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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

Carl Sagan

Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo is currently serving as Mission Specialist aboard the U.S.S. Gorkon.

Personal Profile

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Ayiana Sevo, née Yorval
    • Pronounciation: I-YAH-nah SEE-vo, EYE-ana SEE-vo
    • Nicknames:
      • "Ayi" by her sister, Aleesia. Anyone else is asking for trouble.
      • "Red" by her crew in the Skarbek dream; by Toran.
    • Signature: AyianaSevoSignature.png
    • Name in Trill: Ayiana Sevo Signature Trill.png
  • Species: Trill
  • Age:
    • Ayiana Yorval: 34
    • Sevo: 221
  • Place of birth: Najana City, Trill
    • Home Address:
      Yorval Estate
      35A 15G 90R Tia’lor Avenue
      Najana City, Kural Province
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic Status: None.
  • Serial Number: TR-371-928


  • Height: 5'11"
  • Build: Average. Not very fit, but tries to keep her figure.
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Length of Hair: Extremely long. Usually tied in a ponytail, falling to her lower back.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Slightly pale, lots of freckles. Light brown Trill spots running down the sides of her face and body.
  • Birthmarks/Scars: Large, faded scars on her abdomen and lower back. Numerous minor, barely visible scars across her body from naturally-healed cuts and scrapes.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Single piercing in each earlobe. Usually wears light makeup.
  • Carriage: Relaxed most of the time. Often has her head buried in a PADD or tricorder.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Tank tops, t-shirts, shorts or skirts. Prefers the colors red and black.
  • Voice: Quiet. Sounds similar to Earth Caucasian.
  • Handedness: Right-handed.

▼ Previous Hosts ▼


Lizara Valeran
Concert Pianist
  • Birth: 216105.02
  • Joined: 218304.13
  • Death: 225010.01 (89 years old)
    • Cause: Old age.
  • Family: Unmarried, one son: Ajul

The first host of Sevo could best be described as a "wild child." Lizara was a petite woman with long, wavy purple hair. She had numerous dynamic tattoos regularly animating and flashing across her skin. Lizara felt that tattoos were the ultimate form of self-expression. It was a very controversial decision, as body art was considered very crass 200 years ago. She was initially very shy but tended to live a rowdy lifestyle. Originally, Lizara sought to be Joined merely for the prestige; mostly due to Trill society's favoritism towards Joined hosts. Lizara never married, but did have one son after a "one-night-stand."

She was an exceptional concert pianist, and traveled all over Trill performing concerts, and sometimes playing with orchestras. Ironically, Lizara was originally quite shy and lacked self-confidence, but when she was playing the piano, she felt like she was in her own universe, and forgot she was being watched. Lizara's classical symphonies are still among the most popular and are regularly played across the planet; simplified versions are taught to schoolchildren. Lizara's professional work was most notable for her performances of symphonic rock ("symrock") and orchestral fusion, combining classical symphonic instruments with a raging piano. Ayiana retains Lizara's pianist skills through Sevo, and still occasionally plays the piano in private.


  • Birth: 222806.12
  • Joined: 225010.01
  • Death: 229409.22 (66 years old)
    • Cause: Heart attack.
  • Family: Unknown

Sevo's second host was a male Trill named Camen. He was a highly-skilled chef who ran a chain of five-star grill houses. Various franchises of "Camen's Bar and Grill" are still operational on Trill; Camen's descendants still run some of them, in addition to the franchise as a whole. Camen's mother cooked when he was growing up, and he often found himself helping out. It was natural that he attended culinary school when he grew up. He spent several years working at a grillhouse, working his way up to assistant manager and head chef. He once accidentally set the kitchen on fire.

Winner of "Grillmaster of the Year" award.


Lizara Valeran
  • Birth: 227017.01
  • Joined: 229409.22
  • Death: 236911.07 (100 years old)
    • Cause: Old age.
  • Family:
    • Spouse: Corvan
    • Children: Twins Niara & Ezal.

Ayiana's third host was a chemist. She specialized in Materials Chemistry, mostly developing new metamaterials and nanoparticles. Around 2295, she gave birth to twin girls - Niara and Ezal.

