USS Njörðr

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“Only one who wanders finds a new path.”

USS Njörðr

The USS Njörðr is a Dakota-class starship currently operating under the command of Commander Kol Ch'vaorrohr, in a region of space adjacent to the Tyrellian Sector.

Commissioned in 2392, it is one of the first Dakota-class vessels. The Dakota is the evolution of the Cheyenne class, but upgraded to reflect nearly three decades of technological development. Weapons, defensive systems, engines and sensor suites have all been upgraded to serve effectively in a variety of roles. The Dakota class is designed to provide Starfleet with a multi-mission capable platform. Described as the workhorse of the modern fleet, it is capable of carrying out diplomatic and exploration missions. with a minimum of support. While not as powerful as a combat vessel such as the Sovereign or Achilles classes, it is capable of providing effective support in the defense of Federation interests, and is capable of defending itself from potential threats that can sometimes come from exploring the unknown.

On stardate 239602.05 the Dakota Class ship was engulfed by an unknown nebula, causing inertial dampers to fail. The damage to the ship was severe: several hull breaches across the ship, one of the four nacelles had exploded, ship's systems were failing and malfunctioning. Most of the original crew were killed and others critically injured.

Survivors, including a part of the USS Gorkon's crew are faced with the difficult task to defeat a warp core breach, defend themselves against aggressive crab-like creatures, and find a way to stop spreading an infectious disease, while fighting for their own lives until help arrives.

After being rescued by the USS Yarahla on stardate 239603.21, the USS Njörðr was towed to the nearest shipyard where a team of Starfleet Engineers would have to determine what was salvageable of the heavily damaged ship.