006.02: Joined with the symbiont Sevo

Starfleet Academy

Ayiana attended the campus of Starfleet Academy located on Trill, on the grounds of the Science Ministry. While all the classes were taught by teachers, they supplemented their curriculumns with hololectures from the main campus on Earth.

She had not yet decided on a major by her second year at Starfleet Academy. During a practical exam, her team's experiment went wrong. Ayiana had to take charge of her team and quickly fixed the problem. Afterwards, one of her favorite professors, Professor Inaki - himself a Joined Trill - urged her to study multiple science degrees, knowing she had a knack for math and science; even suggesting command someday, based on her budding leadership skills. He also pointed out that more degrees under her belt was a better chance for being selected for Joining.

During her time at the Academy, Ayiana joined the swim team, earning 2nd place in the 800-meter length, and 1st place in the 400m.

Notable Relationships

  • Cadfael Peters - Ayiana also kept in regular contact with Cadfael Peters on Earth through the Starfleet Academy Subspace Friend Program.

Notable Sims

  • Career Choices - Cadet Ayiana Yorval receives some life-changing career advice from one of her Academy professors.

Academy Timeline

  • 238408.15: Accepted to Starfleet Academy, Trill Campus
  • 238904.23: Accepted for Joining
  • 239006.02: Joined with the symbiont Sevo
  • 239105.10: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Trill campus.

Service Record: U.S.S. Victory

  • Rank: Ensign to Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Science Officer to Chief Science Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Nugra
  • First Officer: Lt. Commander Eerie
  • Stardates: 239109.01 - 239207.15
Ayiana arrives at the Victory in the Tempest Sector.

Ayiana graduated from the Trill campus of Starfleet Academy after seven years of study. She studied and received doctorate degrees in Quantum Mechanics, Subspace Mechanics, and Astrophysics. She spent the summer on a post-graduate training ship, getting hands-on training running a starship while circumnavigating the Federation. Shortly afterwards, Ayiana was given her first permanent posting as Science Officer on board the U.S.S. Victory. She arrived at Starbase 118 circa 239108.23 and spent a couple of days in training. Ayiana finally arrived at the Victory on 239109.01 after a week-long shuttle ride to the remote region where the ship was situated.

Within her first hours on board, Ayiana was assigned to help defeat the imminent Hunger Invasion. During two subsequent missions, Ayiana discovered the science behind the Hunger automaton's communications and developed a means of disrupting their signals.

After the Hunger Invasion, Ayiana was promoted to Chief Science Officer, filling the recently vacated post. She felt she was too inexperienced and shy for such a demanding position, but Commander Nugra felt she could do it. It turned out his instinct was right - while the crew was discussing ways to increase their sensor capabilities in search of a missing Cardassian ship, Ayiana had come up with and presented radical new technologies for probes and communications based on quantum entanglement. However, her designs can not be implemented unless the Victory undergoes a major refit.

Soon after the Sunak mission, the Victory was invited to the Duronis II Embassy, under command of then-Fleet Captain Toni Turner. Their first order of business: a promotion ceremony for Turner and then-Commander Nugra to Rear Admiral and Captain, respectively. In the few months that Ayiana had served under him, she had grown to respect, if not fully understand, Captain Nugra.

The ceremony was followed by a joint mission with the Embassy staff to the nearby planet of Luxis III. She was temporarily assigned to the Embassy's starship, the U.S.S. Thunder-A to help the Laudeans survey the ocean world, and potentially install an undersea research base. The mission was abruptly blown off course by the sudden appearance of a strange anomaly in orbit. The anomaly emitted an extremely powerful electromagnetic pulse-like effect that devastated the Victory. Ayiana, onboard a Bolian submarine ship headed for Luxis III was instead diverted to assess the damage to the Victory. In the end, the ship had to end up being towed back to Sol. At this time, Ayiana was unsure if the Victory would be repaired or scrapped.