Sevo, Toran (Alternate).jpg

Starfleet Marine
  • Birth: 234408.14
  • Joined: 236911.07
  • Death: 239006.02 (46 years old)
    • Cause: Symbiont removed due to dangerously-low levels of isoboramine in Toran, brought on by years of PTSD after the Dominion War.
  • Family: Ilyssa - girlfriend before the war.
For the entry pertaining to Toran Sevo from an alternate quantum reality, see Toran Sevo (Alternate)

Toran had served in Starfleet as a Marine; ultimately finding himself fighting in the Dominion War. During the conflict, Toran fell into the habit of collecting Jem'Hadar White vials off the bodies of Jem'Hadar he personally killed, as a sort of morbid trophy collection. By the middle of 2375, he had collected around 20. He was stationed on the USS Galaxy during the First Battle of Chin'toka, ultimately participating in the ground assault to capture the planet. Later, Toran returned to the Chin'toka system, being posted to AR-558 after Captain Benjamin Sisko ordered replacement troops to relieve the weary and shattered troops stationed there. He remained there until the Federation was forced to pull out when the Breen and their devastating energy-draining weapon entered the war, and the Dominion retook the planetoid.

After the war, Toran suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for the rest of his life. He had spent time on Trill recovering, but Toran never fully recovered from the war. He developed paranoia, constantly jumping at the slightest sound, as if a Jem'Hadar would pop out of a corner, or having panic attacks in crowded areas. Toran spent most of his time drinking, and attending counseling sessions. He was constantly in-and-out of hospitals for malnutrition, panic attacks and isoboramine imbalance. In order to prevent the death of both host and symbiont, Sevo was removed from Toran, ultimately causing his death. Ayiana was convinced that if Sevo hadn't been removed, Toran would have ultimately taken his own life.

The extreme stress of PTSD coupled with the trauma of a sudden extraction caused mental deterioration of Sevo. The symbiont's brain subconsciously warped its memories, creating false memories and distorted timescales, making Ayiana think Vereesa was the last host, when in fact it was Toran. Ayiana even remembers the implantation procedure, seeing Vereesa on the table across from her. Most of Toran's memories have resurfaced and fully reintegrated into Sevo, but there are still some that Ayiana draws blanks on.

The experiences of the war carried over into Ayiana, manifesting as frequent bursts of anger, even before she was aware of the existence of Toran.


Ayiana's passion is science. She has always wondered how the world works. As a child, she would spend nights looking up at the stars. She can normally be found with her face buried in a PADD or book. Ayiana is particularly gifted in pattern recognition and attention to detail. Some of her ideas and theories are pretty ambitious, such as her work on improving her primary passion: Quantum Slipstream Drive. Fortunately, all the ships Ayiana has served on has had QSD installed, usually for the first time. Her dream is to one day command a Vesta-class starship.

She is introverted, shy and nervous, mostly in large groups. Ayiana has never liked social gatherings, preferring to spend her free time alone; usually reading a book or working on theories. When Ayiana has her mind on science, she can get pretty eccentric to the point of being oblivious to the otherwise obvious around her. While normally a shy talker, Ayiana opens up and speaks "technobabble" once she talks about a subject she likes. In recent years, Ayiana has developed a detrimental anger management issue. She has frequently lashed out at people with a short temper.

At first, Ayiana was very reluctant to be in any sort of leadership position; mostly because of her shyness. Events quickly placed her in command of the science department on board the USS Victory. She was forced to learn to show strength and leadership quickly. For the most part, she let her department do what they like, so long as it didn't interfere with the current mission. After several months as a department head, Ayiana had become comfortable in the role. During the Gorkon's "Year of Hell," Ayiana was given bridge command duty. At first, she was intimidated and nervous, but over time, she became used to it; partly out of the necessity in the Gorkon's desperate situation. Eventually, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds offered Ayiana the chance as First Officer. She was only in the role for a short time before being removed; in addition to having trouble with the workload, Ayiana was still having trouble with emotional outbursts.

