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Sansom Coulee


The Samsom Coulee is a region of space inside the Demilitarised Zone, not far from Peshkova Colony. It's an area known for being dangerous to navigate without knowledge of local subspace, and the Maquis take advantage by using it to lose any Cardassian pursuits.

Peshkova Colony


A rugged little farming colony that ekes out a living in the DMZ, Peshkova has the dubious distinction of being too boring and too remote to capture the attention of the Cardassians. Awkward to get to without local knowledge, it offers refuge for Maquis cells who need to recuperate or go to ground for a little while — provided they're willing to trade or work for their keep.

Outpost Schulman


A small, nondescript outpost tucked away on an unremarkable planet in the Demilitarized Zone, Schulman passed under the notice of the Cardassians for a long time. Schulman was not the first time the planet had been inhabited, its original founding was that of a mining colony. The mines had never been particularly productive or particularly safe, and by the time of Schulman's founding, the tunnels and shafts had long since been abandoned.

It became something of a safe haven for various Maquis cells, offering respite receiving supplies and the often unique talents of the Maquis crews in return. Once discovered, the Cardassians descended upon the outpost and razed it to the ground. The crew of the Skarbek were able to organise the evacuation of the outpost civilians, only narrowly escaping the destruction themselves.