While the Victory underwent a major refit at Utopia Planitia, Ayiana took a vacation to Earth, stopping at Spacedock before heading on to San Francisco. She spent the next few days touring the city, learning about Humans and Earth. Ayiana planned to spend the rest of her vacation on the beach, but only managed a couple of days of relaxation before she was abruptly recalled, along with the rest of the crew, for an urgent mission on board the experimental ship U.S.S. Achilles to Romulan space.

This mission saw the crew attempt to retrieve a set of stolen vials of Skyfire Virus, presumably stolen by dissident Romulans. While the away team she was a part of was searching a hidden research laboratory, Ensigns Lael Rosek and Janel Tarna were taken captive by unknown persons. Ayiana was the first to reach the location of their capture, but arrived moments too late. For the next few days, she was furious with herself for hesitation and unskilled in combat. When the opportunity arose to rescue the pair, Ayiana jumped at the chance. Along with Lt. Tarsii Asmara, Ayiana was able to find and rescue Rosek and Tarna, as well as recover the stolen vials of the Skyfire Virus.

Ayiana's last mission aboard the Victory saw her commanding her first away team to the recently rediscovered 23rd-century Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Arrow. It had disappeared near Tholian space almost a hundred years ago; no one knew why, though the Tholians were suspected. Commander Eerie and Lt. Sevo led separate away teams to the ship, lost in an asteroid field. This was no coincidence, as the Tholians had purposely set adrift the ship in this field due to the field's unique characteristic of blinding sensors. The Victory could not tell that it was an ambush until it was too late. While Ayiana was on board the Arrow, with the help of Crewman Shedet, she managed to download much of the ship's information about its mission and the experimental Tholian web weapon that crippled it and killed the crew - the same weapon now used against the Victory.

Afterwards, Ayiana made it to the bridge of the Arrow to try and gain control of the ship. Unfortunately, the bridge had been commandeered by the Tholian 1st Lt. Takil and his loyal Chakuun soldiers. Ayiana was prepared to attempt diplomacy with them when the Tholian force abruptly left, apparently getting what they came for. To Ayiana's further bewilderment, just before they left, one of the Chakuun soldiers gave Ayiana a datachip containing a copy of the data they found - information regarding their experimental web.

Notable Relationships

  • Cadfael Peters - Meeting face-to-face for the first time after conversing via subspace during the Academy, the pair danced around each other for a few months. Eventually they decided to try a formal relationship. However, Cadfael was transferred to the U.S.S. Darwin shortly thereafter. The pair continues to keep in contact.
  • Nugra - Captain Nugra had been instrumental in Ayiana's early Starfleet career. A few months after joining the Victory, Nugra promoted Ayiana Lt. JG and Chief Science Officer. He again promoted her to Lieutenant a few months later.
  • Talia Kaji - While Ayiana was comatose following an injury, Talia Kaji used her telepathic abilities to enter Ayiana's mind and mended Ayiana's torn psyche. This left a strange telepathic connection between Ayiana and Talia, despite the fact that Ayiana has virtually no telepathic abilities. The pair could "feel" each other in close proximity, read each other's surface thoughts without effort, and even feel and express the other's emotions.

Notable Sims

  • Arrival - Ayiana's arrival at the Victory.
  • Disjoined Arc - Ayiana's Joined mind breaks down following a mission, and Talia Kaji undergoes a risky telepathic procedure to fix Ayiana.
  • Tourist Arc - Vacation on Earth.

Victory Timeline

  • 239109.01: Assigned to USS Victory as alpha shift Science Officer.
  • 239109.01 - c. 239109.03: Assisted in the defeat of the Hunger Invasion.
  • 239111.04: Promoted to Lieutenant JG and assigned as Chief Science Officer of the U.S.S. Victory.
  • 239111.11 - 239201.05: Assisted in the search and rescue of the Cardassian ship Nuvek and First Contact with the Sunak.
  • 239202.01 - 239202.23: Joint mission with the Duronis II Embassy to survey the ocean world of Luxis III. Mission was scrubbed when the Victory was crippled by a subspace anomaly.
  • 239203.13 - 239205.03: Assisted in the search and recovery of stolen vials of the Skyfire Virus. Rescued Ensigns Rosek and Tarna after they were captured during away mission.
  • 239205.18 - 239207.12: Assisted in the search of the long-lost 23rd-century Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Arrow. Ayiana was given command of her own away team for the first time; in this case to the Arrow in order to recover the data from its computer banks. She also compiled a detailed report on the workings of the Tholians' experimental web weapon.

