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USS Gorkon
Trellis Vondaryan.png
Trellis Vondaryan
Position Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Vissian
Gender Male
DOB 236910.20
Age 31
Birthplace Mekkin, Vondar, Vissia
Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up
Badge 2.png
Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
Badge 1.png
Top Sim Judge
Badge 1.png
20th Annual Awards Attendee
Badge 1.png
Badge 2.png
Chat Trivia Participant
Badge 2.png
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost BlackCross.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards General 1Year.jpg

Scotty Cross
Russ Bar
Black Cross
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
1-year Member

Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Maiden Voyage Ribbon.png

Captain's Commendation
Innovation Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Purple Heart
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
War of Shadows Ribbon
Maiden Voyage Ribbon

Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan is currently serving as Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Gorkon. An alternate version of Trellis Vondaryan served as a Black Market Dealer for the Maquis on the Skarbek.

Personal Profile

Personal Details

  • Height: 5'10" (1.77 meters)
  • Weight: 165 pounds (75 kilograms)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Wiry
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Large scar along right arm
  • Handedness: Right
  • Carriage: Slouched forward, always watching what’s going on.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Comfortable, easy to move in. Looks good in formal dress when appropriate. Actually enjoys dress whites.
  • Languages: Fluent in Federation Standard, Vissian, Romulan, Orion
  • Starfleet Training: Intelligence, Engineering (Propulsion Specialization) – Double Major
  • Physical Limitations: A weaker-than-normal right arm. Trellis broke the arm when a teenager, suffering severe nerve damage that never completely healed. It has limited his ability to effectively engage in hand-to-hand combat or fire phasers for any amount of time.
  • Habits: Trellis tries to see objects from all angles, so will constantly shift his head to gain a different perspective. Trellis will always hold his breath when transporting.


Trellis is an eternal optimist. He will find a positive in any situation, no matter how dire. Due to his analytical nature, he likes to believe there is a positive and peaceful solution to any problem. He is also extremely curious. He enjoys meeting people from all across the galaxy. He finds all people fascinating. He is quick to smile, laugh and make friends. Trellis loves all puzzle and trivia games.

Trellis in formal suit.


  • People
  • Wine
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Chess
  • Kol-tah
  • Other puzzles and analytical games.
  • Engineering Propulsion Systems
  • Reading -- Trellis is constantly reading. He will read anything from undergraduate dissertations to intelligence reports to the latest engineering technical manual. He feels he needs to be up to date with the latest information to do his job properly. More often than not recently Trellis has been reading updates on the latest intelligence on the Orion Syndicate.


  • Martial Arts
  • Phasers
  • High Intensity Particles, such as the recently discovered Vondaryan particle
  • Holodecks -- His last few experiences in holodecks, after two malfunctions, have left Trellis wary of the technology. One incident left him incorporeal after being aboard a potentially lethal Klingon ship and the other saw him nearly eaten by a giant lizard from Earth's history known as the Cretaceous Period.


Name Relationship Description
Tasha MacFarlane
Romantic Interest She and Trellis realized they hooked up after a night of drinking at a party at Ayiana Sevo's Yorval Estate on Trill. Neither remembered the incident and so had to track each other down via pieced together clues. During subsequent conversations they realized they quite liked each other. Trellis is currently one of many helping Tasha build her specialty shuttle as part of Project Unicorn, her research project to get a PhD in Physics.
Haylie Johnson
Best Friend She is Trellis' best friend. They met in orientation at the Academy and have been friends ever since. She pushes Trellis to try new experiences, especially Human civilization. Her brash, daredevil approach to life contrasts with Trellis' analytical nature. She often acts as his interpreter regarding humor (especially sarcasm) and other aspects of Human culture. Haylie and Trellis spent holidays together in her hometown of New Orleans, where she helped raise her two younger brothers, Benji and Louis. Until recently they were not posted on the same ship so maintained regular contact via subspace messages. She is currently serves as a Xenobiology Specialist aboard the USS Gorkon where she specializes in xenobiology and genetics.
Lorric Vondaryvitt
Age: 62
Trellis' father. A scientist with the Vissian Ministry of Science. He specializes in quantum mechanics and particle physics.
Dreyya Yan
Age: 59
Trellis' mother. A journalist for the Federation News Service. She often took young Trellis with her on assignment.
Age: 58
Trellis' cogenitor. In the years since Trellis was born has been involved in nearly twenty more births. Has become intrigued by other cultures’ mating rituals, earning a degree in Xenobiology from the Ministry of Science. Vass and Trellis do not speak very often, but have always been respectful when they do.