Her most problematic issue is her claustrophobia; a rather unique case. Ayiana did not grow up with it, but instead acquired the fear of close spaces after being Joined with the symbiont, Sevo. For a couple of years, she didn't know why, until one mission early into her Starfleet career on board the Victory caused Ayiana to fall into a coma. With the help of Lt. Talia Kaji, Ayiana discovered that her claustrophobia originated with the symbiont Sevo. It had a traumatic pre-joined spawning period where it acquired the fear. It subsequently passed its claustrophobia on to its hosts, although Ayiana is the only one it has affected so drastically.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Academia: Ayiana is a fervent scientist; often reading up on the latest science journals and magazines.
  • Tech Enthusiast: She also is a hobbyist tech enthusiast, but nowhere near as knowledgeable as a professional engineer. Ayiana has a tricorder she has used since her early days at Starfleet Academy. Ayiana is always modifying and upgrading its hardware and software. Its capabilities rival the newest standard-issue tricorders today.
  • Reading: When not reading work-related material, Ayiana enjoys reading novels, particularly high fantasy.
  • Music: Sevo's first host, Lizara, was a professional concert pianist. Ayiana acquired the memories of Lizara upon Joining but quickly discovered that having a skill and using a skill are two different things.
  • Swimming: Living in a coastal city, Ayiana gained an appreciation for the beach at an early age. She would often swim in the ocean, and subsequently at school. She also joined the Trill Campus of Starfleet Academy swim team, winning a few awards and medals during her time. Ayiana is most notably accomplished in the 400- and 800-meter swim lengths. After Joining, she gained increased agility and endurance, necessitating her reassignment to the Joined Women's Division.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes:
    • Science: Ayiana is fascinated with most of the sciences, even those outside physics, her field of expertise.
    • Music: Aside from her mediocre piano skills inherited by Lizara, Ayiana's preferred musical tastes include rock and heavy metal.
    • Solitude: Despite growing her circle of friends and social skills, Ayiana often prefers to spend time alone in her quarters, listening to music or reading books. When given the choice for a wild night out or staying in playing a board game, she would almost always choose the latter.
    • Swimming: Growing up on the coast, Ayiana is at home in the water as she is on a beach.
  • Dislikes:
    • Biology: The only sciences Ayiana has no interest in is biology and medicine. To put it bluntly, she found biology extremely disgusting and repulsive. An exception lies with the field of genetics, which Ayiana finds fascinating.
    • Social Situations: Ayiana tends to avoid social situations, such as large parties, whenever possible. This has become increasingly difficult as she is often required to attend ship functions as a senior officer.
    • Cramped Spaces: Unusually, Ayiana developed severe claustrophobia only after being Joined with Sevo. She can control her anxiety in places like Jefferies tubes in normal ship duties, but in high-stress situations when her mind is distracted, Ayiana may start having anxiety attacks. Counseling is ongoing.
    • Disappointing People: Ayiana hates to disappoint people, especially her Commanding Officer and career mentor, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds. It was extremely heartbreaking for her when Reynolds removed Ayiana from the post of First Officer.

Ambitions and Goals

Ayiana was never particularly ambitious, but circumstances very early in her Starfleet career quickly rocketed her up the ranks. Within half a year upon being posted to her first assignment, the USS Victory, Ayiana was a Lieutenant and Chief of the Science Department. At first, Ayiana was reluctant, and pretty overwhelmed, with the prospect of running an entire department. However, she eventually became satisfied with the position. She has not ruled out the possibility of command one day. In fact, her dream is to one day command a Vesta-class starship.

Her other passion remains firmly in the realm of the sciences. Ayiana frequently writes articles within the scientific community, and hopes to one day earn the coveted Nobel Prize or Zee-Magnees Prize.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

Ayiana on the Academy swim team.

Without a doubt, Ayiana's most important accomplishment in her early life was being Joined. It is an incredibly difficult and arduous path to be chosen, and almost all applicants fail or drop out. While she thought the Joining would be completely beneficial to her, Ayiana eventually discovered that there was a lot more to being Joined than simply gaining memories of past lives. She also acquired the positive and negative aspects of each prior hosts' personalities; from gaining the ability to understand music, to fear of claustrophobia.

Being a bookworm and knowledge geek, Ayiana was thrilled to finally get her Starfleet diploma in multiple disciplines - specifically Quantum Mechanics and Subspace Mechanics. She also received a minor in Astronomy.