Service Record: U.S.S. Gorkon

  • Rank: Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: First Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds
  • First Officer: Numerous
  • Stardates: 239207.15 - Present

Ayiana was transferred to the newly-commissioned, and much larger Sovereign-class starship U.S.S. Gorkon, one of the few ships named after a non-Federation entity, succeeding its Excelsior-class predecessor. The biggest change Ayiana had trouble with was the vastly larger science department. While the Gorkon was not a pure science vessel, it was still a well-rounded vessel, boasting nearly three times the number of science facilities as the Victory. At the time of the Victory's decommissioning, Ayiana was still struggling with supervising an entire ship department. While her superiors apparently had enough faith in Ayiana's abilities to retain her as Chief Science Officer of the Gorkon, Ayiana was more apprehensive.

The first mission of the Gorkon saw Ayiana and the crew respond to a distress call from the science ship U.S.S. Tharsis. The Gorkon sent several away teams to different parts of the ship to ascertain the problem. Ayiana was assigned to Captain Reynolds' team, which was sent to the bridge of the Tharsis. Very early into their investigations, the away teams discovered that the crew of the Tharsis had set numerous traps throughout the ship; a result of rampant paranoia caused by an accidental infection of parasitic Sarpedionital Gondii. Further, the ship had been saturated with disruption fields, preventing the away teams from detecting anything with sensors. Ayiana managed to program her tricorder to detect these fields, giving her away team a little warning. At one point, Reynolds' team, including Ayiana, had been trapped in a Jefferies tube junction that had been rigged to fill with water; intending to drown its victims. Ayiana pulled on her childhood swimming skills and volunteered to swim down into the depths to find a way to release the trapped away team. Successfully draining the water, Ayiana regrouped with Reynolds' team, only to find them at gunpoint by paranoid Tharsis crewmembers. She successfully managed to disrupt the energy of their phasers, allowing Reynolds' superior melee team to overwhelm the Tharsis group. The reserve crew of the Gorkon managed to penetrate the dispersion fields of the Tharsis and beam the away teams back aboard, along with the infected Tharsis crew; eventually managing to cure them of the parasites. The entire medical division, along with the away teams, including Ayiana, received a Medical Science Ribbon for their efforts.

Ayiana's Victorian costume.

Shortly after the Gorkon's return to its regional homebase of Astrofori One, the crew were honored with their first awards ceremony within one of the station's many holodecks. The ceremony had been designed to replicate a 19th-century Earth Victorian mansion, with period-specific attire. Ayiana found it very difficult to wear the heavy and outlandish dress human women of the era wore. Even more, the ceremony was attended by all manner of Starfleet brass, as well as press and foreign dignitaries. As Ayiana was not fond of social gatherings, she was having an exceptionally hard time with the event.

It was during this event that a sinister plot by the Maquis Reborn was hatched. They assassinated the Cardassian Ambassador to Astrofori One inside the holodeck during the party. They had also sabotaged the program, preventing anyone from accessing holodeck controls, exiting, or even contacting the outside world. During the crisis, Ayiana was able to use materials from inside the program to create fire, reigniting the fireplace and torches. Once the Gorkon crew managed to escape the holodeck, she was part of the team that was sent to rescue Cardassian hostages within the Cardassian Embassy.

Early into 2393, the Gorkon was presumed lost with all hands. In actuality, it had traveled to an alternate reality where the Dominion won the war. The next 394 days were some of the hardest and most traumatic in Sevo's lives. Constantly on the run and assaulted by Dominion forces, the Gorkon was in increasingly bad shape. During the journey, they lost nearly three-fourths of the crew, many of which Ayiana had served with for years. She suffered trauma as well; at one point Ayiana was trapped in a jefferies tube junction for twelve hours before she could be rescued. Due to her severe claustrophobia, it was an excrutiating experience, one she doesn't fully remember; although repair crews afterwards had said there were bloody claw marks on the walls.

