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239111.10 - 239201.05

Mission Synopsis


As the crew of the USS Victory NCC-362447 finished up their shore leave at Duronis II, there was a major celebration for their success with crew promotions and plans to head back to the Tempest Sector. While preparing to depart, Commander Nugra received a mission from Fleet Captain Temperance Harland, their new sector commander, to pick up a Cardassian Legate.

When Legate Jarin boarded the USS Victory, the ship immediately departed for a border region near Tholian space. While en route, upgrades had been started by a team lead by Lieutenant Commander Eerie to help with the search of a missing Cardassian starship that had experimental slipstream technology on it.

After a three day journey at warp 7, they arrived to the last known coordinates of the Nuvek, right in the middle of the Orthica's Bane Nebula. Before the Victory could proceed in, an alien dagger shaped ship, twice the size of the Intrepid Class starship emerged and identified itself as the Sunak. Not only is a ship missing, but a first contact just began.

The first contact started out with a rather brusque conversation with the aliens, the USS Victory is given permission to investigate what seems to be an aggressive attack by the missing Cardassian vessel. Commander Nugra ordered the away teams to be broken up in to three separate teams. One going to the damaged Sunak vessel, the Unama, the second to the Cardassian ship, Nuvek, and the last a negotiation outpost that had been set up by the Sunak to further diplomatic conversations with other species.


The conversations with the aliens went on for a bit, evidence being presented that showed the Nuvek firing on the Sunak ship Unama. As investigations continued on both the Nuvek and the Unama, the whole proceeding was interrupted when signals were detected by the Sunak that the Strox were on their way on a raid!

Persons of Interest

Minessa Jarin Nuvek

Mission Notes

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