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No Affliation
Full Name Lladre
Position Outlaw
Species Joined Trill
Gender Female
Symbiont Age Venerable
Host Age Mid-40s
Birthplace Trill
T/E Rating 0

Lladre is a ancient Trill symbiont capable of completely suppressing the host's personality once implanted. Its current host is a former Starfleet officer called Kudrem, who abandoned her previous symbiont in a quest for greatness — of any kind.


  • Height: 1.70m (5'7")
  • Build: Slim
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green

Relationships & Known Associates


Ana Mirovan

Doctor Ana Mirovan is a Dokkaran scientist and long-term friend of Lladre, associating with the Trill through several changes of host.


Lladre is primarily devoted to its own survival, at whatever cost. There are a very select few individuals to which it is loyal, and most others — whether ally or enemy — are considered disposable due to their comparatively short lifespans.


Lladre's life began in unremarkable circumstances, and continued in the fashion of most symbionts for several lifetimes. It experienced a vast variety of careers and professions; the arts, sciences and even politics.

Its criminal career began centuries ago, officially recorded as a refusal to return to the Trill pools when ordered to do so by the Symbiosis Commission. There are however rumours that the symbiont's life of crime began in more tragic circumstances, after being exiled for the "crime" of Reassociation and watching its lover die without the chance of continuing on in another host.

SIM Archive

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