Ayiana and the Gorkon finally made it home with the assistance of the Starfleet ship USS Yarahla; pirated by rogue Starfleet officers and acquaintances of the Gorkon crew. She spent the next few weeks in recovery, both physical and mental. Her long, fire-red hair was shaven off due to needing brain surgery. It was a blow to Ayiana, as her hair was one of her defining qualities. Along with much of the Gorkon crew, Ayiana spent much time among counselors as well.

On Stardate 239311.1, the Gorkon arrived at it's new base of operations in the Tyrellian system, near the borders of Klingon and Romulan space. Their first order of business - to root out corruption throughout the Tyrellian government, suspected to be the Orion Syndicate. Ayiana first led a team to a shipping warehouse to see if they could find clues as to what the Syndicate was doing on Palanon, the Tyrellian's adopted homeworld. Her team managed to capture a low-level thug, and discovered crates of currencies from Klingon, Romulan, and Federation economies; as well as encrypted data chips.

They followed up on a lead by the captured Syndicate goon, as well as partially decrypted information from the recovered chips. Ayiana soon found herself leading a team to the great Perlonian Swamp near the capital city Yarista. There, they found what appeared to be a Syndicate safe house. Attempting to investigate the structure led to a fail safe being tripped, destroying the house and most of the content therein, including a few Orions. One survivor was an Orion slavegirl named Leelou, who tried to escape, but quickly surrendered when she was cornered. It was soon discovered that Leelou had an implanted tracking device and the Syndicate would soon be sending troops to investigate the destroyed safe house. Ayiana and her team took cover in the surrounding swamp while a shuttle containing Syndicate shock troops landed. While her team was distracted, Leelou stole a phaser from Lt. JG Dassa Alexander and shot them from behind. Leelou had actually been the boss for the Tyrellian operation and escaped with the troops.

After recovering in sickbay, Ayiana joined her crewmates on Palanon in the Mindirra mountain range for some shore leave.

The next mission saw Ayiana serving as acting First Officer to Commander Vess, commanding the Triumphant in a war games scenario against the Resolute. Their team concocted a bold plan to incapacitate the Resolute, but they were unknowingly being listened to by the Resolute's captain, T'Vei. She had quickly shut down the Triumphant in one second, irritating Ayiana and Vess to no end. Fortunately, she didn't have time to gloat, as a real distress call came from the Shavar. They were under attack by a Breen dreadnought. The Resolute and Triumphant quickly raced to it's location to assist. After the battle, Ayiana realized they had lost contact with the Gorkon. Due to their damage, it took several days to return to Palanon, where they found Commander Brunsig in command and Fleet Captain Reynolds severely injured from an attempted assassination. During the next few weeks she spent in recovery, Vess had taken de facto command of the Gorkon, while Ayiana took over XO duties.

Eventually, the Gorkon found themselves at Risa for some much-needed shore leave. Ayiana was just about to head down to the planet when she got a surprise - in the form of her sister, Aleesia, visiting on vacation from Trill. During shore leave, the pair participated in a volleyball game, swimming, and socializing.

Their next mission found the Gorkon exploring a mysterious planet - Leutra IV. It was a seemingly impossible place; a habitable planet orbiting a magnetar, an extremely powerful type of pulsar. By all accounts, it should have been sterilized of life and atmosphere. Once on the surface, the reason for it's safety quickly became apparent. A massive shield encircled the planet, protecting it from the frequent bursts of radiation emitted by the magnetar. It blocked enough of the radiation to save their lives, but had caused irreparable damage to the teams' equipment. The only thing they had to go on was a mysterious region of electromagnetic signals they had detected from orbit. Ayiana led the team towards what she remembered to be the direction of the EM signal.

