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2395, Episode 10

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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  • Stardate 239504.15 to 239506.08

When the Gorkon is called to assist in diplomatic negotiations on a Romulan Republic colony world, the crew must survive both the legendary storms and the secrets that are revealed.


  • Ih'aesn, Sikuna Colony: An established Romulan Republic colony world, with a settled agricultural population and a science outpost on the southern continent complete with a Verteron Array. The colony has an Administrative Centre for governance of the population and a makeshift clinic for medical requirements. Several hamlets and waterfront marine farms are dotted along the coast.

Plot Elements

  • Verteron Array: A complex series of scientific labs set up on the colony for the purpose of studying subatomic verteron particles in dense concentration nearby. The array itself was non-functional on arrival due to a suspected sabotage attempt.
  • Sickness: An outbreak of sickness on the colony was part of the reason assistance from the Federation was requested. Possibly a strain of the Skyfire Virus.
  • Protest: Several colonists were not pleased with the scientific alliance between the Romulan Republic and the Federation, separated by peaceful and hostile protesters.
  • Storm: An impending storm on the horizon, heading toward the coastal township as the away teams approach, restricting transport and equipment resupply efforts to the colony from the USS Gorkon.
  • Valdore-Class Warbird: The IRW D'delnor, a Valdore-Class warbird found beneath the science complex. The ship had been fueled by stolen deuterium from the array fusion reactor located above.

Notable Characters

  • Khaveid ir'Dinalla tr'Valai: Romulan Republic Citizen, Colony Governor
  • Ivam Tonalak: Romulan Republic Citizen, Security Supervisor
  • Bika: Commodore of the Romulan/Andorian allegiance
  • Rh'vaurek: Romulan Republic Citizen, Marine Farmer, Anti-Fed Representative
  • Tardek N’Gelai: Doctor, Virologist, Mass Murderer
  • N'Lee: Commander, Investigator, Tal-Shiar (possibly)
  • E'jul Hexce: Romulan Republic Citizen, Coastal Marine Farmer
  • Isha t’Hdaen: Romulan Republic Citizen, Retired Scientist for the Romulan Star Empire
  • D'varo Llhran: Romulan Republic Citizen, Agricultural Labourer
  • Dhisuia: Romulan Republic Citizen, Local Botanist

Mission Summary

The USS Gorkon arrived at the unary solar system and the inhabited planet of Sikuna to provide support in four ways:

On arrival to the colony, the storm had already taken a foothold on the planet and prevented access by transporter down to the surface. Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and the assigned team worked with Governor Khaveid to protect the citizens caught in the storm at the Civic Centre, coming under fire from protestors as they attempted to enter the building. The Medical Officers set up a temporary clinic in the Governor's office of the Agricultural Administration Building to allow the diagnosis and treatment of the Governor, as well as the investigation into the rampaging sickness on the colony. Unfortunately, in the midst of providing an assessment of the Governor's condition, Doctor Yiggtissi was infected through his environmental suit and submitted to the symptoms of the viral strain exceedingly quickly.

Across the hemisphere, Lieutenant Commander Erin Reynolds' team gained entry into the Verteron Array and began an initial assessment of the situation, promptly discovering a subroutine installed into the computer systems to allow entry to the labs without authorisation, to which an unknown Andorian took advantage. The same (or similar) subroutine was employed at the Security Centre, where Lieutenant Sera zh'Aella's team were investigating the alleged sabotage/breaches.

Chief of Security, Lieutenant Sera zh'Aella led her team to the Security Centre, meeting with Ivam Tonalak, the security supervisor for the facility. An explosion ripped through the Mess Hall, an attempt to kill those trusted security Officers, successfully extinguished by the joint efforts of the away team and the technical knowledge of old-style fire suppression from Lieutenant Cory Stoyer. Subduing an attacking saboteur, believing them to be Romulan, subsequent scans showed they were of Andorian origin, composed to look like the former race. However, the team discovered who set the explosive charge, Bika, a dangerous saboteur working for the hostile protestors, who escaped to an underground complex.