Stardate 236910.20: Born in Mekkin, the capital city of the Vondar continent on Vissia to Lorric Vondaryvitt and Dreyya Yan, with cogenitor Vass.

Stardate 237811.01: Visit Utopia Planitia Shipyards with mother Dreyya.

Stardate 237908.15: Visits Romulus with his mother (on assignment), soon after the coup by Shinzon.

Trellis and a friend enjoy a formal party.

Stardate 238505.17: While hiking alone in the Vissian wilderness, falls from a cliff, breaking right arm in numerous places, causing severe nerve damage.

Stardate 238808.17: Joins StarFleet Academy. There he meets Haylie Johnson, a Human and his closest friend.

Stardate 239210.29: Promoted to Lieutenant JG; awarded Captain's Commendation for service in capturing terrorists.

Stardate 239212.21: Awarded the Innovation Ribbon for service to capturing a rogue StarFleet ship.

Stardate 239302.01: Promoted to Lieutenant and confirmed as Chief of Intelligence.

Stardate 239303.20: Awarded the Innovation Ribbon for service in solving a troubling Tribble crisis; Joint Meritorious Unit Award for acting in conjunction with the authorities on Tilanna V to capture a murderer.

Stardate 239306.11: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander; awarded the Purple Heart for his experiences in getting phased into a different dimension.

Stardate 239308.06: Assigned to First Officer aboard the USS Za.

Stardate 239308.14, 1804 hours: The Za leaves Federation space for uncharted territory.

Stardate 239310.29: During the Za's Halloween party awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award and First Contact Ribbon for working with a new species, the Deep, to help cure a deadly disease.

Stardate 239311.06: During the Halloween party Captain Solzano passes along awards from Captain Taybrim on Ops. Awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon and Captain's Commendation for leading the infiltration team that rescued and recovered a captured Starfleet away team, which helped ensure the success in recovering and protecting the Lady Shadonna. Also recognized for participating in the War of Shadows.

Stardate 239402.26: With Fleet Captain Solzano having departed the Za, Captain Rhani leads her first awards ceremony. A small get-together on the holodeck replicating the lunar landscape. Trellis awarded the Maiden Voyage Ribbon recognizing that he helped launch the Za.

Stardate 239406.21: After a first contact mission with two factions from the planet Hocktin, Trellis, Captain Rhani and and Lt JG Pandorn are kidnapped by Field Marshall Numiz of the Justio nation. During the encounter they are all infected with a deadly virus that kills within 72 hours.

Stardate 239407.05: Trellis, Rhani and Pandorn rescued from Numiz's clutches and cured of the deadly virus. Given notice of the Za's recall and transfer to the USS Gorkon.

Stardate 239409.09: Awarded the Explorer's Ribbon, Purple Heart and Prisoner of War Ribbon from his mission with the Za on the planet Hocktin.

Stardate 239411.06: Reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters in San Francisco for analysis of the Orion Syndicate.

Stardate 239506.10: Returned to the USS Gorkon as Intelligence Officer.