During a night of camping, Ayiana and her team witnessed a ship crash near their location. Once they reconnoitered the site, they realized it was a shuttle of Federation design, yet Ayiana did not know of any other ships in the area. It turned out it was filled with a contingent of Starfleet Rangers from the 451st platoon on a covert mission to destroy an Orion base on the planet; of which Ayiana didn't know about either. There was only one survivor - Ensign Grace Freeman. They managed to pull her from the wreck and carry her back to their camp where she rested through the rest of the night.

The next morning, Freeman had immediately clashed with Ayiana over concerns of secrecy and confidentiality regarding her mission; going so far as to refuse Ayiana and her team entry to her ship. Considering their survival above all other concerns, Ayiana decided to "pull rank" and overrule Freeman, ordering her team to search the ship for supplies. At one point, Freeman rigged the ship's cockpit to explode, destroying the main computer core, and any information it may have contained. The explosion also knocked everyone off their feet. Furious, Ayiana ran to Freeman and slammed the armored woman against the shuttle. Things were about to come to blows when the impact crater the ship had created began to crumble and collapse from the explosion. Surprisingly, they fell only a few meters into a clearly artificial cave system just below the surface. Ayiana ordered Freeman held in custody until they could return to the Gorkon. Fortunately, Ayiana soon regrouped with the other away teams and they recounted their story. The planet was filled with artificially-intelligent robots; acting as "caretakers" of the planet. They were unable to ascertain the true purpose of the planet before returning to the Gorkon.

Unfortunately, the fallout of the mission to Leutra IV followed Ayiana back to the ship. A formal inquiry was held to determine what transpired between Ayiana and Freeman. Captain Reynolds presided, along with Commander Vess, who was First Officer at the time. Ayiana felt ashamed, thinking she may have permanetnly hurt her relationships with Reynolds and Vess for acting inappropriately. After the hearing, Reynolds rendered her verdict - the 451st Ranger Platoon was to be reformed and put under her command onboard the Gorkon. As for Ayiana, she was stripped of her Second Officer status. Further, Reynolds ordered Ayiana and Freeman to room together for no less than six months. The pair were practically speechless. They came to blows a few hours after meeting each other; how would they be able to live together?!

The Gorkon soon returned to Earth, where a lavish awards ceremony took place at the ancient Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Reynolds had been promoted to Rear Admiral during the festivities.

On their return to the Tyrellian system, the Gorkon's slipstream malfunctioned and collapsed, dropping the ship in the dangerous Roman Nebula. Dozens of ships had been lost there over the centuries, and the place remained uncharted. Shortly after being trapped in the nebula, strange faceless, shapeshifting aliens appeared around the ship. They took on the appearance of various crew members for unknown reasons; except they had blank faces. Further, the ship itself became "stuck" in something, unable to move and all power being drained. Eventually it was determined an enormous subspace creature had trapped the Gorkon in it's feeding tendrils, attempting to sap the energy from the ship as food.

Ayiana managed to corner one of the Faceless, as the crew had begun to call them, and tried to communicate with it. She was unsuccessful, but another team managed some rudimentary telepathic contact with the Faceless. They discovered that the Faceless had been acting as "zookeepers" for the creature for millions of years. Every time a ship became trapped in the nebula, they tried to warn them off, but the communication barrier was too great. Eventually, the Gorkon managed to find a way to free themselves from the creature and escape the nebula.

While the Gorkon underwent repairs, the crew once again received some much-needed shore leave at Iana Station, orbiting Palanon. Ayiana spent much of her time on the station, shopping it's promenades. She met up with Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, helping him shop for his wife, Petra Bjarnadottir. It was during this shore leave that an impromptu "reunion" took place between Ayiana, Vess, Eerie, and Nugra; all of whom served together on the USS Victory.

The next mission saw the Gorkon investigate Starbase 173, which had gone mysteriously silent. Ayiana found it interesting to learn that it was the station where the famous Sentience Hearing regarding Commander Data took place over thirty years before. Upon transporting aboard, Ayiana quickly found the station in a sort of "hibernation" mode. The life support was at a bare minimum and computers were offline. The entire population of more than 100,000 people were missing.