Meanwhile, the protestors and riots were increasing in intensity in the Civic Centre, with a scathing remark from the local Botanist, Dhisuia, aimed at Doctor Genkos Sim, leading the charge for refusing the aid of Federation interlopers. The circumstances rapidly descended into a brawl, with Dhisuia suffering several injuries including a broken pelvis, at the hands of the Pro-Federation mob incited by her words to Genkos Sim and his response. Lieutenant Tasi investigated the anti-Federation leader, Rh'vaurek, to gain an understanding of why the animosity was so keenly felt.

During this, Doctor Yiggtissi struggled to remain in the world of the living, battling the virus internally, aided by two of the medical staff from the USS Gorkon and Tardek N’Gelai. When the condition looked its bleakest, Doctor Talia Kaji appeared, having been seconded to work on the colony under the medical effort. She and Captain Nugra reunited and planned the next steps - Nugra would take Lieutenant JG Elias Burke to the marine town three-kilometres from Ih'aesn and see if they could evacuate the settlers, while Doctor Talia Kaji remained in the medical centre to continue working on a cure with Romulan Doctor Tardek N’Gelai.

Underneath the colony science complex, the array team led by Lieutenant Commander Erin Reynolds discovered a Valdore-Class prototype warbird, the IRW D'delnor, and came under attack from a hybrid of Andorian and Romulan Officers of an unknown alliance. Upon boarding the warbird, they found a skeleton crew preparing to launch the ship into orbit. In the midst of this, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device inside the Verteron Array, destroying the science labs; an explosion felt on the escaping warbird. The team managed to bring down the prototype cloak before the warbird could emerge into open space and slip past the orbiting USS Gorkon. Transporting Lieutenant Sera zh'Aella's team to the Engineering deck, a plan was formed to scupper the Bridge and take control of the warbird.

In the coastal town, near the cliffs, E'jul Hecxe and his family refused to escape their homestead threatened by the increasing storm and waves coming off the ocean, openly threatening the efforts of Lieutenant JG Elias Burke and Captain Nugra. As their shuttlecraft had been damaged in the storm, the Starfleet Officers were stranded, unable to turn back, but were finally able to convince E'jul to allow them to try and bolster the support to his home. The efforts were in vain, however, as the ensuing storm hit before they could make any progress with the defensive line, sweeping the homestead and E'jul's daughter out into the ocean.

Elsewhere on the colony, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo's team split apart, leaving Doctor Genkos Sim and Commander Alucard Vess to tend to the injured party of Dhisuia, and left the Civic Centre in the midst of the storm to retrieve medical supplies from the nearby clinic. While doing so, they were requested to help deliver a baby, to which Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and Commander Eerie bravely stepped up to the challenge, delivering a clean and healthy child with little to no complications.

Back at the Agricultural Administration Building, Doctor Tardek N’Gelai supplied the medical team with a fresh amphibious creature, the Vas-Henneki, which was used as a food source by the local population. Deriving a serum from the infected amphibian, the medical team delivered the cure to Doctor Yiggtissi and his situation began to improve. Adjusting the serum for the Romulan physiology, the medical team examined the local water recycling centre, only to find the water tanks had been sabotaged, filled with the infected Vas-Henneki, and the quality control measures broken.

On the warbird, the joint team stormed the Bridge in a rapid manoeuvre and took control of what they could. With limited instruments available, and a limited power source, they discovered the USS Gorkon and the USS Hawking in the middle of a pitched battle with several Andorian vessels. Realising they were stood on the prize the Andorian's wanted, Lieutenant JG Tasha MacFarlane designed a self-destruct sequence, the Gorkon managing to transport them off the Bridge, along with the captured crew in the Brig, and back safely to their starship.

Unbeknownst to the medical team, Doctor Tardek N’Gelai had played a part in orchestrating the viral plague and fled the system before being captured.

Mission Reports

REV SD 239704.09