Stardate 239507.03: Began a relationship, of sorts, with Tasha MacFarlane.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
001-Cadet4th-Gold.jpg Cadet 4th Class 238808.17 - 238908.16 Starfleet Academy
Double Major
Intelligence and Engineering
002-Cadet3rd-Gold.jpg Cadet 3rd Class 238908.17 - 239008.16
003-Cadet2nd-Gold.jpg Cadet 2nd Class 239008.17 - 239108.16
004-Cadet1st-Gold.jpg Cadet 1st Class 239108.17 - 239208.06
239208.17 - 239208.24 USS Centris-A Tactical Officer
Ensign 239208.27 - 239210.29 StarBase 118 Ops
Lieutenant JG 239210.29 - 239302.01
Lieutenant 239302.01 - 239306.11 Chief of Intelligence
Lieutenant Commander 239306.11 - 239308.06
Lieutenant Commander 239308.06 - 239407.04 USS Za
First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239407.04 - 239411.06 USS Gorkon
First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239411.06 - 239506.10 Starfleet Intelligence
Starfleet Intelligence.png
Intelligence Analyst
Lieutenant Commander 239506.10 - Current USS Gorkon
Intelligence Officer

SIM Archive

  • Syndicate Questions - (StarBase 118: 239208.30 - Trellis gets assigned his first operation, helping to root out the remnants of the Orion Syndicate. He has questions.)
  • All Set (the Trap) - (Miranda VII: 239209.29 - Trellis offers an alternative to ambushing terrorists. Involving technology. He doesn't like the possibility of being shot.)
  • Coordinating Information - (USS Albion: 239211.30 - Trellis reacts to the sneak attack on the ship and offers to coordinate with is fellow officers.)
  • Cultivation - (StarBase 118: 239304.01 - Hoping to recruit a new contact, Trellis lays on the charm.)
  • Flirting On the Beach - (StarBase 118: 239306.06 - Trellis attends a beach party where he flirts with a young woman, helping to improve his previous dark mood.)
  • Target Practice - (StarBase 118: 239308.10 - Trellis and Kaitlyn repair their slightly broken friendship over target practice at the shooting range.)
  • Parting Gifts - (StarBase 118: 239308.13 - Trellis attends a backstage party for popular singer Lady Shadonna and says goodbye to the SB118 crew before transferring to the USS Za.)
  • A Tense End Game - (USS Za: 239310.01 - With Trellis in command on the bridge the conflict between the Za, the Deep and the Klingons comes to a head.)
  • The Chess Game Part 1 & 2 - (Uss Za: 239402.05 - Trellis and Kaitlyn play a game of chess and continue to reminisce about their final mission on Ops.)
  • First Impressions - (USS Duibhlinn: 239407.08 - Trellis and a number of the former Za crew on their shuttle to transfer to the Gorkon. Trellis gets his first impression of his new ship.)
  • Cultural Relationships Part 1 & 2 - (USS Gorkon 239508.13 - Trellis and Tasha finally realize what happened on Trill during shore leave and get to know each other.)
  • Breaking Up the Band - (Maquis Raider Skarbek: 239509.10 - In a drug-induced dream state affecting the whole crew of the Gorkon, an alternate version of Trellis shows a level of ruthlessness and annoyance that earned him the moniker "Slick.")
  • Stunning, Just Stunning - (USS Gorkon: 239601.06 - At a party on the outer hull of the Gorkon Trellis admires the views of space, friends and colleagues, and a certain stunning Scotswoman.)

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Quinn Reynolds PIC Uniform.png
Quinn Reynolds
2O & Ops. Chief
Jo Marshall
HCO Officer
Cory Stoyer
Vylaa zh'Tisav.png
Chief Engineer
Vylaa zh'Tisav
Doz Finch 2401.png
Asst. Chief Engineer
Doz Finch
Tahna Meru LCDR.png
Chief of Science
Tahna Meru
Solkon Ensign.png
Medical Officer
Samira neathler xo.png
First Officer
Samira Neathler
Mission Specialist
Ayiana Sevo
James bowers.png
Sec/Tac Officer
James Bowers
Sec/Tac Officer
Linna Farvor
Melik portrait off.png
Sec/Tac Officer
Melik Finley
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Science Officer
Vesela Pace Ensign.png
Science Officer
Vesela Pace
Nera Ay Ensign.png
Medical Officer
Nera Ay
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