Ayiana's team was tasked with scouting the science facilities of the station. Once there, they found the body of a Benzite Commander. They also discovered unusual and quasi-illegal science experiments taking place on the station. Their investigation was interrupted by the appearance of powerful but brief subspace rifts throughout the station. Upon communicating with the other teams, along with the Gorkon, it was theorized that some sort of technology was at work. It turned out to be three pieces of an ancient pre-Awakening Vulcan artifact known as the Iapegi Stones. They had the ability to be "programmed" to open rifts to different realms of subspace. Unfortunately, the one it was "tuned" to was inhabited by dangerous aliens. They seemed to defy the laws of physics. They moved in an unnatural way, as if looking at a stop-motion animation. Their bodies registered intense cold, yet their touch ignited flames hotter than a sun.

The aliens were not the only contenders the Gorkon teams had to deal with. Leelou had returned with a contingent of Orion Syndicate troops. They had been hired to find the stones as well. After threatening the lives of one of the Gorkon teams, Admiral Reynolds managed to trap Leelou with one of the aliens. Eventually, the crew managed to shut down the stones, rendering them inert. This also forced the aliens back into their subspace realm, and returning the starbase's population. Though mostly unharmed, they were suffering from frostbite, as if they had been in some very cold environment.

Returning to Palanon, the Gorkon's crew took some much-needed shore leave. Soon after arriving back at Palanon, Admiral Reynolds extended an offer to make Ayiana First Officer of the Gorkon; which she accepted, but not without some reluctance. She thought her past actions on Leutra IV pretty much sealed any possibility of command for her, but apparently Admiral Reynolds thought otherwise.

Meanwhile, the Captain of the luxury skyliner Cloud Skipper extended an invitation to them, which many of the crew graciously accepted.

Notable Relationships
Most of the Victory crew was transferred to the Gorkon, however none of Ayiana's prior close relationships remained. Nugra and Talia Kaji had been reassigned to the USS Columbia, and Cadfael Peters moved to the USS Darwin even earlier.

  • Kael Tam - Ayiana first felt contempt for Tam when she first saw him. It was only after the crisis of the Astrofori Holodeck that the pair had a chance to talk. It turned out Tam used to counsel Toran Sevo, the host before Ayiana. Toran's life had been so traumatic that Sevo had suppressed all memory of the man.

Notable Sims

Gorkon Timeline

  • 239207.15: Reassigned to USS Gorkon as Chief Science Officer, following the decommissioning of the USS Victory.
  • 239209.17: Rescued survivors from the science ship U.S.S. Tharsis.
  • 239210.25 - 239212.18: Trapped in an Astrofori One holodeck after an assassination. Later escaped with the rest of the crew and helped to save hostages in the Cardassian Embassy.
  • 239301.03: Discovers the forgotten host Toran with the assistance of Lt. Commander Kael Tam.
  • 239301.21 - 239309.07: The Gorkon is trapped in an alternate reality. They are on the run for over a year before being rescued. Due to the nature of quantum fissures, the Gorkon returned to their own reality at an earlier point in time; roughly two months prior. Thus, while the crew experienced 394 days, by interstellar clocks, the Gorkon was lost for about eight months.
  • 239311.03 - 239312.25: Rooted out Orion Syndicate activity on the planet Palanon, home of the Tyrellians.
  • 239403.18 - 239404.10: Participated in a war games exercise with the Resolute. Assisted in the defense of the Shavar against a Breen dreadnought.
  • 239405.25 - 239407.12: Explored the mysterious planet of Leutra IV, a habitable planet orbiting a powerful magnetar. Met Ensign Grace Freeman who immediately rubbed her the wrong way. Ayiana ultimately attacked her, resulting in a formal inquiry.
  • 239409.17 - 239411.01: Was caught in the dangerous Roman Expanse, where the Gorkon encountered the mysterious Seraphim and Subspace Starfish.
  • 239412.28 - 239502.12: Investigated Starfleet's lost contact with Starbase 173. Encountered Orion Syndicate and subspace aliens, which entered the universe with the assistance of an ancient Vulcan artifact.

REV SD 239603.07