Ayiana is particularly proud of her swimming skills, as it is a skill wholly her own, and not gifted by the Joining. During her attendance at Starfleet Academy on Trill, Ayiana placed in the top five for the 400- and 800-meter laps, as well as being adept at diving.

A major setback in her career is Ayiana's emotional troubles. She has inherited a short temper from her Joining, the source still not fully understood. It has caused numerous issues in her Starfleet career, usually revolving around minor assaults of dignitaries or fellow officers. It even cost her the brief role of First Officer aboard the Gorkon. Ayiana realizes that if she truly wants a command one day, she has to master and control her emotions.

Living Quarters

In addition to the standard-issue Starfleet furnishings, Ayiana's quarters were heavily decorated with astro-related paraphernalia, such as meteorites and crystals. Paintings and photographs of nebulae and planets hung on the walls. She has a small stone statue of Lessia, an ancient Trill goddess of knowledge and wisdom; not out of religion, but more as a reminder of her scientific dedication. Ayiana also owns a small electronic keyboard she plays from time-to-time. A perch sits in one corner for Tana, her beloved pet fenza bird. Her work desk is the most personalized. Above it is a large photo of the planet Trill, with a metal sculpture of the Trill emblem, Ayiana's Academy diplomas, and official Starfleet photographs of Jadzia Dax and Ezri Dax also hangs nearby. Dax - particularly Jadzia - had been idols of Ayiana since she was a child, and she greatly influenced Ayiana's interest in the sciences. She kept the photos by her desk to often remind herself what Jadzia would do in her situation.


Full Article: Relationships

Ayiana is quite introverted and doesn't socialize very often, except for official ship functions. When she does partake in public places, she tends to keep to herself. She has had two romantic relationships; both have been disastrous. Over the years, Ayiana's introverted nature has softened slightly, and there are a number of people who have managed to break through her shields and form friendships with Ayiana; or at the very least gained her respect.

  • Marital Status: Single
  • Family:
    • Ayiana Yorval:
    • Sevo: Unknown Annuated Symbiont Progenitor


Full Article: Biography
Full Article: Timeline

Ayiana was raised in the standard Trill setting. She had two loving parents and a younger sister, Aleesia. She would often spend her time on the beach or visiting museums and libraries. In fact, it was her parents' encouragement that led Ayiana to the sciences.

At first, she had no desire to be Joined, but was eventually persuaded to apply early in her Starfleet Academy career. Normally, this was too late to catch up on the work required, but Ayiana had always been an intelligent and studious child, so her grades and accomplishments were nearly on par with the Symbiosis Commission's entry requirements.

Starfleet Records

Full Article: Starfleet Records

Following her childhood schooling, Ayiana was a particularly spirited student. She excelled in the sciences, as that had been her fascination since childhood. One exception was Biology. She just didn't like it; all that squishy stuff. Ayiana also excelled in math and technological disciplines such as computers and basic engineering. Her pitfalls included subjects such as Federation Law, History, and combat. Ayiana took more than the minimum four years to graduate, as she studied dual specializations in Quantum Mechanics and Subspace Mechanics, necessitating an increased course load. She eventually graduated within the top third of her class.

After a post-graduation summer cruise aboard a training vessel, Ayiana was assigned to the fleet based out of Starbase 118. Her first assignment was to the Intrepid-class U.S.S. Victory. She was thrown into the middle of a vicious struggle for the galaxy. After several months and the sudden departure of the ship's Chief Science Officer, Ayiana found herself as a Lieutenant in charge of the department.

She continues that role on the much larger Sovereign-class U.S.S. Gorkon. Ayiana is finding it difficult to keep up with the increased supervisory load of the Gorkon's science department, as it is over three times larger than the Victory's; one which Ayiana was struggling to maintain as well. In February of 2395, Admiral Quinn Reynolds offered Ayiana the role of First Officer, which she accepted.

Decorations & Commendations

Full Article: Decorations and Commendations

Much to her surprise, Ayiana has acquired an impressive array of awards and commendations in her short time in service. They range from a Purple Heart to several Lifesaving Ribbons, and an Innovation Ribbon.

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