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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
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Ayiana Sevo



  • Chronic Illnesses: Claustrophobia. Intermittent Explosive Disorder
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions:
    • Insect Venom: As a Joined Trill, the patient has allergic reactions to many forms of insect venom. The biochemical connections between the host and symbiont cannot tolerate the reaction caused by the such substances.
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: None


  • SD 239110.12: Minor injuries after mission.
    • Attending Physician: Nurse Tibbdeau
    • Location: S.S. Lady Luck
    • Notes: Treated aboard "independent" freighter S.S. Lady Luck. Minor cuts and scrapes; quickly healed. Follow-up aboard U.S.S. Victory.
  • SD 239112.30: Epileptic Siezures
    • Attending Physician: Dr. Talia Kaji
    • Location: USS Victory
    • Notes: Admitted to Victory sickbay due to epileptic seizures during a mission. Patient appeared unresponsive to outside stimuli. Siezures eventually subsided; patient now in coma.
  • SD 239201.20: Invasive telepathic "surgery" performed
    • Attending Physician: Dr. Talia Kaji
    • Location: USS Victory
    • Notes: : Attempted telepathic connection with comatose patient. Discovered connection between host and symbiont had been disrupted due to repressed psychological trauma within the symbiont Sevo. Successfully reintegrated host and symbiont minds. Ordered recurring psych evaluations at regular intervals.


  • SD 239006.02: Joined with the symbiont Sevo
    • Surgeon: Rahjaa Pex, MD
    • OR Site: Symbiosis Commission Medical Center, Trill
    • Op Note: Procedure went as expected. Unusual neurological activity shortly after Joining, but quickly stabilized.
  • SD 239109.15: Post-Mission Visitation - Minor ammonia lung burning; minor cuts and scrapes from away mission.
    • Surgeon: Dr. Talia Kaji
    • OR Site: USS Victory
    • Op Note: All injuries repaired; minor pain reliever administered. Advised patient to avoid contaminated atmospheres, alcohol and salty food for several days to allow lungs to fully recover.
  • SD 239209.15:
  • SD 239309.04:
    • Surgeon: Dr. Azria Tem
    • OR Site: Starfleet Medical, Earth
    • Op Note: Extensive physical and psychological evaluations after the Gorkon's return from an alternate reality. Signs of rudimentary healing of numerous contusions, broken bones, and other injuries were present. Injuries included fractured leg, punctured lung, brain hemorrhage, and weapon blast in abdomen, puncturing symbiont pouch and injuring symbiont. Placed in artifical comatose state for extensive surgery. Sevo symbiont was temporarily removed in order to perform surgery on it; host placed on life support during procedure. Hair shaven to facilitate brain surgery. After several days of bedrest, patient was released for light desk duty.
  • SD 239312.25:
    • Surgeon: Nurse Sarah Red Elk
    • OR Site: USS Gorkon
    • Op Note: Phaser burns on lower back. Blast perforated spinal column, necessitating surgery. Full recovery expected.



  • Alcohol: Occasional. Social gatherings.
  • Recreation Drugs: None
  • Other: None


  • Mother: None known.
  • Father: Myopia. Allergic to Retinax V; thus uses corrective lenses.
  • Siblings: 1 sibling (female): high alcohol tolerance.


  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Research Coordinator, USS Gorkon.
  • Diet: Omnivore
    • NOTE: Due to patient's Joined status, the patient needs to consume approximately 10-15% more calories than unjoined Trill of the same height & weight.
  • Exercise: Minimal.


  • SD 239202.07:
    • Attending Physician: Ensign Janel Tarna
    • Location: USS Victory
    • Notes: : Patient requested anti-anxiety drug to counter claustrophobia within an envirosuit. Patient given hypospray with limited doses of Klazepam.
  • SD 239310.29:[1][2]
    • Attending Physician: Lt. JG Dassa Alexander
    • Location: USS Gorkon
    • Notes: Mandatory pre-launch physical before Gorkon returns to service. Patient complained of pain and itching around symbiont pouch following surgery performed by Starfleet Medical, as well as minor headaches. Performed topographical exam, no injuries present; cause is most likely "phantom pain syndrome." Gave patient low-strength pain killer and topographic cream to facilitate healing on scar on back of head. Required follow-up checkup every month for the next several months.
  • SD 239402.08:
    • Attending Physician: Lt. JG Dassa Alexander
    • Location: USS Gorkon
    • Notes: Patient came in complaining of headache and nightmares; possibly stemming from her experiences Over There. Recommended counselor for psychological evaluation. Gave patient sleep aid.
  • SD 239705.02:
    • Attending Physician: Doctor Loxley
    • Location: USS Gorkon
    • Notes: Full systemic checkup to ensure alien genetic transformational spores from a mission did not infest patient. After administering immune booster, patient was given clean bill of health.