Scourge of Romulus (Victory)

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Scourge of Romulus
239203.13 - 239205.03

People of Note

  • Romulan Republic
    • Commander Atlai N'Lee - A Blonde Female Romulan who stands only 5'1" and has a very carefree and happy demeanor. This is not to be mistook as stupidity since a lethal cunning exists under the outward personality that helped her rise to the position of Squadron Commander of the Romulan Republic.

Notable Information

Mission Synopsis

With the USS Victory docked at the Utopia Planitia shipyards for her refit, the crew found themselves displaced, but happily on shoreleave. With plans ranging from visiting family or shopping on Earth, the Intrepid's crew dispersed around the solar system.

This, sadly, would not remain the case as Captain Nugra received a surprise visit to his make shift office from Admiral Duv, Starfleet Intelligence Mars Operations Chief. Not only was the Nugra the only captain available for such a short notice, the Gorn had to deal with the fledgling Romulan Republic that was hunting down missing vials of the Skyfire Virus. Issuing an emergency recall, all were able to respond except for Chloe Mannin.

The second surprise was that they would be using a prototype starship, the USS Achilles, and her unconventional Artificial Intelligence Thetis since the Victory would be unavailable. After a rather disconcerting meeting with the AI, Nugra was able to get the ship on course for the Ovuka System. There was concerns that the Republic may burn the small moon to keep the virus from escaping.

Traveling at maximum warp across the Alpha Quadrant, the Achilles arrived to the small moon of Temlaiyhari where they found the planet blockaded by Republic forces. The Republic forces was commanded by Sub-Commander N'Lee, the unusually short and blond Romulan woman who had a very cheery disposition. Working closely with Nugra and Eerie, they put together two away teams to begin searching the moon's surface. The biggest issue was that they did not have any idea where to start looking and the planet's population was already become agitated by the presence of the Romulan fleet.

Lieutenant Commander Eerie was placed in charge of an away team that would be searching the residential section of the Hukoga sector for the missing vials. Accompanying him were Lieutenant Commander Carpenter, Ensigns Janel Tarna, Lael Elizabeth Rosek, Lieutenant JG Ekaterina Ewan-Murphy, and Lieutenant JG Ayiana Sevo.

The other side of the operation was lead by Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe, who would be looking for the illegal science facility was given Lieutenants Talia Kaji, Tarsii Asmara, Lieutenant JG Carmine Santucci and Marine Captain S'arila Donovan.

To say that everything went according to plan would be untrue since once the teams had reached the ground and worked out the details with their Romulan escorts, they immediately ran in to issues. The first and most important being when Tarna and Rosek chased after a stray signal and got themselves captured by the enemy. Though Sevo was able to get there in time, she was unable to stop the kidnapping of her comrades.

Ayiana Sevo firing on the shuttle

Lieutenant Commander Sharpe's team did not fare much better as riots began to form with citizens hurling rocks at his team as they tried to scan and complete there mission. What made matters worse was the separation of Doctor Kaji from the rest of the team. The worse part is that the away team nor the Victory crew knew that the Doctor Kaji that broke away from their group did it on purpose and was really a changeling infiltrator working for Sicarius.

The Real Doctor Kaji

The real doctor Kaji had been kidnapped by Sicarius back on the Embassy during celebration of Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra's promotion. She had been held against her will at an unknown science location subjected to behavioral and telepathic experimentation. For months the Rodulan had been kept in a state of pure isolation, only hanging out with other inmates at certain times. The worse part of the imprisonment is that she began to lose her identity of who she was.

It was after two months that the first shred of her memory began to return when the face of a familiar person was brought in with the newest batch of prisoners. This new person did recognize her and made it clear that they were going to escape.

What Kaji remembered later was that this was Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae, a Romulan Assassin that had originally been assigned to kill the senior staff of the Embassy of Duronis II. She was now working for the Romulan Repulic and had hunted down the Sicarius base.

Utilizing an EMP burst that was generated through hidden implants and the natural electricity of her body, Shiarrael was able to overload the computer systems and robotic guards enough for the prisoners to break free. The fight through the station was hard and rough, but twenty were able to escape on a old Romulan shuttle even after their escape ship was destroyed by Sicarius vessels.

With the survivors crammed in to the shuttle, they made their way to the only place they knew they would be safe. The heart of the Federation.

Back on the Achilles

The situation on the moon's surface had not improved. The population had grown increasingly hostile and Captain Nugra had changed the priority of the mission from finding the vials to rescuing Tarna and Rosek, who were still missing.

Que, who had taken charge of the Sicarius cell after ruthlessly executing it's previous leader, had ordered the prisoners moved. This allowed Rosek a chance to use the replicator's computers to send out a small SOS, which the Achilles picked up. Lieutenant Asmara was given command of his first away team and was sent aboard to rescue them which did not turn out to be an easy thing to do. Smuggler's under control of a Gorn called the Master, used everything in his power to keep them from succeeding, but the vials and the starfleet prisoners were liberated from his grasp. This was not before two vials were removed by Que, who then left the system by order of the Will of Sicarius.

The Achilles, retrieving its crew from harm's way and battling an arriving pirate fleet, jumped to light speed and escaped with minimal casualties. It was now time to sort through the wreckage of their mission and find out what they saved and if the virus had been stopped.